Ivan Abreu - ‘Quantum 338 is on every rider we see these days’
Dominican Republic - IVM Multieventos, a company with over 20 years of experience in the industry based in the Dominican Republic, has chosen DiGiCo as their preferred brand. As one of the earliest adopters of the Quantum 338, the company has solidified its position as a leading player in the event industry in the Caribbean.
Owner, Ivan Abreu, began pursuing his dream of working in the music industry at a very young age, starting as a DJ. Since forming IVM, the company has experienced significant growth, overcoming barriers by organising large-scale events nationwide. Some of the Caribbean’s most renowned artists, such as Romeo Santos and Juan Luis Guerra, are part of its portfolio.
“Throughout our extensive journey in the industry, we had never had the opportunity to use products from the renowned DiGiCo brand,” says Ivan. “However, once we ventured into exploring their equipment, we encountered a truly outstanding experience in terms of quality and performance.
“In addition to its prominent involvement in international events, we have been greatly impressed by the brand solidity and global recognition in the market. DiGiCo’s reputation speaks for itself and we are proud to align ourselves with such a prestigious brand.”
This Quantum 338 is the first Quantum console in the Caribbean and IVM is proud to be a pioneer and have the opportunity to use it on some of its most significant shows, such as Juan Luis Guerra, mixed by the engineer Amable Frometa.
“Our team was looking for a console that not only offered the latest technology, but also had longevity, ensuring it would remain relevant for years to come,” Ivan continues. “We needed a console that was in high demand and the Quantum 338 is on every rider we see these days. It totally exceeded our expectations.”
IVM also acquired a SD-Rack with the latest Stadius 32-bit pre-amps. “We wanted to have the most powerful and technologically advance solution,” Ivan concludes. “We opted for the 32-bit mic pre for its exceptional input channel performance and for the pristine quality of the output cards.
“To put the icing on the cake, we have the new Mustard processing strips and the Spice Rack, both of which have added an extra level of tools available to us. We are very excited about our Quantum 338.”

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