Claypaky joins Flowers for the Soul celebration
Tuesday, 16 July 2019
claypakypittis1The two-day show featured music, poetry, theatre and video projections on the outdoor stage
Romania - For the seventh consecutive year, Flowers for the Soul: Remember Florian Pittiş, an event honouring the late Romanian actor, folk singer and radio producer, was held 8-9 June at Titan Park in Bucharest.
Marbo Trade, Claypaky distributor for Romania, staged the free show, during which an array of Claypaky fixtures illuminated a different roster of performers each night.
Conceived as a “celebration of the spirit,” the event was organised by the City Hall of the third district of Bucharest in homage to the man regarded as a cultural symbol in Romania. The two-day show united artists and the public in a free-spirited commemoration of Pittiş, a visionary whose legacy continues to inspire Romanians. An audience spanning all age groups was treated to a blend of music, poetry, theatre and video projections on the outdoor stage.
Lighting designer Dan Papp and technical manager and show designer Bogdan Gradisteanu of Marbo Trade utilised Claypaky Sharpy, Aleda B-Eye K10, Mythos2, Stormy CC and Scenius Profile fixtures to light the stage.
“We used 18 B-EYE K10s in the background to create a wash wall with eight Stormy CCs and give a kaleidoscopic effect with the B-EYE rotation lens,” Gradisteanu explains. “Alongside them, we used 24 Sharpys for their beam output, which gave a dynamic look to the show. Sixteen Mythos2 fixtures lit up the sky in beam mode and delivered various effects.
“Since the stage was curved we used four Scenius Profiles to colour the ceiling and create different gobo effects,” he adds. Sica Gradisteanu acted as event coordinator for the show.
(Jim Evans)

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