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Tuesday, 8 October 2019
led-creativesupermarketsweepThe return of a daytime TV classic
UK - Filmed at Maidstone Studios and hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal, the ITV2 reboot of the daytime TV cult classic Supermarket Sweep retains a stack of elements from the original. Inflatables, loud jumpers and the legendary trolley dash are mixed with a collection of new games and challenges, all taking place among the brightly coloured aisles.
Created by scenic designer Josh Grace, the gloriously bright faux supermarket set is awash with pastel shades, another subtle homage to its predecessor, mixed with an array of contemporary upgrades. Together with lighting designer Gurdip Mahal and operator Ross Williams, the team have constructed an environment which offers a fresh, modern twist on the original styling.
Helping build the look, the LED Creative team supplied their Alpha Neon and Sigma LED controlled via the company’s Megabyte Pixel Drivers.
LED Creative project manager Ges Smith says: “Our Neon is ideal for applications such as this, where the desired appearance is ‘traditional neon’ but the requirement is for a more versatile, controllable solution. Our Sigma LED and Megabyte system deliver a layer of flexibility which has been useful in creating the look and feel for the production.”
The flexibility of the LED ‘neon’ combined with its intensity and colour makes it suitable for creating the show’s vibrant in-store branding. For additional detailing, the Alpha was also applied to the custom graphics used throughout the set.
Providing further highlights throughout the set, LC Sigma was used to provide an extra layer of illumination across the top of each of the aisles.
Ges adds: “The team at Supermarket Sweep have put together a wonderfully vibrant in-store experience that perfectly reflects the show’s light-hearted approach. The challenge was to create a modern take on a game show classic and the design has delivered on every level.”
(Jim Evans)

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