Roisin Murphy performs at PRG’s Live Space
Friday, 20 November 2020
prgA ROE 3.4mm Black Onyx Hi-Res 6m x 7m LED screen was utilised
The need for music and connection between the artist and its audience is greater than ever - and Roisin Murphy chose this moment in time to get the band together for an emotional livestream from PRG’s Live Space!
Rhianna Kenny-Wybrow, Roisin Murphy’s manager said: “For Roisin to build a show inside such an incredible space, that usually would be a hive of activity during the autumn touring season, felt very poignant. Roisin, her band and crew have been hugely restricted this year due to COVID-19. Live shows have been such a massive and enjoyable part of our team for so long; connecting with audiences around the world and working and traveling together as a family. This Mixcloud performance almost feels like an ode to what we have all missed out on. Working with PRG and Squire has been an absolute pleasure and we are incredibly happy to have collectively pulled this off in such strange and uncertain times. The result speaks for itself and reaffirms Roisin's place at the cutting edge of visual and sonic creativity.”
The performance took viewers on a journey through PRG’s warehouse, which was lit with SGM P5 fixtures and GLP JDC LED Strobes. As Roisin walked the length of the building for the opening and closing track, PRG staff used Source 4 Lustr2 fixtures to follow her.
Lighting director Tom Schofield created an amazing asymmetric design in the live space. The back wall was split in two halves, half was an LED screen, and the other half was created by an array of Claypaky Mythos fixtures and GLP X4 Bar 20s, creating a wall of light which could be dimmed to reveal the expanse and depth of the warehouse which was lit throughout the show. This was supported by a flown diamond of Solaris Flare Strobes and Mythos to complete the grid look.
The performance was shot on two handheld cameras, two track mounted cameras and a 24ft jib.
The video for the show was displayed on a ROE 3.4mm Black Onyx Hi-Res 6m x 7m LED screen and the playback system was controlled using a Barco E2 system that was based in the gallery area, with additional positions for producer viewing, engineering, record, video playback and lighting control.
The floor stage was surrounded by a continuous line of GLP X4 Bar 20 fixtures which were designed to capture the viewer’s attention and draw focus to a centre column of X4 Bars for effects and sweeps.
Phil Tidy, founder of Squire Studio, comments: “The PRG team were supportive at every stage, supplying the PRG warehouse as a canvas and kit! The results speak for themselves - a great event from start to finish!”
Leading the way with direction, Roisin described it as taking the spirit on a creative adventure bringing together music and visuals with a live show and band - anything can happen!
The event, which was streamed by Mixcloud on 14 November, was broadcast at four different times to allow ticket purchasers from all over the world the opportunity to tune in. Special thanks to technical director/Editor Benny Tricket, lighting director Tom Schofield, Filming Producer Phil Tidy and Production Squire.

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