MILAN certification for AuviTran AVB Cards
Thursday, 23 February 2023
auvitranAuviTran’s Audio ToolBox card frames are available in three and seven slot versions
France - AuviTran has announced that their Audio ToolBox AVB card has received MILAN certification, the first for a bridge device. This ensures compatibility with other AVB/MILAN certified devices and allows users to easily bridge from AVB/MILAN to other audio protocols.
Yves Ansade, AuviTran’s founder and CEO, explains “We’ve been offering AVB solutions for some time and we’re very proud to be part of the Avnu Alliance, and to have received MILAN certification. With many users needing to interface MILAN to other protocols, Dante or MADI for example, our Audio ToolBoxes have become a popular solution.”
AuviTran’s Audio ToolBox card frames are available in three and seven slot versions and can be loaded with cards for multiple audio protocols. Available cards include AVB/MILAN, Dante/AES67, CobraNet, AES/EBU, EtherSound, ADAT, along with a variety of Analog and Digital I/O options. Once configured users can simply matrix signals between protocols, and with the addition of an optional ADSP card they can even sample rate convert between them, for example bridging between a 96kHz AVB/MILAN and 48kHz Dante or MADI.
In addition to bridging between protocols, Audio Toolbox has a new automation function that can manage presets, fallback from one protocol/card to another, loss of clock synchronization, muting or changing signal routing, and other features, all triggered from GPIO contact or scheduled events.

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