Entec to host PLASA Focus Leeds seminar
Tuesday, 3 May 2022
drdavidlawrenceSeveral scientific experts, including medical adviser Dr. David Lawrence, will set out practical ways of safeguarding events from cancellations
UK - Entec UVC Safe Clean will host a seminar entitled Future-proofing events in a post COVID world at the upcoming PLASA Focus Leeds tradeshow, taking place at the Royal Armouries on 10-11 May.
During the seminar, a panel of application and scientific experts, including medical adviser, Dr. David Lawrence and Adrian King, lecturer on medical innovation, will set out practical ways of safeguarding events from the financial and health costs of illness and cancellations. Moderating this lively discussion will be Entec chairman, Nick Pendleton.
Explaining the seminar’s underlying message, Pendleton says: “Theatres, rehearsal and production facilities, sports industries and all forms of event and entertainment promotion have come to recognise that whilst masks may partially reduce transmission of virus from affected individuals, manual cleaning and chemical sprays not only are of limited effectiveness but also create potentially hazardous environmental sequelae.
"Conversely, the impact of UVC ultraviolet light and HEPA ventilation filters has been validated time and time again for indoor air purification, pathogen removal and disinfection of surfaces. The seminar will explain how to create a safe environment, and reassure workforce and customers alike that they - and the event they are attending - are suitably protected. We will also share how far UVC technology will be a game changer for the industry.”
The seminar will take place in the main Bury Theatre at 12.15pm on the opening day.
For more information about the complete programme, visit: www.plasaleeds.com

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