Dan Phillips and Mark Chorley will join the board with immediate effect
UK - Doughty Engineering has announced the appointment of two new directors. Dan Phillips and Mark Chorley will join the board with immediate effect. Julian Chiverton will serve as CEO, with Stephen Wright taking on the role of managing director. The new directors are current employees at Doughty and will, in time assume specific leadership roles within the company.
Dan Phillips has been a member of the Doughty team for more than 15 years, originally joining the company as a sub-contractor in assembly. In his most recent role as special projects manager, Dan has built strong client relationships as well as working within R&D to bring new and innovative products to market. “I feel very privileged to take on this role. After the past few turbulent years brought about by COVID and Brexit, the future is looking bright and I’m delighted to be joining the board at such an exciting time for our industry.”
Mark joined Doughty three decades ago and has been responsible for the design and release of some of Doughty’s best-known pieces of kit over the years. He said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the Doughty board and working with a great team of people. I’m looking forward to leveraging my experience and using it to continue Doughty’s tradition of developing quality, reputable solutions for the entertainment technology industry. We take great pride in asking our customers what they want, rather than second guessing what we think they want and that’s something I’m keen to see continuing.”
Julian commented: “We needed to regenerate the thread of continuity as we move forward as a company, and the board must reflect this intention in the management and governance of the company. A solid and secure board is vital in order to guide the company into the future when no doubt responsibilities will be ever more demanding.
“This restructuring of the company is an incredibly positive move for us. It’s something we have been discussing for some time and is essential to ensure business continuity and to help us meet the exciting challenges in our markets.
Dan and Mark are two invaluable team members who will now take on the majority of the day to day running of the company. They know Doughty inside out and inspire confidence in all our customers, and in the industry as a whole. They are respected amongst their colleagues and the wider industry for their loyalty and expertise, and I know they will be a fantastic asset to the board. I’m confident that we all share the same aspirations for Doughty’s future – a future which I’m sure will be in safe hands.”

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