The West Coast Blues'n'Roots Festival
Australia - Concert & Corporate Productions in Western Australia supplies lighting equipment and crew to some of the most prestigious corporate clients as well as national and internationally recognised touring acts. As CCP continues to grow stronger, larger, and to increase their inventory, their equipment choices tend to be driven my market demands.

"As our industry is spec driven we have to go by what people are wanting and most of the specs we've seen in the past eighteen months have requested Vari*Lite VL3000's or higher," commented Sean McKernan, general manager at CCP. "To purchase some was just a natural progression for our path of where we wanted to go."

In February Concert & Corporate Productions took delivery of 24 VL3000 Spots and eight VL2500 Washes which have seen action on a wide variety of events from Celtic Thunder, Neil Finn & Paul Kelly to the West Coast Blues'n'Roots Festival and Future Music Festival.

"The output of the VL3000's is still very impressive," McKernan declared. "The colours they deliver are amazing with a broad choice and fast colour mixing. And everyone knows how fantastic the Vari*Lite gobo set is. It is a very bright lamp, with excellent zoom optics. Add the fast iris and it really is the best workhorse spot on the market. There must be a reason why they are on nearly every rider."

(Jim Evans)

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