Neutrik’s new speakON NLFXX series audio connectors
Germany - A raft of new products are being shown by the Neutrik Group’s Neutrik, Rean and Contrik brands at Prolight+Sound this year. These include new and extended product ranges from the group’s latest brands, as well as continuing expansion of some of its most recognizable product lines, incorporating a breadth of applications for power, audio, video, lighting and data.
Among advanced power solutions being featured on the booth are the new grey / blue colour coded Neutrik powerCON XXA / XXB lockable, rugged power connectors. With discrete power-in and power-out keying, and a new ergonomic design, featuring an easy to assemble slip-proof two-compound moulded housing (with the strain relief mechanically locking with the insert to align with the housing), they are certified as complying with the latest relevant worldwide device safety regulations for mains supply connectors: particularly IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60320-1, relating to true breaking Circuit Breaking Capability (CBC) functionality.
Rean is expanding its ranges of power XLR and Ethernet connectors, introducing heavy-duty ‘outdoor’ variants, primarily focused on LED display and lighting applications The lockable, ruggedized X Series power connectors have CBC functionality, and are UL 94V-0 and IP65 rated for high levels of fire retardancy and environment resistant protection. The latest XLR and Z Series RJ45 / Ethernet connectors feature REAN’s new Air-tightness protection, in addition to IP65 rating.
Contrik offers a range of professional portable power distribution systems for entertainment, event, touring and mobile production applications; specifically for video walls, stage lighting and audio installations. Contrik is debuting its range of ‘active’ power distribution products at PL+S, including containers, racks, turtles and strips. These feature highly durability, rugged protective construction and a range of advanced circuit protection features, including full CDC functionality and CEE32A high power capacity input and daisy chaining.
Neutrik’s new speakON NLFXX series audio connectors expand the range with the NL2FXX and NL4FXX 2-pole and 4-pole cable connectors. The new connectors feature a locking boot to protect against unintended opening, together with a unique two-compound housing to improve handling in daily operation. The new connectors are easier and smoother to assemble, as the strain relief chuck snaps to the insert.
Neutrik is also launching a redesigned, new form factor version of its patent-pending silentPLUG instrument ¼ inch jack plug. silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load.
The Neutrik opticalCON Advanced fibre portfolio is also expanded with the introduction of two new MTP high speed, high capacity connectivity systems; creating a standard solution for point-to-point connections in pro AV and broadcast applications.
Also to be seen at PL+S are the latest Neutrik Fiberfox HMA fibre optic connector systems: bringing multimode fibre-connectivity alive without the need to handle pigtailed bulkheads.

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