Sarner re-lives history of the Tsars
Tuesday, 9 April 2002
Sarner re-lives history of the TsarsArtist's impression of the entrance to the Tsars exhibition.
Sarner is working on a unique multi-million pound travelling exhibition of Russian Yachts, which is set to open in Hamburg at the end of this year. ‘Treasures from the Tsars Imperial Yachts’, depicts the evolution of the Imperial Navy from 1703, when Peter The Great launched his first ship, through to 1918 and the era of Nicholas II - it includes more than 400 original artefacts, jewellery and ships from the palace of Peterhos and the Central Naval Palace in St Petersburg.

Intellectual property management company, Eagle Crown Productions, who have the rights to this stunning collection, first met with Sarner to discuss the venture almost three years ago. As a result, Sarner have been responsible for every element of the exhibition design and concept; visitors enter by walking onto an imposing aft deck of an imperial yacht; once inside there are displays of panoramic archive film; reconstructions of living quarters, scale models and clothing, with audio, lighting and smells employed to make the exhibition as life-like and interactive as possible.

Sarner directors Mike Bennett and Ross Magri, who bought out the company last year, comment: "We have worked on a concept that uses the best techniques of theatre combined with the disciplines of exhibiting artefacts from this unique collection. The ships were literally floating palaces and the exhibition shows all aspects of what life was like on board these amazing vessels for the sailors, working shipman and the Royal family." Plans are currently in place for ‘Treasures from the Tsars Imperial Yachts’ to visit London in 2003.

As a footnote, Sarner will be moving to new premises this month. The new address will be Sarner Ltd, 16 Southsea Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2EH. Tel: +44 0845 666 444.

(Ruth Rossington)

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