Spamalot goes over the top in Northwest Missouri
USA - Known for its professional productions throughout Northwest Missouri, the Robidoux Resident Theatre recently produced the musical comedy Spamalot. Brought on by the director of the show, Jeff Stover, assistant professor/technical director at Missouri Western State University, was asked to create a lighting design that could match and enhance the whimsical satire of the show itself. To accomplish this, he wanted to be able to take the design to an extraordinary level, so he brought on the additional support of VL440 Spot Luminaires from Philips Vari-Lite.

"With Spamalot being so over-the-top in style, it gave me opportunities to take the lighting over-the-top as well," began Stover. "This was definitely one of the shows where you could do the bump and flash with colour mixing and have it fit perfect with the story. The Vari-Lite colour mixing system was fantastic in this regard and the VL440 Spots were definitely the workhorses of the show. I had them doing bump and flash, audience abuse, changing colours; they worked great."

Stover continued, "The show was produced in an old movie theatre called the Missouri Theatre built in the 1920's, and its stage measures approximately 45' wide x 30' deep. The city recently funded a renovation of the line sets so we had a modern rigging system, but we needed to bring in automated lighting fixtures to give us the creativity needed for the show."

(Jim Evans)

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