Cobras light Verona Arena for Sfera Ebbasta
Friday, 12 May 2023
sferaveronaphvirginiabettojaev1270-Sfera Ebbasta performed his explosive show for the first time at the Verona Arena (photo: Virginia Bettoja/Trident Music)
Italy - On 27-28 April, king of trap music, Sfera Ebbasta - stage name of Gionata Boschetti - performed his explosive show for the first time at the temple of opera, the Verona Arena, for the premiere of his summer tour that will take him all over Italy.
To illuminate the famed Roman amphitheatre, lighting designer Josh Geromin opted for 41 Ayrton Cobras, which have already been chosen for numerous tours. Cobra is designed to render a D65 white point for perfect colour reproduction, a 0.6° beam angle and an extreme focusing range that allows the shape of the beam to be adjusted according to the operating conditions distance XT Focus.
"Cobras have been used both as spots using the various prism/gobo wheels, and as tracers because of their ability to project very long distances,” says LD Geromin. “They were placed partly on moving structures and partly on the floor and roof." An impressive system of moving LED walls inspired by major international productions dominated the set design, making the show even more immersive and immersive.
"For the concept, we started with a very linear structure, consisting of a series of squares as the main shape from which we then developed three moving elements. Through the movements of these structures, or Pods, we were able to change the shape and contours of the stage, hiding or revealing the lines of the stage depending on the interaction of the scene with the video and lighting.
“When used as a tracer, the Cobra was extremely powerful and precise. The same applies to the gobo focus transitions where the precision of focus was truly exceptional.
"We will definitely be using them again on the summer tours, where thanks to their powerful light out-put they will enable us to achieve great long-distance effects. In addition to this, for the summer, where the weather conditions are always uncertain, the advantage of being an IP65 light confirms it the best choice to take," Geromin explains.
"The Cobra is an immediately programmable device, the fact that the fixture is made in a logical manner allows for quick understanding. Also, because of its extreme reliability, it is absolutely suitable as a touring choice.”
The Ayrton Cobra units were supplied by the Italian Agora service.

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