Two arrays of 14 Mina loudspeakers each provide even coverage throughout the three-balconied theatre
Uruguay - The Sodre National Auditorium (Auditorio Nacional del Sodre) in Uruguay has chosen a self-powered Meyer Sound Mina line array loudspeaker system as the first permanent reinforcement system in the 1,900-capacity venue. The upgrade has ushered in a new era for the vibrant local arts community, which now has a performance space that shares high-quality reinforcement with Mina-equipped halls such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Festhalle in Germany.

In addition to the system's adaptability to the venue's diverse programming of rock, jazz, and pop artists, Mina was chosen for its compact size, which preserves the auditorium's classic architecture. The installation was directed by Cesar Lamschtein, senior audio engineer at the auditorium, who worked with Pablo Janssen, director at Montevideo-based Digital Audio Video.

"Our main goal was to design a system with a small footprint, even coverage for all the seats, and as flat a response as possible," says Lamschtein. "Because this is an important public space, we knew we had to get it right. We looked at several different companies and designs, and MINA proved to be the right system."

Two arrays of 14 Mina loudspeakers each provide even coverage throughout the three-balconied theatre, which has an unusually high height-to-depth ratio. Six 500-HP subwoofers are flown in a cardioid configuration, with two 650-P subwoofers placed on the ground. Four UPJunior VariO loudspeakers provide front-fill, seven UPM-1XP loudspeakers provide under-balcony coverage. A Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with two Galileo Callisto 616 array processors handles system drive and alignment.

Productions that have used the system include the world-renowned Ballet Nacional Sodre, under the direction of Julio Bocca. "Bocca liked the sound quality very much," reports Lamschtein. "The sound is consistent in every seat, and requires almost no EQ. Our goal was to make this a world-class venue, and with Meyer Sound, we are well on our way."

(Jim Evans)

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