PL+S 2022: ArKaos launches VS1 media server
Thursday, 21 April 2022
arkaos-vs1-media-server-launch-vs1-22The VS1 media server will make its debut
Germany - ArKaos will launch its new VS1 media server in Frankfurt. The VS1 is billed as ‘the first in a next gen of creative visual control products from ArKaos, and is a feature-packed, intuitive, fun to use and cost-efficient solution’.
VS1 runs 4K video sources - with 2x HDMI and USB-C outs on the back of the device - giving vibrant results in a flexible and user-friendly control package.
Its compact dimensions of 143.2mm x 195mm x 43mm and triple unit in a 1U footprint means that several VS1 devices can be rigged in the same rack housing if desired, and the light weight of just 1.2kg plus its robust, quality-engineering make it suitable for touring lighting operators, VJs and DJs.
It is a low noise product, designed for potentially acoustically sensitive environments like churches, museums and heritage sites and visitor centres and concert halls as well as for digital signage applications.
The VS1 provides a 2.5Gb/s network connection for lighting fast file transfer and updates.

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