The platform offers two comprehensive courses accessible online 24/7
Italy - TT+ Audio is launching an online training and certification platform. Designed to help sound system engineers get the most out of their audio systems, TT+ Audio Academy enhances pro-audio expertise in mastering live audio technology and large-scale acoustics.
The platform offers two comprehensive courses accessible online 24/7, allowing participants to choose where they start. After viewing the video tutorials for each chapter, participants will undergo an evaluation via a questionnaire. Successful completion of these tests grants access to the practical section of the course, where the participants can apply their knowledge hands-on with a full-scale GTX System.
The practical section can be held either at the TT+Audio headquarters in Italy or at a training centre designated by international offices and partners. The System Technician Level 1 course covers the GTX system's components, including setup, safe handling, and dismantlement procedures. It introduces participants to RDNet configuration, system planning, and workspace organisation for effective system control.
Building on this foundation, the System Engineer Level 2 course further explores acoustics and audio engineering principles. A prerequisite to this advanced course is the completion of Level 1. Participants will also enhance their skills in optimising subwoofer configurations and designing extensive systems, utilising RDNet's full capabilities for detailed planning, control, and optimisation of the GTX sound system and RDNet-equipped products.
Find out more about TT+ Audio’s GTX system in LSi March 2024.

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