Whatsit launches video mapping plug-in
Monday, 24 June 2019
lumingsThe video projection design tool can save valuable time and reduce technical costs
France - Whatsit, the French video mapping consultant and events specialist, has announced the launch of Lumings - a plug-in for the 3D design and modelling software application Sketchup, whose purpose is to simulate the technical rendering side of video mapping in the most realistic way possible.
The video projection design tool is set to save valuable time and substantially reduce technical costs for technical videographers, scenographers and project managers alike, says the company.
Lumings makes it possible to design an entire scenography before setting foot on site, thanks to its accurate and precise models and information. Another advantage, and what makes it unique to the market, is its comprehensive database, which integrates the technical characteristics of all existing professional projectors.
Working closely with manufacturers, and following a thorough in-house development period, Whatsit has gathered, tested and measured the necessary data to allow a show designer to precisely simulate a variety of factors, for any set of projectors. The projector’s illuminance, positioning, energy consumption and heat release can all be monitored, as well as wider concerns such as pixel size / distortion, or the impact of shadows on projection surfaces.
Pierre-Yves Toulot, managing director of Whatsit, comments: “In our job, speed of execution is a key factor, and we were looking for a reliable plug-in that would allow us to be more efficient. So we started working on a plugin which would feel familiar to users, and we wanted to make it available to as many people as possible, so we decided Sketchup was the right platform.”
Lumings allows the user to simulate renders onto different materials and textures such as stone, metal, glass, mirrors etc. The 3D rendering is done using third part photorealistic engine.
Lumings can work out and compile the list of equipment most suited to the job, as well as providing alternatives for optimal configurations, taking into account available equipment options.
Importantly, Lumings does not require Internet access to function, which will allow the user to work on their project in any situation.
Toulot adds: “Lumings is also ideal for service providers who might be looking for an effective tool to establish technical specifications or architects that have an interest in adding video projection to their projects.”
(Jim Evans)

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