Movecat changes name to Moveket
Monday, 27 November 2023
moveketThe Moveket team
Germany - Movecat, specialist in the field of stage automation technology, has announced its change of name to Moveket.
This decision is a direct response to the continuously increasing worldwide demand for stage automation solutions with the highest safety standards in the entertainment sector, says the company. The resulting global expansion of Moveket GmbH has led to increasing trademark challenges, which have been resolved by the change of name.
The suffix ket in the new company name stands for Kinetic Entertainment Technologies.
"The change of name is an important step in our strategic development. It underlines our commitment to first-class products, services and future product innovations that meet the ever-growing demands of our customers," says Peter Streicher, managing director of Moveket GmbH.
“Moveket remains true to its values and will continue to develop ground-breaking kinetic technologies for the entertainment industry while looking optimistically into a future characterised by innovation and global collaboration.”

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