White Light joins d&b Group
Wednesday, 8 December 2021
db-wl-photoAmnon Harman, d&b CEO (left) and Bryan Raven, WL managing director (right)
UK - White Light (WL) has joined d&b solutions, a service-focused business offering end-to-end expertise in the areas of project development, manufacturing, system planning, installation and maintenance.
The move has been described as a “natural next step” for WL, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary (see more on this story in LSi December, out now), and will strengthen the development of the company’s production and venues solutions. One particular area of focus for d&b solutions is WL’s SmartStage technology, which, in combination with d&b’s Soundscape immersive audio platform, is set to “open new market potential for immersive audiovisual, lighting and media solutions”.
d&b solutions was founded in May this year and SFL Group, which is a strategic partner of WL, was the first company to join the new business. “When SFL joined d&b solutions, it soon became clear that the vision, values and aspirations of both WL & d&b were aligned and the new business presented an interesting opportunity,” says a statement. “WL joining d&b solutions is the result of both organisations’ continued commitment to offer customers the very latest technology, the highest level of expertise and a range of unparalleled services.”
WL’s MD, Bryan Raven, comments: “Joining d&b solutions is a natural next step for White Light. Whilst we marked a hugely significant landmark last month with the celebration of our 50th anniversary, the main reason we’ve not only lasted but thrived for so long is that we’ve constantly been able to transform and reinvent ourselves by adapting to the sector’s ever-changing needs and ensuring we remain industry pioneers. For us, this new venture is simply the latest example of that and the combination of our 50-year history, with the 40 years of d&b and the 30 years of SFL will be a game-changer. The combination of our experience, expertise, ideas and people will allow us to create a system that is primed to serve the modern-day live entertainment industry”.
He continues: “We wholeheartedly share the belief in the strategic direction of d&b and we are convinced that WL will contribute immensely to its implementation. When I first spoke to d&b Group CEO Amnon Harman, he said that the Group was created to provide transformational life experiences to their customers. This is something that has always been at the heart of our work, whether that’s supplying the lights to the Rocky Horror Show at the Royal Court back in 1973 or providing SmartStage technology for major broadcasting channels earlier this year. We genuinely cannot wait to start collaborating with the team and bringing together our people, technology and expertise to help meet the needs of all our customers and help deliver this shared vision.
“Initially, our customers won’t see any difference in the services we deliver. The only gradual change will be the development of our offering within production and venues, as we draw on SFL’s expertise as an audio, AV and scenic supplier.”
Amnon Harman, d&b Group CEO, adds: “WL is the perfect strategic addition to the d&b Group. Their technology and expertise significantly increases d&b solutions’ capabilities to offer complete and flexible audio, video, lighting and XR solutions. Driven by accelerated market trends set during the pandemic, we want to create a premium one stop shop for the AVLM needs of our customers in the UK; and we firmly believe that this step will help us achieve just that”.
Initially, WL and SFL will continue to operate independently as the organisations explore the best way of working together within d&b solutions. Raven will continue as WL MD alongside the existing management team whilst Tom Jeffery will continue to head up the SFL leadership team. Both will join the Board of d&b solutions along with Amnon Harman (CEO) and Michael Aldinger (CFO).
Raven concludes: “Whilst this move is about growing and developing the business, it’s mainly been driven by what our focus has always been: our customers. As most of our clients will know, WL is a friendly, family company that goes out of its way to offer a personal service - something that we will ensure remains constant as we enter this new chapter. Ultimately, this venture means we can truly offer a full range of industry services and, whilst we have just celebrated our previous fifty years, we can now look forward to the next”.

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