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audientAudio Academy aims high with Audient
Tuesday, 13 July 2021

India - Boutique audio enterprise, Audio Academy in Bangalore added the compact Audient ASP4816 mixing desk to its setup last year. The facility offers professional audio education programmes as well as providing commercial recording, music production, sound design and Foley services, and the compact mixing desk has settled in very well.
“We were looking for a console that would serve as both a teaching tool as well as a highly functioning mixer for professional studio bookings,” explains studio manager Gautham Pattani. Part of a hybrid setup in the studio, the analogue desk’s array of connectivity options means it can work easily with the outboard gear and send audio straight to their Pro Tools DAW.
“Our multi-monitor setup helps reveal every detail in the recording and mixing process. Dedicated hardware controllers, industry standard converters, high quality mic pres and a selection of microphones help us meet the demands of any project,” he says, referring to the independent musicians, producers and sound artists he works with, as well as his students.
“The console serves as our main monitor controller for all aspects of production. A summing desk while mixing and a preamplification stage while multi-track recording.” Aside from the fully-featured monitor control offered by the British desk, Gautham also enjoys the parametric EQs, bus compressor and its flexible routing capabilities.
The recording studio and adjacent spacious live room allow music production students to work on their commercial assignments. Each student is re

tsl-productsTSL helps streamline on-air productions
Monday, 12 July 2021

USA - With fewer hands-on-deck in the newsroom, manufacturers have also had to pivot their R&D approach to support newscasters’ evolving needs for remote control. Broadcasters are seeking solutions that are quick and easy to implement, to simplify and expedite remote command and control over production capabilities and create seamless workflows.
In response to its customers changing requirements, TSL Products’ Flex Control Network continues to be adopted by broadcasters and station groups across the U.S. to streamline operation in the modern-day newsroom.
At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, senior technology management at one of North America’s leading television station groups identified a pressing requirement to replace “weak link” news playout systems across multiple stations with more streamlined control room workflows. The station’s MOS Rundown Playout System’s control engine is based around TSL’s Flex Control Network, enabling it to connect and control a near-universal catalogue of video servers, production switchers graphics systems, signal routers and more.
“Ultimately, the station’s feedback helped us make MOS Rundown a much better system; one more focused on complexities of the newscast and the hands-on operator’s workflow,” says Randy Rodriguez, product manager at TSL Products. “The station gained a more polished on-air ‘look,’ with fewer on-air errors and a less stressful atmosphere in the control room.”
The Flex Network is deployed across a complete station group hub, allowing the ability

backdropproductionsDept and disguise launch metaverse guide
Monday, 12 July 2021

UK - Digital agency Dept has partnered with Extended Reality (xR) pioneers disguise and games developer Epic Games to launch an xR experience helping brands better understand how the metaverse can transform the way people play, shop, interact and consume media.
Hosted by Isabel Perry, director of technology at marketing technology agency Byte (part of Dept), and held on disguise's xR stage in London, the real-time xR experience took exclusive attendees on a journey through the metaverse to show marketers how xR can create ‘truly spectacular live brand experiences and ultra-efficient production capabilities’. Dept co-hosted the event with disguise.
Perry took viewers on a journey, opening the experience in a seemingly simple Zoom call which soon transformed into a fantastical xR world featuring stunning interstellar spaces, waterfalls, gravity-defying cars, a fashion show where Perry chose her virtual outfit in real-time and a scene that showed her taking selfies in different locations before seamlessly uploading the images to social media. Throughout the experience, Perry interacted with virtual elements, showcasing newly enhanced ‘occlusion’ capabilities in Augmented Reality (AR) by creating the illusion she was walking around the items, even though they didn’t physically exist.
The experience ended with a panel discussion between Isabel Perry herself; Paul Doyle – director, Product Marketing & Business Strategy at Epic Games’ Unreal Engine; Tom Rockhill – chief commercial officer at disguise; plus Louis de Castro, CEO, and Q

tfgSAW supplies Pixel Plus for Cape Town store
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

South Africa - The Foschini Group (TFG) is a South African JSE-listed retail clothing group headquartered in Cape Town. Recently, TFG announced that they were opening a new store in Canal Walk shopping centre, Cape Town, which required a visual overhaul. Stage Audio Works provided two large Pixel Plus LED digital signage screens outside each entrance of the store, supplied and installed by digital communications specialists, AVT.
Working with the integrator, SAW specified two Pixel Plus Xcell-I Lite screens, each measuring 3.2m wide and 1.95m high, to match the location, visibility and the budget of the client. The purpose of these screens is to clearly communicate the brand’s clothing line and image, consequently driving traffic into the store. SAW also designed and manufactured custom wall-mount brackets brackets.
The screens were specified with a pixel pitch of P4, which refers to the density of the pixels (in this case 4mm apart) and influences the optimal viewing distance for a display.
To complete the Foschini setup, AVT supplied two Novastar TB6 LED processor and multimedia players for signal processing and smooth control of high definition content playback.
AVT account manager Jerome Bullock comments, “The project went off without a hitch. This was our first project with Stage Audio Works, and I’m pleased to say that it was a great experience. Everyone played their part perfectly, and even exceeded expectations to complete this time-sensitive project without delay. From the screen selection process to the handover, their sales m

green-hippoHippotizer punches powerful visuals for Triller
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

USA - Lighting and video designer Tony Caporale was at the visual helm for the new Triller boxing and music event in Atlanta, harnessing the punch and power of Hippotizer Boreal+ Media Servers to drive a host of LED screens at the city’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
Music heavyweights including Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Diplo joined boxing big-timers Jake Paul and Ben Askren for the event, which took the US by storm.
A pay-per-view audience of more than 1.5m watched as the fights were interjected by pop performances, with each requiring a feast of visual delights to match the action. The boxing ring area had two portrait LED video screens for fighter entrances, a single LED video wall above the announcer booth, with another LED screen used as a fascia for Diplo’s DJ booth. The performance stage had five screens.
“This was a lot of video, right?” says Caporale, who was brought in by project lighting designer Tom Kenny and PRG account rep Anthony ‘Looch’ Ciampa. “But that’s not all - we also rigged a load of Revolution Blade LED strips and VDO Sceptrons throughout the set scaffolding, driving the content across the whole stadium. We pushed the visuals to the limit, and I’m happy to say the two Boreal+ servers handled it all, considering how hard we were pushing them.”
Caporale discussed the hefty visual requirements in pre-production with Luke Lewis and Anthony Wilson from PRG and landed on the Boreal+ Servers.
“I knew we had to have Hippotizer’s + models out there to handle the weight of this show,” explains Capora

3t-1VDC backs Tour Tech Training initiative
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

UK - In the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a live music training initiative was launched, designed to provide a broad set of technical skills to black women who wanted to break into the industry.
The 3T (Tour Tech Training) course was founded by singer-songwriters Nao and Mura Masa who wanted to provide visibility and confidence for black women.
The initiative had three key principles: It had to be free to participants (it was funded by Native Management, Sony Music UK and supported by donations from several other private individuals and companies within the industry); It was to take place over 12 weekends (24 days in total) and It had to cover the fundamentals of touring to be useful to attendees (such as loading/ unloading trucks, cable making, changing strings on guitars, building LED walls, tuning RF kit, audio patching, reskinning drums, looming etc.)
The programme attracted almost 600 entries in three days and 10 individuals subsequently were chosen to participate in the sessions. Successful applicants were selected on their personality and transferable skills.
A number of organisations in the industry were approached to help support the initiative in terms of time or donations of equipment. VDC was one of these. It provided free audio, video and data cables to enable the course attendees to learn how to solder and make cables, a vital skill on the UK touring scene.
AJ Sutherland, course director and freelance production manager, said: “We are very proud of the difference that this initiative will make to under-r

holophonicHoloplot 3D audio in immersive Illuminarium
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

USA - Illuminarium Experiences, an experiential entertainment company creating immersive venues, has opened its first Illuminarium in Atlanta. The venue takes visitors on African Safari via a multi-sensory journey brought to life with the help of modern technology.
llluminarium has entered a long-term strategic partnership with Holoplot which will equip the Illuminarium venue in Atlanta as well as future venues with their sound systems.
Holoplot is a Berlin-based hardware and software manufacturer of professional 3D audio technology. The company’s technology ‘allows to control sound similar to light, meaning to steer audio with highest precision to the desired target area only, all while creating a homogeneous soundfield with consistent level and quality over distance’.
The company recently launched its X1 product line, including the X1 Modul 96, a full-range two-way matrix loudspeaker, and the X1 Modul 80-S, a full-range three-way matrix loudspeaker. X1 offers ‘the ultimate level of directivity control’ to demanding applications such as performing arts venues, arenas, stadiums, immersive spaces, and theme parks.
The two-room Illuminarium Atlanta venue is configured with a 360° immersive Holoplot X1 system, consisting of 52 Modul 96 and 7 Modul 80-S. The installation complements the visual projections and, together with the in-floor haptics, engages the audience in different ways by placing them ‘inside’ the narrative.
“I have been very fortunate to work with Holoplot for the past several years,” says sound designer

aidaoacreditprudenceupton856Brompton drives Opera Australia’s Aida
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Australia - Opera Australia (OA) presents more than 600 performances around the country every year, with more than half a million people seeing their work on stage and even more tuning into OA’s radio broadcasts and cinema releases. OA’s integrated digital technologies were used to transport Davide Livermore’s interpretation of Verdi’s Aida to a whole new level thanks to giant LED screens driven by Brompton processing and deployed by Big Picture at the State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne.
A ‘feast for the senses’, 175sq.m of UniView Tekken LED screens were arranged in 10 towering LED columns seven metres tall, creating an immersive theatrical experience, with video designs ranging from symbolic pictures to picturesque landscapes of Verdi’s world of Egypt brought to life by 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors that conveyed the scale, depth and grandeur of this monumental opera.
A fully redundant Disguise system comprising four GX2c servers managed eight 4K content layers as well as dealing with incoming data streams from OA’s custom Raynok automation system, which was used for individual screen rotation and tracking on and off stage.
“We originally chose the UniView Tekken 3.9 because it fitted a very particular brief that we had been given from Opera Australia during the design process for the Opera Digital Stage,” says Nick Bojdak, technical director, Big Picture. “To work with the automation system, it needed to be relatively light per square metre. It also needed to be high enough resolution for still images to resolve li

mediatec-and-ct-headerMediatec Asia Pacific rebrands as part of CT
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Australia - NEP Group, technical production partner for content producers of live sports and entertainment, has announced that Mediatec Asia Pacific has rebranded to become part of Creative Technology (CT), a sister company also under NEP.
The Mediatec and CT teams have worked together for many years across countries and markets, collaborating on projects for large corporate clients, international sporting events, Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and more.
A change in name and branding only, the move is in line with similar strategic rebranding initiatives, including that of Mediatec Europe’s business in early 2020 to support NEP’s goal of using the global brand that best represents what the company provides to its clients. The combined brand also now enables NEP and CT to support its corporate and sport client segments in Australia and New Zealand as a true 360° supplier in the region and worldwide.
As a 360° live events supplier CT’s and Mediatec’s clients will share the same experience in dealing with one brand across the globe for all their projects.
The CT Australia and New Zealand business unit will service projects and events across the region, with the customer support, studios and other production facilities clients have come to rely on for their events. The operation has office locations, warehouse facilities and local staff in Auckland, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Wellington.
CT Australia and New Zealand president Owen Davison comments: “Although our Mediatec brand is no longer in the market, I’m excited to brin

apex-3d-1Apex Technologies debuts as US distributor
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

USA - Several respected industry figures have joined forces to form Apex Technologies, a new company that will “distribute exclusive worldwide entertainment technology solutions” to the North American market.
The founders Bill Morris, Anders Karlsson, Tarmo Krimm and Ola Melzig have run some of the biggest companies and productions in the industry. Their mission is to seamlessly deliver lighting, AV, staging and power supply products that are not currently represented in the US market. Most product lines Apex will represent are well-established on stages and venues in other parts of the world, says the company.
CEO Bill Morris explains: “Apex Technologies is the brainchild of a few of us that saw an open niche in the marketplace to bring exciting products to the North American market. All four of us have either lived in or travelled the world extensively and can clearly see the creative differences in the way live productions are done outside of the USA. There are some great products that just need to be available to the American market. So, we decided to form a U.S. distributor of exclusive products to help facilitate a more global live entertainment industry.”

birminghamAudiologic delivers hybrid teaching facility
Friday, 2 July 2021

UK - Audiologic, in partnership with GVAV, has delivered a hybrid teaching space at the University of Birmingham, providing a seamless learning experience for students, whether they are in person or remote learning off campus.
The University of Birmingham has recently developed a new purpose-built Teaching and Learning Building. Developed as an education hub, the facility provides spaces for teaching that adhere to the University’s modern learning experience standards.
The Teaching and Learning Building includes a 500-seat lecture theatre, a 250-seat interactive lecture theatre, ten seminar rooms, as well as individual study sections, collaborative group workspaces, and areas that accommodate creative break-out sessions.
The entire teaching facility has been fitted out with hybrid teaching in mind. Now, more than ever, it is essential that lecture theatres are fitted with the latest AV technology to ensure that remote learning is as close to the in-room experience as possible.
Matt Turner, head of HEFE Digital, University of Birmingham, says: “The university has been looking at the use of hybrid teaching in order to support students who find themselves unable to come to campus, mainly overseas students because of the current restrictions. In the first instance, this has been a small-scale pilot, with academic colleagues who have been running sessions with students in the room and overseas on Zoom.
“The purpose is so that students can be taught together, but also so that our academic colleagues don’t have to teach the session mo

cornwallJHAV helps put Cornwall on the world stage
Friday, 2 July 2021

UK - A Cornish event production company has completed its busiest ever period, working simultaneously on seven separate events over the G7 Summit week.
Liskeard-based JHAV was appointed to help deliver multiple events associated with the G7 Summit for clients including Spaceport Cornwall, Virgin Orbit, the University of Exeter, and surfing brand Finisterre.
The team also created a press conference suite to be used by US president Joe Biden in the Spaceport Cornwall hangar at Cornwall Airport Newquay.
JHAV managing director Jamie Hedges explains: “We’ve been involved in all kinds of events since starting JHAV, but working on all of these projects revolving around something as high profile as the G7 Summit has to be one of our biggest accomplishments to date.
“The top-secret nature has meant we have been under embargo since the event, and I am so proud to now be able to talk about the amazing work of our team. A personal highlight for me was standing 10ft away from the US President while he addressed the world’s press to close his visit, which we had put together with less than 24 hours’ notice.
“As a production company in Cornwall, it's been brilliant to be given the opportunity to demonstrate that we can deliver high-quality events to rival anything produced by multi-national event production companies. We’ve shown that Cornwall can operate on the world stage, in both a literal and metaphorical sense.”
The team was tasked with turning an empty hangar at Cornwall Airport Newquay into a showcase for Spaceport Cornwall

christieChristie extends Captiva projector series
Thursday, 1 July 2021

USA - Christie has launched the Captiva DWU500S 1DLP ultra short throw laser projector, designed for classrooms, conference rooms, museums, retail stores and other small-midsize applications.
The DWU500S is the third generation of the Captiva Series, and it delivers ‘a host of improvements over its predecessors’, including a larger maximum screen size, a significant brightness increase and upgraded WUXGA resolution for sharper all-round performance. The new Captiva is available at the same cost as previous models and provides 20,000 hours of reliable operation with laser illumination.
“We’re pleased that we’ve been able to provide significant enhancements to our popular Captiva Series while ensuring value to our customers; delivering more brightness and better performance at no extra cost,” says Chris Kee, executive director, enterprise product management, Christie. “Its ultra-short throw lens makes it suitable for a variety of environments, maximizing space without sacrificing visual impact. We expect these latest enhancements to be a welcome upgrade for partners seeking a projector to deliver on price and performance.”
The Captiva DWU500S provides 4,500 ANSI lumens and can display 1920x1200 resolution images up to 12.5' (3.8m) diagonal in landscape or portrait orientations – a 50% increase in maximum size on the previous Captiva model. Its four-corner geometry adjustment allows users to present precise images every time, with its 0:25:1 ultra- short throw lens making it suited to installations where space is limited.
The i

illuminarium-disguisedisguise powers Illuminarium Experiences
Thursday, 1 July 2021

USA - disguise has been selected among the technology partners for Illuminarium Experiences, an immersive entertainment initiative transporting you to the wildest corners of the world, from one location. The first venue opening on 1 July 2021 in Atlanta will take visitors on African Safari via a multi-sensory journey brought to life with the help of technology, including the latest disguise hardware.
Illuminarium’s immersive venues will transport millions to places they can only dream of by placing them “inside” another world with techniques used in traditional motion picture production and virtual reality. Visitors can experience real-world, filmed content (like a safari) and authentic, re-created worlds in an immersive environment.
Illuminarium has chosen disguise to provide media playback systems and video server technology - pushing 4K content on one of the largest LED canvases in the world.
Twenty disguise vx 4 media servers and 12 rx rendering nodes will power real-time generated cinematic scenes at a 240-degree native field of view (versus the average 210-degree human field of view), surrounding visitors in a sensory space of sight, sound and scale unlike any other.
Created by CEO and entrepreneur Alan Greenberg, Radical Media and Rockwell Group, and operated by Legends, Illuminarium’s debuting venue in Atlanta welcomes visitors to WILD: A Safari Experience, showcasing the beauty and splendor of Africa’s most exotic animals in their natural habitats.
The Atlanta venue will form part of a series of venues, or, rather, Ill

csm-lions-2SmartStage makes the cut for Lions tour squad
Thursday, 1 July 2021

UK - The British and Irish Lions rugby squad taking on reigning World Champions South Africa in an upcoming summer tour was recently announced via live stream, across multiple global broadcast networks. Global integrated marketing agency, CSM Sport & Entertainment produced and directed the full show and appointed technical solutions specialist White Light (WL) to deliver the broadcast services, via their SmartStage XR studio in London.
Working in close collaboration with FRAY Studio, a custom set was created using the Lions’ digital assets and imported into the Unreal Pre-Visualisation tool. This enabled the creative team to see exactly which shots could be achieved and make changes as needed to sponsor logos and other content, in advance of the live show.
WL’s strategic partner SFL captured outside broadcast footage from Cardiff, which included the full-body teleportation of the Lions team captain - Alyn Wyn Jones, into the SmartStage environment for interviews.
Fraser Carr-Gomm, WL’s gallery manager comments: “On the day, we managed the studio floor ensuring that everything ran to schedule, as well as managing the streams to multiple broadcasters, social media platforms and live transmission recordings. An onsite editor was creating segments to be sent out to press and broadcasters and pushed live immediately after the announcements were being made.
“Virtual press conferences with the captain and coaching staff were conducted over Zoom and everything was seamlessly integrated into the SmartStage® studio, where presenter Lee Mc

benlund-picture-websiteTIG appoints Crestron sale manager for Denmark
Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Denmark - Technological Innovations Group (TIG) has appointed Ben Lund as its new regional sales manager for Crestron in Denmark.
Representing Crestron's portfolio of commercial solutions, Lund's responsibilities will include assisting integrators, specifiers and end-users in deploying fully integrated, futureproof smart spaces with Crestron technology.
Stein Ramsli, TIG's regional sales director for Crestron in the Nordics, comments: "We're very excited to welcome Ben to the team. From his 30 years of experience supporting integrators and specifiers in the AV industry, Ben brings invaluable sales leadership skills, an advanced technical knowledge and superb project management skills. This ties in perfectly with our strategy of remaining the No.1 end-to-end AV and IT solution portfolio provider, preferred by the majority of verticals in the territory."
Lund adds: "Having worked with AV control systems for a number of years, it's hard not to come across Crestron. Many of my previous dealers were also working with Crestron and it literally was the benchmark for all the major AV installations. I have always admired the innovative design of the solutions, which clearly shows the creativity and intuition of the developers behind the brand. This drives my passion and I really am looking forward to representing Crestron in Denmark through Technological Innovations Group."

pixotopePixotope announces senior hires and promotions
Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Norway - Pixotope has announced two senior promotions and a new hire within its leadership team. The appointments follow the continued expansion of the company’s global staff.
Ian Puszet joins Pixotope as its chief customer success officer after a decade working at Avid, where as vice president he led the global customer care team. Ian will drive customer success initiatives, align departments with a customer-centric culture and continue to construct relationships between Pixotope and its current and potential customers.
Already a key player at Pixotope, Karoline Storbråten has been promoted to regional sales manager for Southern Europe. Karoline’s new role will oversee the daily and long-term sales operations across key European hubs such as France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.
Another Pixotope veteran, Joachim Ringstad celebrates his fifth year in the company joining Karoline as Pixotope’s regional sales manager for the Nordics and Benelux. He spearheads the expansion of its customer base and the achievement of sales targets for territories including Sweden, Denmark and the company’s home, Norway.
Marcus B. Brodersen, CEO of The Future Group, comments on the recent growth, “Virtual production solutions have certainly seen a huge increase in popularity, particularly due to the onset of the pandemic, and growing demand will continue to disrupt traditional content creation and delivery. Our latest additions and promotions within the team enhance Pixotope’s sales capabilities and customer delivery in the highly competitive virtual pr

virtual-ideasABTT announces Virtual Ideas Platform
Wednesday, 30 June 2021

UK - The ABTT has announced the Virtual Ideas Platform. Set up in collaboration with Guildhall School of Music & Drama, the platform will serve as an informal introduction service between independent creative innovators and commercial developers behind the sectors’ leading brands, products and services.
The platform is open “to anyone and everyone with an idea” and aims to recognise and help realise new ways of making theatre work.
The ABTT says: “We know when backstage people are faced with a technical challenge, they get inventive and creative, cook up ideas and find solutions. The Platform is here to recognise, salute and honour those innovators in our midst.
“By its very nature, theatre is a dynamic working environment in which to invent and develop new and better ways of doing things - in special effects, costume and wardrobe, wigs, make-up and hair, scenery, stage, sound, lighting, automation, audio-visual and any other discipline which makes live performance happen.”
Submissions to the Virtual Ideas Platform can be made via this application form by 20 August. To better demonstrate their idea, applicants can upload supporting information such as pencil drawings, recorded verbal descriptions, 3D drawings, and video.
All submissions will be assessed by a panel of experts and successful applications will be uploaded to a secure access area of the platform. Members of the Industry Supporters Group, a group of service providers and commercial compa

plasa-awardsPLASA Awards for Innovation open for entries
Monday, 28 June 2021

UK - The widely respected PLASA Awards for Innovation return to the PLASA Show for 2021, in association with LSi magazine. All PLASA Show 2021 exhibitors are invited to enter their new products by Friday 6 August to be in with a chance of winning one of the coveted awards.
The awards celebrate products from across live entertainment technology which demonstrate a new style of thinking, improve technical practice or safety, introduce new materials or techniques, or offer a new commercial advantage.
Each entered product will be judged by an independent panel of industry experts who have the authority to present up to eight awards of equal standing, plus a potential Gold Award for an outstanding new product.
Furthermore, an Award for Sustainability is reserved for a product that can demonstrate a significant reduction of power, utilises renewable energy, or has a positive impact on the environment.
The awards will be presented during an intimate industry ceremony on the Monday evening of PLASA Show 2021 which is running from 5-7 September at Olympia London.
Products launched since the PLASA Show 2019 are eligible to enter. For full entry criteria and further information on the PLASA Awards for Innovation 2021, please visit:

belsoVisualization appoints Belso commercial director
Friday, 25 June 2021

UK - Technical solutions distributor Visualization has announced the appointment of James Belso to spearhead its end user and consultant activity. Belso will be charged in developing Visualization’s business and grow its partner network.
Having worked for Christie Digital Systems for over a decade, Belso has recently been focusing on the consultant community and key end users. With both a deep technical expertise and strong commercial focus, Belso was instrumental in some major wins including the London Stock Exchange digital transformation.
Prior to Christie, Belso has worked with Panasonic and Cabletime (now MediaStar Systems) in sales focused roles.
Visualization managing director, Nick Pidgeon, comments, “James’ pedigree and experience precedes him. His relationships and industry experience will further help Visualization expand its offering to our channel partners. James’ role is non manufactured funded so our customers can truly expect the best of breed in solutions. He will be purely focused on developing business for our channel to benefit from. Working closely with our business development director Chris Brittan who manages our Partner network, James and Chris will offer a special combination within the market.”
Visualization also recently appointed James Hull as technical sales support engineer. Hull, who is also coming from Christie, brings over 15 years of experience on video processing, as well as LED displays and projection. He comments, “It is an exciting time to be joining the vibrant and forward-thinking team at Vi

aux-media-group5Brompton powers Singapore immersive studio
Friday, 25 June 2021

Singapore - At the end of last year, The Lion City became home to the country’s largest extended reality (XR) stage, created by Singapore-based creative content development agency in events and media production, AUX Media Group. AUX Immersive Studio features an XR facility, with Brompton Technology helping merge physical and virtual events with its Tessera processing and Brompton HDR.
Powered by AUX Media Group’s partnership with UK-based creative technology company disguise, and Japanese audio-visual leaders Yamaha and Panasonic, AUX Immersive Studio is a collaboration between leading brands and technologies with a common goal, “to create experiences that allow our creatives to tell their stories in a way never done before,” explains Choong Chyi Kei, CEO at AUX Media Group.
“In 2020, amidst the worldwide pandemic, many industry players pivoted to virtual and hybrid events, with many using green screen technology that requires extensive post-production and guesswork. We decided to take the opportunity to forge ahead on the new path of virtual productions using extended reality technology from start to finish. And so, AUX Immersive Studio was born, Singapore’s first extended reality studio,” continues Choong.
Since its inception, the team has been able to retrain and rethink their entire workflow. “Marrying this with our experience in event production, we are proud to be able to spearhead this development by introducing extended reality technology to virtual and hybrid productions and learning from the rest of our global partners,”

danteBolin and Patton add Audinate Dante AV
Thursday, 24 June 2021

USA - Audinate’s Dante AV is now available as part of new solutions from Bolin Technology and Patton Electronics. These new products are the first commercially-available offerings in the Dante AV video-over-IP networking platform, ushering in a new era of video connectivity over standard 1Gbps networks. The new offerings are available and can be ordered immediately from the Bolin and Patton websites.
“Today’s announcements from Bolin Technology and Patton Electronics bring the reality of easily managed AV-over-IP to life,” comments Aidan Williams, CEO of Audinate. “Complete networked AV systems can now be deployed over 1 Gbps networks with the no-nonsense compatibility, automatic discovery, and one-click signal routing that have made Dante audio the most popular AV networking solution in the world.”
Bolin Technology is now shipping its new D-series PTZ cameras featuring Dante AV. The D-series is available in both HD and 4K resolutions, and are designed for use in live production, houses of worship, corporate conferencing, higher education, and broadcast.
“With Dante AV, Bolin is combining 4K60 video, impressively smooth pan, tilt, zoom movement, and extremely low latency with the easy interoperability that Dante is famous for,” adds Jennifer Lee, director of sales and marketing at Bolin Technology. “With Dante AV we know our solutions will integrate seamlessly with existing products and deliver professional audio and video over standard 1Gbps networks. This gives us the confidence to continue offering the very best visual solutions

imagiMAG delivers solutions for virtual productions
Thursday, 24 June 2021

UK - iMAG Displays has become a leading player in virtual production, with its services being used on major projects for Treehouse Digital, Amazon, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Netflix, and Sky Cinema.
Key to iMAG’s success in the HDR virtual environment is its delivery of indoor HDR LED virtual production volumes. This has involved key investments in market leading equipment that works seamlessly within the chain, including ROE Visual LED screens, Brompton Technology Tessera SX40 processors and disguise media servers.
“It’s vital for our VP that the entire process is considered before pre-production,” says Chris Musselwhite, producer and head of production at Treehouse Digital, which works with some of the world’s largest content streaming companies. “Working with iMAG means that we are able to provide a complete service to our clients, whilst supporting them the entire way through the process. That put us ahead of the curve at a very early stage.”
Rob Fowler, director of business development at Brompton, notes that iMAG is a long-standing partner of Brompton in the UK and were one of the first domestic companies to invest in the manufacturer’s processing. It has stayed at the forefront of Brompton’s developments ever since, investing in its M2 processors before going on to equip with the gold standard SX40 processors.
“We were of course very pleased when they made the big call to invest in our Hydra, advanced measurement system,” says Fowler. “Dynamic Calibration for HDR has further refreshed their extensive inventory

christieChristie HS projectors light mountainside complex
Thursday, 24 June 2021

China - Christie HS Series 1DLP laser projectors are illuminating the newly-opened Jiangsu Garden Expo Park with spectacular visuals that heighten the beauty and engineering marvel of this mountainside garden complex.
Located in Tangshan, Jiangning District, Jiangsu Garden Expo Park is a large-scale ecological, cultural and tourism venue that’s fast becoming a new landmark of Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu province. Covering an area of 3.38sq.k including a core gardens zone measuring 2.2sq.k, the sprawling park was built on abandoned mine pits over a two-year period. It boasts meticulously manicured gardens, traditional-style pavilions, promenades, rock formations and a lake.
Among the major highlights of the park are re-creations of traditional gardens situated in the 13 cities of Jiangsu province including Nanjing Garden, Suzhou Garden, Wuxi Garden and Taizhou Garden - which aptly demonstrate Jiangsu’s renowned garden culture and landscaping skills. After night falls, the park is bathed in a blend of blue, red and yellow lights amid a spellbinding light show that includes stunning projections on a hillside using four Christie DWU2022-HS 1DLP laser projectors installed by Zhongqing Yingye Group.
“Christie’s HS Series is a highly cost-effective and competitive projection solution that has always emerged a top contender for cultural tourism projects that we are involved in,” says Xinwei He, project manager of Jiangsu Garden Expo Park. “It has consistently excelled in areas such as performance, colour reproduction and dependability.


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