Chauvet goes EDM for Green Love Festival
Friday, 3 April 2020
greenlove3The lighting design ‘wrapped itself around the music’
Serbia - With an impressive line-up of EDM stars, the Green Love Festival in Novi Sad has grown into a magnet for music fans, not just for its sounds, but for its visual treats as well. Aside from being located in a beautiful vibrant city on the Danube that was designated the European Capital of Culture for 2021 by the EU, the indoor and outdoor festival also wows fans with some stunning stage panoramas.
This was readily apparent in the looks that lighting designer Predrag Djordjević and stage designer Dragan Rajčin from Chameleon Rental conjured up for artists like Spartaque, Metodi Hristov and Fernanda Martins during the most recent incarnation of the festival. With its crossing patterns of beams set off against a massive wall of bright blinders and video panels, their design wrapped itself around the music, commanding attention without taking attention away from the artists.
Aiding them in this endeavour was a collection of over 100 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Chameleon Rental that included 16 Maverick MK1 Spot, 20 Maverick MK2 Wash, 24 Rogue R2 Beam, and 60 Rogue R2X Beam fixtures.
Massing some of their fixtures along the upstage wall to create a stunning backdrop, positioning some on the stage deck, and flying the remainder on overhead truss that extended midway through the indoor performance area, they were able to immerse the crowd in a field of light from multiple directions.
Key to providing a colourful visual foundation to underline the electronic beats was the output from the combination of Maverick MK1 Spot and MK2 Wash fixtures that were flown over the entire room.
Another defining visual aesthetic present within the overall visual concept, was the Rogue R2X Beam fixtures, 12 of which were on upstage ramp, while the remainder were on trusses and the upstage deck.
“We were really happy with the energy which we were able to create with our design, and judging from the crowd reaction, they were too!" said Rajčin. "Having the right tools at our disposal certainly enabled us to fortify the visual legacy of Green Love.”
(Jim Evans)

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