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northern-lightNorthern Light adds flexibility to the Barracks
Friday, 21 February 2020

UK - Northern Light was commissioned to design, supply and install a new lighting and AV system by The Robertson Trust for Stirling.
They were asked to provide systems which were as flexible as possible and allow the room to be used in many different configurations as the final configuration of the rooms was yet to be determined.
The proposed systems included: overhead suspension bars and lighting grids, power distribution, LED fixtures, projection, installed sound, fixed control rack, facility the new conference space within the Barracks Conference Centre, panels with cable infrastructure and a lectern.
Northern Light was also asked to provide video conferencing and presentation systems for the meeting rooms within the barracks building. The systems had to be capable of interoperability between the systems as the room will be hired out for many different client needs. Northern Light worked alongside Blackstar solutions to provide a Starleaf solution which is able to communicate between all different video conferencing systems.
“We worked with the client to produce an end result that provides the room with a user-friendly conference presentation system with additional control for larger different events and the additional challenge of an infrastructure to meet any unknown requirements in the future,” comments project manager Steve Dick.
(Jim Evans)

saudiDiriyah Gate opens with visual spectacular
Thursday, 20 February 2020

Saudi Arabia - Diriyah Gate is the birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom and was the original home of the Saudi Royal Family. Today, it is a 19th-century UNESCO World Heritage site which is set to attract thousands of tourists as part of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud launched the opening ceremony of Diriyah Gate with a visual spectacular show.
CT was called upon by Executive Visions (EVI) to deliver the technical implementation of the striking cinematic projection mapping on the historic site to tell the visual story of the kingdom’s history.
The ancient ruins ‘mud city’ of Diriyah has been restored over the years by the Saudi Royal Family, enabling it to be the centre stage for the production. CT provided 170 Panasonic RZ31 and 21k projectors span across the 350m+ wide projection canvas.
CT were tasked to ensure all visible surfaces across the 350m+ wide canvas was covered to enable content to run smoothly across six content zones.
“We carried out various site visits during the planning phase so we could strategically plan where the projectors would be located. This enabled us to avoid any potential issues early,” says Dan Hughes, CT’s project manager. “As this was a UNESCO world heritage site, we needed to carefully asses where the projector locations could be positioned. We worked closely with our client EVI and the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) to ensure all locations were approved by the DGDA ahead of time.”
CT was tasked to e

spotifyGreen Hippo drives visuals for Who We Be Live
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

UK - Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media servers were chosen by video director Jay Baker of Creative Video Design to drive the visuals for Spotify Presents: Who We Be Live 2019. Performed live at the O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, the Spotify show was part of its series of events featuring the UK and Ireland’s leading Rap, Grime, R&B and Afrobeat line-ups.
Creative design and production was by UK marketing agency Amplify, working closely with event promoter, SJM Concerts. Creative Video Design was brought into the project by Production Box, led by Mike Oates.
While the venue’s exterior was used as a projection surface on which lighting designer Jon Trincas created some suitably grungy looks, the stage set inside was designed with a grunge/grime warehouse theme. “Our main challenge,” Baker explains, “was to create multiple different looks for the many artists performing, including mapping their own 16:9 format content to screens that were in no way 16:9!”
Baker used Hippotizer Karst+ media servers, supplied by 80Six Ltd, as the main playback and backup devices, with timecode playback rig provided by SFL. Baker had real-time access to parameters via Green Hippo’s ZooKeeper interface from front-of-house. “Before the event, we also made use of the Hippotizer PREP dongle at our studio,” says Baker, “which enabled us to prepare the pixelmap setup before we arrived on site.”
For the performance, Baker and his Karst+ delivered visuals designed in-house by Creative Video Design, as well as stings and ident content fr

penn-elcom-rgb-graphic-1RGB to distribute Penn Elcom AV racking
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

UK - Penn Elcom has announced that RGB Communications will be distributing its full range of 19-inch racking enclosures and associated accessories.
The move is in line with RGB’s goal of being a one-stop shop for AV racking solutions. In addition Penn Elcom’s various products for the AV market, along with its 19” ranges, complement, RGB’s existing product portfolios in the residential and commercial sectors.
Caroline Britt, RGB Communications MD, comments: “As a high-quality UK-based manufacturer with great support and a reputation for quick turnarounds on bespoke projects, as well as its practical off-the-shelf ranges, we are a good match.”
Penn’s sales director Rob Platt, adds: “We look forward to a busy and proactive working relationship with RGB. With 29 years’ experience in the pro AV industry built on understanding the products they distribute, we think RGB will be great Penn Elcom brand ambassadors and a solid partner for the continuous development of our various 19-inch ranges.”
Highlights from Penn Elcom’s range of 19” rack enclosures and accessories include free-standing and wall racks, rack panels with assorted CNC machined magnetic faceplates, and wall-mounted media device brackets, ideal for home audio and cinema installations.
In the last 12 months, new Penn 19” racking innovations have included the R6400-RHF Double Hinged Wall Mount Rack enclosure and several new 19” products, scheduled for launch in the coming months.
(Jim Evans)

dante-avISE: Audinate Dante AV PDS set for release
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Netherlands - Audinate announced that the new Dante AV Product Design Suite (Dante AV PDS) will be shipping in Q1 2020 to manufacturers who have ordered it to develop AV-over-IP products that employ Dante AV technology.
The Dante AV Product Design Suite is a complete turnkey recipe allowing OEMs to build a high-quality AV over IP endpoint for visually lossless results with low latency over a 1Gbps network. It provides complete interoperability for audio distribution and control with the more than 2,500 existing Dante products from more than 450 different manufacturers, delivering independent, fully synchronized audio and video streams. Based around the Dante AV module, the Dante AV PDS may be modified, branded and differentiated by OEMs via software, control, and integration with other members of their product lines.
The Dante AV PDS is designed to be a feature-complete AV-over-IP solution for the Professional AV market, implementing a codec, local HDMI and HDCP, ancillary data channels, and control. The on-board Dante AV Module provides Dante clock synchronization, control, discovery, transport, messaging, management, updates and more. A comprehensive set of hardware documents, design files, and a complete software SDK allows OEMs to create complete, fully interoperable Dante AV products quickly and reliably with end-to-end HDCP support.
The Dante AV PDS includes a complete implementation of the intoPIX JPEG2000 codec supporting UHD and Cinematic 4K resolution, up to 60fps, up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, up to 10bit color depth, up and down sc

protecProtec Group upgrades video capabilities
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UAE - Protec has upgraded its video capabilities globally with the purchase of Absen PL2.5mm indoor panels and PL3.9mm W outdoor panels for all branches in the UK, UAE and KSA.
This recent investment is in addition to the new ClayPaky Xtylos and Sharpy Plus the lighting departments have received. The Birmingham branch has already received its order of the ClayPaky Xtylos. Protec Dubai has debuted the Xtylos and was first globally to get on board with the new technology.
The Dubai audio team has been investing in more powerful solutions to meet increased networking and processing demands which led to them being first in the Middle East region to adopt the Outline Newton 16 + 8 processor. Protec has also invested in the Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server, more Shure Axient gear with Showlink capabilities and increased its stock of Rednet Dante A8R, D16 units, Luminex 16XTs, L-Acoustics Syva, L-Acoustics X15s and L-Acoustics X8s, ADX1 Shure beltpacks and Sennheiser 2050 in ear monitors.

oliver-luff-universal-pixelsUniversal Pixels invests in disguise servers
Friday, 14 February 2020

UK - Video company Universal Pixels has made a significant acquisition of disguise equipment, responding to increasing demand in theatre and an overarching determination to remain at the forefront of designers and production engineers’ needs.
Universal Pixels has added multiple disguise gx 2c media servers, as well as SDI VFC and HDMI VFC cards, to its rental stock as it continues its expansion in a range of markets. The company, which prides itself on a flexible and attentive approach to all of its projects, made the investment to meet the evolving creative demands of video designers.
UP’s Ollie Luff commented: “We’ve always got a close eye on how the industry is developing and the way in which video is being used. We’re seeing an ever-increasing demand from designers to integrate Notch seamlessly and quickly into their workflows and the gx 2c certainly has lots of capability in that regard. This coupled with the increase to eight 3G HD-SDI inputs and support for a 10-bit HDR workflow made it a future proof solution for us.”
Described as the ‘most powerful server on the market’, the gx 2c excels in GPU processing power, capture and storage, as well as 10-bit and HDR support.
disguise's Joe Crawley said: As the industry adopts 10-bit display products, 10-bit content pipelines and more dynamic shows, the gx 2c is perfectly placed to deliver the level of quality required as it supports 10-bit content playback and 10-bit displays. The server is also capable of pushing over 38,000 Notchmarks, giving it one of the strongest capabil

joburg-theatre-absenJoburg Theatre embraces LED with Absen
Thursday, 13 February 2020

South Africa - The Nelson Mandela Theatre at the Joburg Theatre Complex in Braamfontein remains one of the most prestigious and celebrated stages in South Africa. Home to the Joburg Ballet Company, the much-celebrated annual pantomime and one of the best-equipped opera stages in the country, the theatre complex is a flame of hope that continues to keep the performing arts alive and well in the city.
In keeping with international trends, the Joburg Theatre has recently invested in an Absen LED video wall, which will be installed on the Nelson Mandela Theatre ‘s opera stage.
Technical manager at the Joburg Theatre, Enos Ramoroko explains that, historically, the Joburg Theatre has relied on set pieces and scenery. “In the 1980s and 90s, we used a lot of large-scale painted scenery and set pieces to bring productions to life – which was possible thanks to the ample size of our stage and scene dock. However, it took a lot of time and manpower to set up for productions, and it cost a lot of money.”
As digital technology has developed over the past decade, Joburg Theatre has incorporated projection and media server technology to supplement scenery. “We have been fortunate to secure some very high-performance projectors through Gearhouse’s Set, Drapes, Screens (SDS), which have made a huge difference in terms of modernising our staging and cutting down on both the cost and time needed to design sets for productions,” says Enos.
While projection continues to serve the theatre well, Enos explains that there has been a serious increase in

team-calibreISE: Calibre display makes worldwide debut
Thursday, 13 February 2020

The Netherlands - Making its worldwide debut on the stand of Calibre business partner MediaScreen (15-R295) at ISE 2020 is the Calibre LEDFusion A160, a 163-inch AiO (All-in-One) LED display.
The LEDFusion A160 provides a complete, integrated solution that can be installed by two people in an hour or less – largely eliminating the time, effort and expense typically associated with deploying screens of such a size, says Calibre.
“There is a significant trend in the industry towards larger and larger displays as users compete for attention in an environment in which screens are everywhere,” said Willy Tsai, managing director, Calibre UK. “The problem with those large displays, of course, is the challenge of getting them to their location – and then getting them operational in the shortest amount of time. The LEDFusion A160 was designed to overcome those challenges – and, of course, it does so with the outstanding image quality for which Calibre is known. It’s exactly the product our customers asked us to create.”
The LEDFusion A160 is designed for the most demanding applications including proAV, rental/staging, broadcast, houses of worship, medical, corporate AV and education. Packed in a single flight case – which contains everything needed for installation, including simple tools – the 163-inch LEDFusion A160 can be simply manoeuvred into position and be operational in less than 60 minutes.
“At ISE, we’re showing our Mobile LED 165 - an innovative solution that further enhances the ease with which this remarkable scre

absenISE: Absen launches Venus LED Series
Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Netherlands - LED manufacturer Absen has announced the launch of a new super-lightweight touring solution for rental stagers.
The Venus (VN) Series is an LED display that has been specifically designed for concerts and festivals due to its ability to create super-sized screens at speed. The product features an integrated ‘module-on-frame’ design. By removing the sub-frame (cabinet frame), Venus allows creative teams to cut back on weight, save cost and build even bigger LED walls than before – up to 20m in height.
The VN Series has also been designed to save crews precious time. In an industry where there is increasing pressure put on rental stagers for set up times, Venus makes it far quicker to install thanks to its big cabinet size (1500 x 1000) and fast locking system. It is also easier to maintain and upgrade as the modules can be swiftly switched out without the need to take apart the frame structure.
The VN Series will be available in two standard sizes: 1,500mm (W) x 1,000mm (H) and 500mm x 1,000mm, in order to allow for fully customised options. It will be available in 3.9mm, 4.8mm and 8.3mm pixel pitch versions, boasting up to 5000 nits brightness and black face LED. The VN Series also allows for concave and convex curving options for highly creative video wall designs; with horizontal free-adjustable variances of -10 to +10 degrees, allowing fixed positioning at -10°, -5°, 0°, +5° and +10°.
Amy Tang, VP of product at Absen, comments: “The VN has been designed with the customer in mind at every step of the way. Not

ise-tnwISE and TNW announce strategic partnership
Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Netherlands - Integrated Systems Europe and global media brand TNW (The Next Web) have announced a multi-year strategic relationship aimed at bringing the best of tech and innovation to ISE 2021 and its new Barcelona home.
Formed in 2006 and now one of the world’s largest online media brands, TNW is primarily known for its news outlet and award-winning tech event TNW Conference. The company also incorporates a co-working label, a global startup database and delivers custom innovation programmes to corporates and governments. The annual TNW conference in Amsterdam attracts senior executives from the world’s leading business and technology brands.
As part of ISE’s 2021 edition at Gran Via, Fira de Barcelona, on 2-5 February, TNW will programme three new content tracks focused on technology and its impact on society. This will run in parallel to the Professional Development Programme produced by ISE, AVIXA, CEDIA, media partners and associations.
Pieter Paul van Oerle, strategy director at TNW, commented: “We're excited to be joining forces with the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration in shaping their next generation of conferences in their new hometown. Injecting the special TNW tech festival vibe into this world-leading event is a huge win for both of our organisations and audiences.”
For ISE 2021 TNW will produce three distinct tracks exploring scalability, business development, government legislation, and innovation. The TNW programme will be curated by TNW’s content editors, working c

gilles-quentelPixl Evolution appoints warehouse manager
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

UK - Hertfordshire-based live events video specialist Pixl Evolution has announced the appointment of Gilles Quentel to the post of warehouse manager. Gilles has enjoyed a successful career in the UK, following the move from his native France more than 25 years ago. With wide experience in the preparation of AV equipment for the touring, corporate and exhibition sectors, he is accustomed to management roles in busy, high-pressure environments.
“I’ve known Gilles a long time and had the pleasure of working with him for a number of years in a previous position,” says managing director Lee Spencer. “His technical AV knowledge is excellent, he has very strong IT skills and his commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service matches the Pixl ethos of going above and beyond. We’re delighted to have secured the services of an exceptional professional.”
Gilles Quentel adds, “I’ve come a long way since working for a small rental company in the south of France in the mid 1980s. My career to date has allowed me to develop a strong skill-set, meet some special people and a gain good understanding of the AV industry.”
(Jim Evans)

imaginationCT helps create The Land of Imagination
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Saudi Arabia - Last month, the grand finale of Leila, The Land Of Imagination took place at the Riyadh’s King Fahd Stadium.
The spectacular event, created by Marco Balich and his all-female creative team from BWS, captured the essence of Saudi Arabia through an adventurous 10-year old lead character, Leila, “symbolising the next generation of Saudis who will experience the realities of the changing kingdom, established by Vision 2030”.
CT was commissioned by Balich Worldwide Shows to provide site-wide projection for the large-scale unforgettable event.
Tom Stocks, CT’s senior engineer, explains: “We used 89 Panasonic RZ-31k and 21K projectors and Epson EB-L1755U laser projectors with ultra-short throw lenses to span across a 4,400sq.m projection surface which included four hills, a lake and a sandpit.”
The stage had multiple projected scenic reveals including a 12m high Inflatable Fortress, a Gauze house which revealed beneath the field of play, an inflatable hand and hot air balloon which moved position during the show. Stocks continues, “The biggest challenge was projecting onto the moving scenic elements as there was a risk they could be affected by varying wind speeds and direction. Our Disguise operators were always on standby to make real-time adjustments to projection line-up as the scenic elements revealed themselves during the show.”
CT provided BlackTrax real-time tracking technology which was integrated into the technical solution to track performers and scenic elements throughout the show.

parisModulo and Barco on the Champs-Elysées
Monday, 10 February 2020

France - For the sixth year in a row, the Champs-Elysées avenue shone brightly for New Year’s Eve celebrations. After winning the tender launched by the city of Paris, Cookies Production produced a spectacular sound and light show relying on 15 Barco’s video-projectors and four Modulo Player media servers by Modulo Pi.
On 31 December, more than 400.000 people gathered on the Champs-Elysées avenue to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The crowd of tourists and Parisians could enjoy a magnificent show projected on the Arc de Triomphe, which included music, video mapping, and pyrotechnics.
After answering the call for tenders initiated by the city of Paris, Cookies Production was awarded with the challenge of producing the new show to enter 2020. Christophe Gillier, CEO of Cookies Production, explains: “The city was looking for a fresh artistic proposal. While the budget for the project remained the same as the previous edition, I wanted us to achieve something even better. Better because we would deeply exchange and have the technical, artistic, and pyrotechnics teams collaborate.”
In order to produce the show, which is now highly expected and observed every year, Cookies Production worked with Magnum for the technical production, and the creative studios Holymage and Spectre Lab for the artistic direction and production.
In terms of technical set-up, 15 Barco UDX video-projectors were used for the show. “We reached about 470.000 lumens, and more than 300 lux per square meter. This was a first for the Arc de Triomphe,” comments Christ

audiologiclogojpegAudiologic takes DiGiCo to pro AV sector
Monday, 10 February 2020

UK - Audiologic has signed a new distribution agreement with console manufacturer DiGiCo, to promote and distribute its S-Series and 4REA4 digital mixers to the corporate pro AV market in the UK.
The addition of the highly engineered S-Series and 4REA4 digital mixing consoles from DiGiCo will both enhance and complement the already broad range of products available from Audiologic, offering versatility and reliability in equal measure.
“As the Audiologic business continues to grow, our long-term strategy is to enhance and transform our offering into providing a world-class solution at every level, accessible to every market. This exciting new distribution agreement continues this process,” comments Andy Lewis, managing director of Audiologic.
“DiGiCo is already at the forefront of digital mixing technology and has the same desire to reach out to wider markets, underpinned with an impeccable reputation for customer service. There is a superb working synergy between the two companies in every respect. We are thrilled to be working with DiGiCo and looking forward to introducing these superb consoles to our customers in integration.”
“With the increasing popularity of our 4REA4 solutions and S-Series consoles, plus the addition of the two new Dante enabled stage racks, we knew it was time to expand our dealer network in the UK for these products,” says DiGiCo’s general manager, Austin Freshwater. “We are delighted to welcome Audiologic to the DiGiCo family and we know their extensive experience in the installation market will help

dante-training-ise-2020-thumb1200pxISE: Audinate offers free Dante training
Friday, 7 February 2020

The Netherlands - Audinate is offering free Dante certification training to ISE 2020 attendees – no matter their familiarity with Dante - through coursework that focuses on valuable and practical insights for using Dante in real-world, AV-over-IP integrations. Beginners will build proficiency of basic Dante audio networking concepts, while intermediate Dante-users will learn specific Dante capabilities such as redundancy, clocking, latency and multicast. Advanced coursework focuses on best practices for simplifying management over the most complex network topographies.
“No matter your familiarity with Dante, we have some exciting tips, tricks, best practices, and key capabilities we can share to make the work you do more effective,” said Joshua Rush, senior vice president of marketing at Audinate. “We cover everything from introductory AV-over-IP concepts to specific approaches and software tools that enable advanced management techniques on today’s modern networks.”
Dante certification training takes place on 10 February at The RAI, Rooms G104 & G105, located at Europaplein 2-22, 1078 AZ, Amsterdam.
While free to all, the training does require ISE 2020 registration - as you will need an ISE badge to enter the venue - and also requires registration through the Audinate website.
Those that sign up for a session will also be invited to a discussion with Audinate CEO Aidan Will

vectorworks-spotlight-training-2020DWR hosts Vectorworks Spotlight training
Friday, 7 February 2020

South Africa - Vectorworks trainer Dylan Jones of DWR Distribution, will present Vectorworks Spotlight training from 2-6 March in Johannesburg.
The course will be split up into Basic (2 March) at R800 per person, Intermediate (3 - 4 March) at R1,400 per person and Advanced training (5 - 6 March) at R1,400 per person.
Subjects include layouts and palettes, basic tools, classes and layers, Spotlight tools, intermediate tools, worksheets and reports, 3D modelling, resource management and file import and export.
The training will be hosted at DWR Distribution, C1, Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark, Honeydew. Bookings online at

liteup-bjork-tour-mg7984Liteup supplies Björk’s Cornucopia tour
Friday, 7 February 2020

UK - Southampton-based lighting rental specialist Liteup supplied lighting, video server and control plus rigging equipment for all technical departments for the recent UK and European leg of Björk’s Cornucopia tour, for which the dramatic lighting was a co-design by Bruno Poet and Richard White.
Bruno is well known as a theatre and opera LD and for his creative lighting for bands like avant-rockers Sigur Ros, also from Iceland. Richard White has worked for Björk as a programmer and lighting director on the road for the last six years, and together the two enjoyed a fantastic synergy that has produced some stunning lighting.
The focus of the Cornucopia show - initially produced as a series of one-off shows at new arts venue The Shed in New York, mid-2019 - was nature and the environment, touching on some of its frontline issues.
The visual starting point for Bruno and Richard’s lighting design was the video content created by artist and designer Tobias Gremmler - with whom Björk has worked previously - together with Chiara Stephenson’s striking and intricate set designs.
Bruno and Richard both also really enjoyed working with show director, award-winning Argentinian filmmaker Lucretia Martel whose influence brought a cinematic perspective and its own distinctive spirit and rhythm to the show.
Liteup’s account manager was Marc Callaghan, supported by project manager Dan Bunn.
Callaghan states: “We were extremely proud to be part of a ground-breaking production like this. The show looked fantastic and abso

slx-new-warehouse-001SLX relocates to new warehouse premises
Friday, 7 February 2020

UK - Bristol-based specialist hire and events business SLX has completed the move to a new warehouse as a result of planned growth and continued investment.
The business, which has heritage dating back more than 40 years and serves the live events, hire and broadcast markets throughout the UK and Europe, remains in a Bristol location, moving from its warehouse on Third Way, Avonmouth, to another nearby Avonmouth location.
SLX CEO Alastair Currie comments: “After only four years since our previous warehouse upgrade, we are moving again to allow for further expansion. We’re doing so as we believe this is essential for the ambitions we have for the business. It will see improved preparation spaces, improved flow of equipment into and out of the warehouse, and markedly better facilities for both our team and those who come to prep shows and events at the warehouse.
“Additionally, the potential for some exciting additions to our offering is made possible by this move, such as a state-of-the-art visualisation suite and a theatre space for clients to use, as well as for manufacturers to deliver training and outreach activities in. As we look to our future in this building, we are also looking to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Watch this space.”
The new warehouse, which will also house the head offices, comprises over 54,000sq.ft of warehouse and office space, and will be at 115 Burcott Road, Avonmouth, Bristol.
(Jim Evans)

udoise-cancelCoronavirus threat prompts ISE cancellations
Friday, 7 February 2020

Europe - LG Electronics and German Light Products (GLP) are among the companies to announce their withdrawal from next week’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event in Amsterdam in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Seoul-based LG Electronics, one of the show’s top 250 exhibitors, was the first to announce that it will not be attending the exhibition.
“LG regrets having to make this difficult decision but the safety of its employees and customers continues to be its number one priority,” said a company statement. “With the World Health Organization (WHO) recommending that individuals ‘promote social distancing’, LG management believed that the most responsible decision is to avoid participating in large public events until the situation stabilizes.”
GLP’s CEO and founder Udo Künzler stated: “As I’m sure you know, business meetings and exhibitions are some of the highlights of our year at GLP, and we were looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Amsterdam at ISE!
“However, as we do not want to bear the current risk to the health of our customers and employees due to the Coronavirus, we have decided after careful consideration to cancel our participation in ISE altogether.
“This decision was not easy for us, but considering the known consequences of a possible Coronavirus infection, we came to the clear conclusion that we do not want to impose this on anyone in our personal or business environment. We know what really counts in life and today we decide in favour of the health of our visitors, em

audinateDante AV Product Design Suite due soon
Thursday, 6 February 2020

USA - Audinate has announced that the Dante AV Product Design Suite (Dante AV PDS) will be shipping in Q1 2020 to manufacturers who have ordered it to develop AV-over-IP products that employ Dante AV technology.
The Dante AV Product Design Suite is a complete turnkey recipe allowing OEMs to build a high-quality AV over IP endpoint for visually lossless results with low latency over a 1Gbps network. It provides complete interoperability for audio distribution and control with the more than 2,500 existing Dante products from more than 450 different manufacturers, delivering independent, fully synchronized audio and video streams. Based around the Dante AV module, the Dante AV PDS may be modified, branded and differentiated by OEMs via software, control, and integration with other members of their product lines.
The Dante AV PDS is designed to be a feature-complete AV-over-IP solution for the Professional AV market, implementing a codec, local HDMI and HDCP, ancillary data channels, and control. The on-board Dante AV Module provides Dante clock synchronization, control, discovery, transport, messaging, management, updates and more. A comprehensive set of hardware documents, design files, and a complete software SDK allows OEMs to create complete, fully interoperable Dante AV products quickly and reliably with end-to-end HDCP support.
The Dante AV PDS includes a complete implementation of the intoPIX JPEG2000 codec supporting UHD and Cinematic 4K resolution, up to 60fps, up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, up to 10-bit colour depth, up and down scaling, and

bromptonct1Creative Technology celebrates with Brompton
Thursday, 6 February 2020

Sweden - Following another prosperous year of business, Creative Technology Sweden, one of the largest AV technology companies in Europe, celebrated its success together with 150 invited guests at its Christmas Expo. Held at the company’s HQ in Kungälv, the annual event spread over two days and saw the company showcasing the latest in technical innovations, including Brompton Technology’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.
One of the event’s head-turning moments was a three-year-old ROE Black Onyx 2.8mm LED screen that had been re-calibrated with Brompton’s new Hydra advanced measurement system, which is custom-designed for LED panels fitted with a Tessera R2 receiver card. The panels were measured with Hydra to benefit from Dynamic Calibration, the enabling technology for Brompton HDR.
Offering a new approach to delivering better image quality without requiring finer and finer pixel pitches, Dynamic Calibration unlocked the full potential of the ROE LED display, so that the HDR content could be shown with brighter whites, higher contrast ratios, more saturated colours, and true-to-life colour accuracy for beautiful, realistic looking video footage.
“The ROE screen re-calibrated with Hydra and running HDR content looked fabulous,” says Brompton’s business development manager (Europe), Dries Vermeulen. “No one actually thought that it was a three-year old 2.8mm LED display, so it was a perfect example of how Dynamic Calibration technology can give a fresh lease of life not just to new LED panels, but also to well-used LED displa

depthq-vr-copyright-lightspeed-design-incISE: Vioso to announce new business structure
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - German projection specialist Vioso will return to ISE with a range of technological and business advancements for ISE attendees. Demonstrations will include a 360° projection dome in partnership with ISE, as well as a high-end Panadome installation for the visitor attractions market.
The company will also take this opportunity to announce its new business structure with two separate departments, Vioso AV and Vioso Simulation.
The double walled, inflatable, 75m² Airdome VR - supplied and manufactured by - will boast 360° x 180° spherical projection surface. Measuring 10m in diameter and 5m in height, the soundproof structure will be located outside the RAI’s Hall 8 entrance. In the dome, Vioso will demonstrate their latest calibration and warping/blending software solutions. Powered by five Barco 4K projectors, the dome will offer a total resolution beyond 6K.
Showcased within ISE’s Innovation Zone Vioso’s Panadome will play an integral part in DepthQ VR, LightSpeed Design’s interactive VR theme park ride, where attendees will be taken on an aquatic ride without the need for a VR headset.
The VR mapped content will be projected onto a curved 1.8 x 2.75m Vioso Panadome screen using three E-Vision Laser projectors, courtesy of Digital Projection. With content synced in real time, the rider will be able to touch virtual objects, thanks to mid-air gesture technology, while spectators will be able to also enjoy the experience from their own perspective.
Emanuel Züger, head of Vioso AV, comments:

dawid-pal14Somló takes new role at Optocore/BroaMan
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Germany - Munich-based fibre network specialists Optocore and BroaMan have announced the promotion of Dawid Somló to sales distribution manager for both brands.
Somló has been with the company for five years and during that period has managed relationships with existing distributors as well as significantly expanding the distribution network worldwide.
Stepping up to management level, and tasked with overall international sales and network responsibility, he states: “I am delighted to take up this new position and relish the challenge ahead, as nowadays technology allows us to make incredibly smart solutions with high bandwidths using all kinds of signal for different applications. I am honoured to be a part of this technological change on the board of such important companies as Optocore and BroaMan who can make this possible by utilising the optical fiber environment. More and more customers are starting to realise that thanks to our partners all over the world.”
Tine Helmle from the board of directors adds: “Dawid's promotion to this new position was a logical decision. He is a great person to work with and has grown our distribution network considerably in recent years. I am very happy to have him on our team.”
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