Brompton Tessera in the frame with White Light
Thursday, 20 May 2021
wlThe technology allows outputs to be tailored and regionalised
UK - Brompton Technology has collaborated with White Light (WL) to showcase the new functionality of its latest Tessera V3.1 software release.
The software’s new features, such as Frame Remapping and High Frame Rate+, have unlocked a number of virtual production opportunities. Frame Remapping within White Light’s SmartStage LED studio enables multiple cameras and shooting modes to each see their own render perspective. It also means that a live feed can be captured, fully utilising the benefits of XR technology, including reflections and bespoke lighting, while adding the capability to simultaneously shoot against a green screen to give options in post-production.
Dynamic chroma key adjustments can be made, allowing any 24-bit RGB colour to be specified. For events with remote participants in different countries, the technology allows outputs to be tailored and regionalised to simultaneously deliver unique content in multiple languages.
“We were delighted when Brompton approached us to look at how their new software could help enhance the projects and solutions we are developing for our clients,” comments WL’s technical solutions director, Andy Hook. “As the leaders in selling and deploying multiple SmartStage XR environments around the world, collaboration with other global leaders is key to our evolution journey. The powerful combination of these technologies unleashes so much potential for the creative industries and we are hugely excited to see how this partnership develops.”
“Having the opportunity to work with Andy, Sarah Cox - head of sales, innovation and all the team at White Light’s Mermaid Theatre base has been a pleasure,” concludes Brompton’s director of business development, Rob Fowler. “Our two companies share a commitment to innovation and excellence.”

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