The upgrade of equipment brings with it significant advantages
UK - Universal Live, an award-winning audio-visual integration specialist in the UK has chosen Shure Axient Digital Wireless System as the best solution to upgrade their equipment.
The ability for the Spectrum Manager to liaise with the transmitters and seamlessly change to an alternative frequency, along with Shure’s reputation and our experience of using their products, made Shure Axient Digital the right choice. “On the biggest stages in the world, when thousands, even millions are watching, the wireless microphone has an enormous job to do. The audio must be clear. It must be true. No other system is up to the challenge quite like Axient Digital,” comments Stuart Thornton, hire manager, Universal Live.
The upgrade of equipment brings with it significant advantages in a variety of areas, both to Universal Live and their clients. This includes technological advancements, improved security, ease of use and set-up. “Clients regularly ask us about the latest trends in live event technology," adds Neil Clappison, innovation and sustainability lead at Universal Live, “and by proactively being ahead of the curve, it inspires confidence that we are the people they should be talking to.”
“With a goal of making the company as eco-friendly as it can possibly be, another reason for selecting Shure Axient Digital was to reduce the reliance on AA batteries.” Neil explains “This is an important step for us, along with our other initiatives such as recycling 100% of our event carpet and graphic prints, installing solar panels, switching to electric transport, and harvesting rainwater.”

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