Visual Displays releases XL CLD bundles
Tuesday, 10 November 2020
visual-displays-492CLD-XL has been tailor-made for the higher education sector
UK - The Complete Laser Display (CLD) bundles, newly announced by Visual Displays last month, have received such positive market feedback that the company has decided to take the concept of all-in-one macro displays a step further. The result is the new ‘XL’ version of the bundles.
Explaining the rationale, company director Greg Jeffreys states: “When we originally announced the CLD concept, the intention was to go head to head with flat panel displays starting from 100in. But the feedback we received suggested that we could supersize this, starting from 130in, as an alternative to dvLED.” The resulting CLD-XL bundles are as easy to use and maintain as dvLED, he maintains, “and at a fraction of the cost.”
Foreseeing possible outcomes in the educational segment as a result of COVID-19, Greg’s company has been quick out of the blocks. In the new world of blended learning and socially distanced classroom teaching, visual acuity from anywhere in the room, both on- and off-axis, becomes essential.
“With every inch of the teaching space now in use with these reduced classroom sizes, it is vital that we deliver optimum readability, and thereby ensuring students remain engaged with the media, without suffering fatigue or sheer boredom,” he continues. At the same time VDL knew the set-up needed to be both optimisable and operable by deskilled staff, be reliable, easy-to-use, lightweight (for simple wall mounting) and virtually maintenance free.
CLD-XL has been tailor-made for the higher education sector, where large-format and flat panel displays are generally too small and dvLED too expensive. Its optimised image brightness is designed for all day viewing without eye strain, in conformance with the new WELL Building Standard v2. Furthermore, CLD-XL provides correct resolution at any size, unlike with dvLED, where the pixel resolution determines the image size.
To maximise results, the product selection had been vital, Jeffreys maintains. The essential components of the CLD-XL all-in-one solution are a 3LCD Epson laser projector and dnp Supernova ambient light rejecting (ALR) optical screen, starting at 130in for maximum readability from everywhere in the room.
Jeffreys adds: “Campuses are littered with teaching spaces whose displays are far too small. It’s encouraging seeing many now implementing the DISCAS standard effectively. Using its starting point of ensuring the screen height is at least one sixth the distance to the farthest viewer can transform the effectiveness of teaching spaces.”

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