Producer & DJ David Morales selects KV2
Thursday, 21 May 2020
dm2-kv2David Morales has produced and remixed over 500 records for an all-star roster
Croatia - House music pioneer David Morales continues to produce and to play to packed clubs all over the world and his current rider specifies a KV2 Audio ES System as his preferred monitoring setup.
Morales has also been using a KV2 setup at home for a while - he currently has two EX10s and two EX2.2 subs which he loves - but hadn’t used a KV2 system on a gig until his show at the Boogaloo club in Zagreb, Croatia on St Valentine’s Day this year. He tried out a full ES System comprising an ES1.0 high power active mid/hi loudspeaker stacked on a pair of ES1.8 high output subs per side, powered by two EPAK2500R control and amplification units (one per side).
“These speakers sound amazing!” he enthused, “and I’m in a big room – this is not a small intimate club!” Indeed, Boogaloo has been a cult club in Zagreb since the mid-80’s and with a capacity of 1500 ranks as one of the country’s largest clubs. As a result of his experience at Boogaloo, Morales decided that henceforth, the ES System from KV2 Audio would feature as the designated monitor system on his technical rider.
“I love the clarity and power of the ES System,” he says. “The ES1.0 top stacked over a pair of ES1.8 subs is a killer monitoring set. The ES1.0 packs a 6-inch and a 12-inch driver topped with a 1.75-inch compression driver. I’ve not heard anything else with the same size components sound as good as the KV2s. I’m such a fan, I even have KV2 EX10 monitors in my studio.
“I’ve been listening to all kinds of speakers over the years,” he adds. “I’ve tried many monitors, but I must say that, pound for pound, KV2 Audio is in a class of its own.”
(Jim Evans)

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