E/T/C UK to Hold Large-Scale Projection Demo
Friday, 24 March 2000
E/T/C UK Ltd is planning a large scale demo of its new Rotating Double Scrollers which will be held on the 3rd May 2000. (Time and venue still to be confirmed). The PIGI 7kW Xenon Rotating Double Scroller is the latest of the PIGI projectors and is fitted with two scrolling films, a programmable 360 degree rotating head and programmable lens mount and rear foot. The demo is aimed at conference producers, lighting designers, set designers, event designers, rock and roll promoters, party planners . . . indeed anyone who needs new ideas for scenic projection and would like to fill large areas of set with bright exciting imagery. If you are interested in attending the demonstration of the equipment, then please e-mail Ross Ashton at info@projecting.co.uk or call +44 20 8893 8232 and full details will be sent by return.

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