The new PHX LVD has a very smooth fade out and in function
USA - Altman Lighting has announced an update to its PHX line. The new PHX LIME chip is brighter without any increase of power consumption, meaning that mixing to white brings a 1,000-2,000lm increase in total brightness per fixture, all whilst delivering independent saturates of Red, Green and Blue. “This is made possible by splitting the LED only four times, allowing us to deliver more power to the saturate chips than many other fixtures in the current market while still maintaining thousands of colour combinations,” says the company.
The new PHX LVD has a very smooth fade out and in function, as Nicolas Champion, VP of sales and marketing for Altman Lighting, explains: “The LVD performance is similar to an incandescent dimming curve and can dim all the way to 0% very smoothly. Furthermore, the PHX LVD is forward or reverse phase compatible, meaning that it can work on almost all types of dimming systems, as long as the dimmer is big enough to handle the load of the fixture. Customers can have a warm/cool White LED unit, without having to change their existing dimming infrastructure and may even be able to save their current lens tubes, as the new PHX fixtures also accept many standard industry lens tubes. It's the true meaning of plug and play when it comes to upgrading old or new systems.”
The PHX1.5 LED 150W RGBL array is a long throw LED profile spot that is completely convection-cooled, making it ideal for any and all acoustically sensitive environments seeking to avoid the use of fans.

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