Solotech partners with Yoop for virtual events
Monday, 27 July 2020
yoop-photoThe Yoop eSpace is planning to open locations in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and the UK
Canada - Solotech has announced that it has established a partnership with Yoop eSpace, a virtual and multifunctional production environment that enables content providers to create and stream events in an immersive and interactive way. Benoît Fredette, businessman and Yoop founder, recently launched the new two-way Yoop platform, which offers a real-time visual and audio interaction between artists and spectators.
The partnership ‘represents an opportunity to innovate and to go beyond the barriers of distance by bringing content providers and their audiences closer together’.
Solotech supports Yoop by providing its production expertise, its equipment and technical teams to ensure the audio, video capture and the broadcasting of events. The Yoop eSpace is already planning to open locations in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and the UK, adding to its first site in Montreal.
The combination of expertise will offer clients an interactive, simple and secure way to attend virtual events.
Martin Chouinard, president of the Live Productions division at Solotech, comments, “Yoop and Solotech have the same objective, to allow spectators to reconnect with their favourite artists through real contact where the energy can be felt on both sides. We are excited to bridge two worlds which have been distant for so long, it will help infuse a lot of passion into the great cultural community.
“Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we can build a future beyond physical constraints, without sacrificing the quality of production and offer an ultimate experience. We see real potential for corporate events, musical performances, product launches, training sessions, to name a few.”
In parallel, Solotech has broadened its service offering by adding webcasting expertise, the inauguration of studios and new equipment targeted for artists and workers in times of pandemic.
(Jim Evans)

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