Hugo Angers - TV mixer and sound engineer and co-owner of Quebec-based Euphonie Sonorisation
Canada - Hugo Angers, TV mixer and sound engineer and co-owner of Quebec-based Euphonie Sonorisation, has worked with a plethora of audio consoles throughout his career. However, since first operating a DiGiCo console in the mid-2010s, he has developed a strong affinity for their products and used them on many different shows and festivals.
During the summer of 2022, Angers purchased the company’s first DiGiCo Quantum 225 and has already utilised it at a Cajun Festival in Drummondville, opera shows in Montréal, and several corporate events. This summer, the Q225 will be used at a number of festivals.
The purchase of the DiGiCo Quantum 225 was prompted by Angers' experience mixing monitors on an SD10 for Belle et Bum, one of Quebec's longest-running live music shows. "I've been using the SD10 twice a week, every week, for two years, and I've learned a lot about DiGiCo on the show," he explains. “We’ve got three DiGiCo consoles - two SD10s, one for monitors and one for broadcast, and an SD8 at FOH, as well as three SD Racks with 56 inputs and 32 bit pre amp cards.”
The complexity of the show’s requirements, including those of the multiple artists performing on its three stages, demands flexibility and fluency. "When I started using DiGiCo for Belle et Bum, it was a game-changer," Angers notes. For this show, the ability to create a large number of mix presets has been a significant time-saver. "It's one of the biggest music TV shows in Quebec," he says. "The input and mix presets are a great tool because sometimes the artists move to different stages, and we have to re-patch quickly."
Angers' unwavering drive to overcome challenges and maximise the potential of DiGiCo consoles has led to the development of a customised setup. This enables him to seamlessly manage the complexities of multiple stages using just one SD10 console, which is complemented by his homemade pedal board, which connects to the SD10's GPIO connections via a Db37 cable - an older computer cable the console supports.
Angers will deploy the Quantum 225 during the tour of Bruno Pelletier, the Canadian singer, musician, and actor known as the 'Genius of French Music'. The tour will employ a minimum of two Quantum 225 consoles with two SD-Rack 32-bit preamps on Optocore, and will run for a full year, starting in January 2024.

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