Star Wars inspires virtual studio LED video
Friday, 21 August 2020
mountain-view-staging-virtual-studio-san-francisco-620x330-1US production houses are bringing the latest filmmaking techniques to corporate and music clients
USA - With the implementation of high-resolution LED video environments that have become the backbone of such award-winning production designs as Star Wars: The Mandalorian, production houses across the nation have begun to look at applying this type of technology for the benefit of their clients.
Such is the case with PixelFLEX rental network partners Mountain View Staging and Elite Multimedia Productions, who have taken their live and virtual event capabilities into a new realm of possibilities using production designs with LED video.
“We saw how they were using the camera-tracking technology in conjunction with LED video and an Unreal Effects Engine to film the Mandalorian series and we thought this was something we could offer to our corporate clients to make their live events even more exciting,” began Robert Johnson, vice president of operations, Mountain View Staging. “We own a lot of LED video panels and have studios with cameras set up in our warehouses across the nation, so it was a great way to pivot to the new reality we are living in to continue to meet the demands for large-scale live events done in a unique way.”
“Once the shutdown’s happened, we saw that live streaming was going to be a vital component to keeping the production industry going and we needed to find a way to take advantage of that,” said Kenny Mason, production manager, Elite Multimedia Productions. “Since we already had a demo room with production gear ready, it was a natural progression to transform the space into a virtual production studio.”

The adoption of new technology solutions in a live event atmosphere can often lead to a bit of concern over its expected performance capabilities. By understanding the full scope of the design and how the technology components all work together, the practical application of an LED production environment can completely transform the experience for everyone involved.
“From an LED video perspective, we don’t just start with a product, we start with the size of the room,” added Ben Kristy, vice president of production, Mountain View Staging. “Whether its corporate production or cinema, the camera is king, so we first need to identify which shots are necessary to identify the right LED video pixel-pitch. While there have been scenarios where we are working with a flat wall doing tight shots, it all really depends on the storyboard and what shots are happening.”
“We see corporate events becoming more of a hybrid where you will have some people at home and others in remote studio locations,” continued Johnson. “Using this type of camera-tracking technology in a multi-camera shoot, we can then sub people in on the LED video wall to create a final product that appears to have everyone combined in one space. We really believe people will enjoy this because it is so unique and different, and completely changes the way our corporate clients can present their brand.”
Like so many industries around the world that have been affected by the shutdown’s caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Live Events industry has also taken a big hit. With production companies now struggling for a way to bring large groups together, virtual event spaces with a high production-value backed by LED video have become a popular solution.
“As we were searching for ways to reach new vertical markets and clients at Mountain View Staging, creating studio spaces in our warehouses where we could control all the production assets was a logical solution,” admitted Kristy. “We now have studio spaces in Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco which includes a 10’x30’ PixelFLEX LED wall.”
“PixelFLEX is a great technology to use for this application because there are so many options for a video design, including flat, curved or LED floor panels,” added Johnson. “High pixel pitch and resolution are also key, but you do have a little flexibility depending on the needs of the project, so having the versatility of the PixelFLEX product line allows you to easily find the right solution.”
(Jim Evans)

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