ECA2 in Mexico
Tuesday, 19 March 2002
Yves Pepin, president and creative director of ECA2, and his team, are working on a night-time cultural visit of the archaeological site El Tajin, in the jungle of Veracruz state, eastern Mexico. Sound and light shows will be featured every night from 16 to 23 March 2002, with commentary in Spanish, English, French and Totonac. The total number of shows will be 14. El Tajin is recognised as the cultural birthplace of the Totonac people, the first American Indians encountered by the Spanish conquistador Cortés, in 1519. The site is vast and archaeologically rich, with most of its structures dating from 600-700 AD.

Spectators will be guided, over two hours, in a circular movement over the site, stopping at places to witness various aspects of Totonac culture. A notable feature of the visit will be its personal nature: according to rules set by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, the site cannot have more than 500 spectators per show. "This ‘exclusivity’ will increase each visitor’s feeling of an intense and personal experience," explained Yves Pépin. "Spectators will really ‘feel’ what Totonac life was like, the people’s beliefs and their traditions, as well as their daily life, as conveyed by projected images, special effects, live performances and music."

"Towards the end of the circuit, visitors will stop at the ‘Pyramid of Niches’, the archaeological highlight of the site. This extraordinary structure will be shown and experienced as never before, thanks to dynamic lighting and an original soundtrack," he concluded.

(Lee Baldock)

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