DNP Launches High Image Contrast Screen
Tuesday, 18 July 2000
Paradigm Audio Visual has introduced a new screen with exceptionally high image contrast for control rooms and other similar environments. The dnp Black Bead Screen, like other double element screens in the dnp range, utilises a Fresnel element to capture and redirect the projected light. Uniquely, however, the Black Bead screen incorporates a single layer of tiny glass beads set within a thin film of black material. A maximum area of each bead is exposed at the rear of the screen, facing the projector - with only a small surface area exposed on the viewing side. This configuration not only maximises the actual image contrast, but it also enhances the perceived contrast - because the screen appears black when nothing is being projected. The Black Bead screen offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles, virtually infinite resolution, but at a relatively low gain.

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