Brompton joins AV Innovation Days 2022
Friday, 11 March 2022
bromptonBrompton Technology showcased its latest Tessera v3.3 software and ran demos
Germany - Held annually by audiovisual equipment supplier, Lang AG, at its Lang Academy in Lindlar, this year’s AV Innovation Days 2022 once again offered a platform to discover the latest highlights and developments, as well as encouraged communication and exchange of ideas by the AV industry’s key players.
Brompton Technology participated in the event, showcasing its latest Tessera v3.3 software and running demos of Frame Remapping, a Tessera feature that enables the significant benefits of multi-camera shoots on a virtual production set.
The two-day event saw 18 exhibitors in total, including Absen, Barco, Brompton Technology, Disguise, INFiLED, ROE Visual and Seervision, among others. There were more than 350 attendees from 130 companies joining between 2 and 3 February.
As well as Frame Remapping, Brompton presented additional Tessera v3.3 software features including Operating Modes and Per-Batch PureTone.
Brompton’s business development manager – Europe, Dries Vermeulen, also ran demo sessions on Frame Remapping at the Brompton booth, demonstrating how this Tessera feature makes it possible for multiple cameras to each see different content when viewing the same LED screen at the same time, opening up new possibilities for Virtual Production.
“The main objective of AVID 2022 was certainly to reconnect people within the industry. It also gave exhibiting companies the chance to launch new products that were originally planned to be revealed at ISE in February, in a suitable environment,” says Jennifer Wiehe, director marketing at Lang AG.

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