Brompton powers Bild Studios MARS Volume
Friday, 6 May 2022
bromptonThe facility is dedicated to technical precision
UK - Blending technology with creative direction, London-based Bild Studios specialises in visual engineering and creative design for live productions. Founded by live industry veterans Rowan Pitts and David Bajt, Bild now has a 14-strong team that has decades of experience working on some of the world’s largest video installations.
After a successful pilot in summer 2020, Bild ventured into a new territory of film and TV by introducing its MARS Volume virtual production facility. Powered by Brompton Technology Tessera LED processing and featuring an AOTO LED volume, the facility is dedicated to technical precision and has been serving up the infinite creativity of VP technology to companies of all sizes and budgets with the aim to service the widest range of projects
“Traditionally a live events company, Bild Studios worked mainly in media service, specifying content workflows and designing systems for large-scale opening ceremonies, concerts, corporate events and broadcasts,” says Pitts. “MARS Volume is essentially a sub-brand of Bild Studios and was specifically created to make virtual production as accessible as possible.
One of the biggest blockers for productions right now is the cost associated with virtual production shoots. Because MARS is permanently set up and has a dedicated in-house team, we have been able to make it much more cost-effective meaning it’s relevant to a broad range of projects.
“MARS is utilising quality LED panels by AOTO and industry ‘gold’ standard Brompton Tessera LED processing which when partnered with the team’s world-class expertise in Unreal Engine, Notch and disguise is a formidable offering. That, as well as their knowledge in engineering for tracking solutions, server hardware, and AV infrastructure, has earnt MARS its prestigious position within the industry and made them one of the ‘go-to’ VP facilities in a very short period of time.”
The setup at MARS comprises a 25.5m by 5m LED volume, offering a sweet spot when it comes to scale and price, powered by three Tessera SX40 4K LED processors and multiple Tessera XD 10G data distribution units

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