XL Video supplies Jamiroquai tour
Tuesday, 12 March 2002
XL Video supplies Jamiroquai tour
XL Video has supplied all the recent live video requirements for the Jamiroquai Funk Odyssey world tour. The six (4 operated and 2 mini cam) camera show was directed by the ebullient Mark Antoniuk.

XL supplied a Digital PPU complete with Grass valley GVG1200 switcher for the mixing, and a Magic DaVE video effects generator. For the vast majority of the set Antoniuk relied on the sheer energy of Jamiroquai’s performance to mix an exciting video show. He used the DaVe’s strobing effects only twice, once at the top of the show and again during Deeper Underground. The camera feeds were beamed onto two portrait format offstage screens - made up of Saco 15 mm LED modules - either side of the stage. The mix was completely live each night, varying as much as the set and the length of the songs often did. The video proved a vital element of the overall show, working in harmony with Vince Foster’s colourful lighting design (operated for the tour by Rob Gawler).

The XL Video crew members (some of whom are pictured) were Roger Nelson (crew chief), Jeroen ‘My Way’ Marain (engineer), Mark Cruickshank (camera) and Frederic Torreele (screen tech and camera). The fourth camera operator was Andy Barr from trucking company Redburn’s.

(Ruth Rossington)

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