ArKaos releases MediaMaster 5 upgrade
Tuesday, 26 February 2019
arkaos-mediamaster-54-releaseThe new software version (v5.4) will boost rendering and performance
Europe - ArKaos has released a performance boost to its flagship MediaMaster 5 realtime video control software platform.
The new software version (v5.4) will boost rendering and performance of this powerful and flexible control system by 33% utilising the same hardware. This had been extensively tested on ArKaos’ current media server range.
Part of this boost will be delivered by the utilisation of a GPU accelerated codec, HAP, which dramatically speeds up the decoding elements of the process.
This technology is in line with the latest existing 4K media servers, including those coming to the market.
The new MediaMaster 5 with optimised decoding also offers enhanced surface control and superior rendering, which was recently demonstrated working in conjunction with nine ArKaos 4K media servers on the latest series of Dancing on Ice in Germany.
ArKaos CEO Marco Hinic states: “At ArKaos, we are focused on further blurring the boundaries between lighting and video control and giving live visual designers more opportunities to be creative and imaginative using one control platform, allowing them to program any number of diverse lightsources that they might have in a show.”
This opens up the use of the lighting console’s effects engine to drive video sources. Whatever the size and scale of the show – from the smallest and most intricate to the largest and most complex – the principle is the same. The person operating the lighting console can have the capacity to run all visual elements together.
The MediaMaster 5 upgrade is fixture based and introduces fixture personalities for the various video entities to the lighting console – just as if they were moving lights. There will no longer be a need to build special personalities for these video elements, giving MediaMaster even more flexibility as a visual control system.
(Jim Evans)

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