ADJ expands Vision Series of video panels
Tuesday, 24 November 2020
adjThe VS3IP is shipping now from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe at the end of January 2021
USA - ADJ has expanded its Vision Series of LED video panels with the introduction of the new VS3IP. Designed for concert tours, festivals and other events – taking place both inside and outside – the new product is ADJ’s highest resolution IP-rated LED video panel to date.
The VS3IP panel features a 150 x 150 matrix of 3-in-1 SMD1921 LEDs, delivering a pixel pitch of 3.84mm (0.15”) for a pixel density of 67,816 per square meter. It delivers an impressive maximum brightness of 4500 NITS with a contrast ratio of 5000:1, making it suitable for use outdoors, even during daylight hours. However, it also offers 0~100% brightness adjustment allowing the output to be reduced when required, for example for smaller indoor applications or to ensure that video content doesn’t overpower lighting fixtures and on-stage content when used as a backdrop.
Specifically designed for temporary outdoor use, the panel features protection of its front surface from liquid and particles rated to the IP65 standard. The rear panel, meanwhile, has an IP54 rating and the unit is fitted with IP65-rated locking sockets for power and data (RJ45). The input and thru connections for both are also fitted with rubber caps which provide added protection during transit and also if a thru socket is not in use for a particular deployment.
The panel’s quick lock system makes setting up a large video wall as quick and straightforward as possible. Locator pins on the top side make it simple to get the panel in exactly the right position, while easy to activate locking pins then secure it in place. Additional locking pins on the side ensure adjacent panels are also firmly joined together to create a seamless finish. The panel is fitted with a pair of rear carry handles that are designed to make it easy to lift it up and slot it into the unit above during installation.
To complement the new panel model, the Vision Series also includes a variety of rigging hardware and other accessories.
“When it was first announced at LDI 2019, the Vision Series was hotly-anticipated by many of our customers and when the first models began to ship it proved equally popular,” comments ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Therefore we’re excited to be able to introduce the latest addition to the Vision Series family. As our highest resolution IP-rated LED video panel, the VS3IP is ideal for production and rental companies looking for a versatile solution.
“It can be used both indoors and outdoors, is easy and flexible to rig, and has the necessary pixel pitch for a close-seated audience as well as the brightness and contrast to be clearly visible from a great distance. As an IP-rated addition to the Vision Series, the VS3IP has a larger panel size and therefore can’t join to the other non-IP Vision Series panels, but it does inherit the traits of versatility and value that made the existing products in the range so popular.”

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