Magmatic launches Thermatic hazer series
Wednesday, 4 May 2022
therma-tour-600-and-800The oil-based hazers are designed to give enduring haze effects for longer-lasting atmospherics
USA - Magmatic atmospheric effects has introduced Thermatic, a series of oil-based hazers designed to give enduring haze effects for longer-lasting atmospherics. Capable of creating a fine particulate that hangs in the air for hours, each haze generator in the Thermatic line excels at enhancing light beams and mid-air effects for higher impact, eye-catching visuals, says Magmatic.
The Therma Tour is a premium oil-based haze effect generator that produces a fine, long-lasting atmospheric haze. Available in a 350W and powerful 800W version - Therma Tour 600 and Therma Tour 800 - both machines create a safe, clean and odourless haze effect that leaves no residue.
The units hold 2.5 litre of fluid for over 35 hours of runtime with no warm up time required. Hang time is over three hours in an enclosed space after the unit has been turned off.
Both units feature rugged, compact and mobile road case designs to withstand repeated travel and the day in and day out rigors of on-the-road use. Soundproof insulation means the Therma Tour series can also be used in more noise sensitive indoor environments.
Maximum output of the Therma Tour 600 is 1,200 CFM (cu ft/min) while the Therma Tour 800 delivers a remarkable 5,600 CFM (cu ft /min). Magmatic’s oil-based Atmosity ARH fluid has been designed specifically for the Therma Tour series and because the units sip fluid at a low 1.0 ml/min and 1.5 ml/min respectively (fluid level can easily be monitored via an external fluid level gauge), its fine haze atmosphere can enhance lighting effects for hours on end. And it does it while staying surprisingly quiet.
Advanced HPA (High Pressure Air) pump technology reduces the risk of heater clogging for performance that delivers on time, every time, while automatic self-cleaning and energy-saving mode make operation even more effortless and economical.
Therma Tour machines are hard to break but easy to use with multiple control options that include a wireless RF remote, Elation E-Fly wireless DMX, wired remote, Magmatic App, and manual touch-screen control.

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