JB&A provides advanced technological solutions for projects from beginning to end
USA - Expanding its reach across the USA, punQtum has appointed California-based distributor JB&A to address the North American market.
Founded back in 1996 by Jeff Burgess and his brother Greg, JB&A provides advanced technological solutions for projects from beginning to end. The company works to find vendors and manufacturers that make the best technology in their industry, and punQtum is the latest company to be added to its growing roster of brands.
Nicholas Smith, VP of technology at JB&A said: “Intercom systems are a key component to every production, and Riedel has the most respected and well-known name in the industry for communications. When Riedel tapped us to build and manage the channel sales for punQtum, we jumped at the opportunity to work with a product line that has the potential to be a game changer in the production space.
“JB&A focuses on all technologies related to production, from creation to capture to distribution. This fits right into our line-up, offering our dealers a comprehensive solution stack that now includes network-based digital intercoms from a well-respected brand.”
Jiou Pahn Lee, programme director at Riedel added: “punQtum already has a strong presence in the American market, the brand has been extremely well received. But collaboration is key for further development in markets that we haven’t quite reached yet. We’re confident that with JB&A’s expertise in the communications and productions industries, they will take punQtum to a whole new level across North America.”
Back in 2020, JB&A was acquired by Ireland-based FTSE 100 company DCC, which also gained JB&A a prestigious place in the Exertis global family of technology distributors and specialist service providers. The acquisition of JB&A by Exertis adds to its diverse pool of pro AV businesses, especially in the niche fields of video, broadcast and production.

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