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Edirol Europe at PLASA
Monday, 18 August 2003

UK - Edirol Europe (a member of the Roland Group of Companies), will be exhibiting with ShowCAD Control Systems at the PLASA show this year, and will be showing its latest range of live performance video products. Edirol products on show include the V-4 video mixer, which has been very popular since its launch earlier this year due to its combination of affordable price, functionality, durable metal construction and quality of results achievable.

Also on show is the DV-7PR - an innovative live performance video system for use in concerts, shows, conventions, hotels and seminars. The DV-7PR integrates with MIDI control systems (and DMX via MIDI/DMX converters) and allows the user to control in realtime various aspects of the video playback. Remote control is also possible. The DV-7PR can play and loop indefinitely, drawing from up to eight hours of unique content. It can be used as part of an installation or as a mobile system.

Edirol can be found on stand C69.

(Lee Baldock)

G-LEC appoints Fourth Phase London as UK representativeG-LEC appoints Fourth Phase London as UK representative
Friday, 15 August 2003

UK - With just three weeks to go to PLASA, G-LEC Europe has signed an agreement with Fourth Phase London, for it to act as G-LEC's representative office in the UK. G-LEC Europe manufactures an innovative system of LED curtains utilizing clear rods to house the LEDs, the resulting transparency and low wind resistance making the system ideal for use in the theatre, as well as for concerts, corporate events and architectural use. Weighing just 10kg per square metre, the G-LEC LED curtain is also lightweight, so can be flown effortlessly.

Lars Wolf, managing director of G-LEC, told PLASA Media: "This business is about people - trust and confidence - and before appointing anyone I wanted to be sure they would be absolutely right for us. Having met Alan Thomson and his team, I know that with Fourth Phase London we will be doing great things in the UK." Thomson, the managing director of Fourth Phase London, added: "This is an interesting development for both our companies. Fourth Phase London already operates in the theatre, concert and corporate markets, and we believe that the G-LEC LED curtain represents an exciting and significant offering for our clients."

Fourth Phase London has set up dedicated telephone, fax and e-mail connections for the G-LEC London operation, and assigned project manager Alistair Smyth as the G-LEC contact. G-LEC London can be contacted at Unit 3 Beddington Cross, Beddington Farm Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 4XH, UK. Tel: +44 (0)20 8665 8511.

The G-LEC LED system can be seen at PLASA on stand D40/D49.

(Ruth Rossington)

PLASA Education Programme online for bookings
Friday, 15 August 2003

UK - This year the education programme has been relaunched to meet the changing demands of the PLASA visitor and will be hosted by the PLASA Professional Development Programme (PLASA PDP), the Association's new training initiative. A full timetable is now online and taking bookings - check out the website below.

This extended educational platform will examine current trends and issues across the wide range of the industry and provide visitors with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and learn from the experts. The format has been revised with four different types of sessions - Technical Workshops; Business Seminars; Industry Seminars and Masterclasses.

Many of the sessions are supported by associations, trade bodies and publications and for the first time RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) are also supporting the programme. Their endorsement is clear recognition of the increasing importance that audio and lighting now plays within an architect's brief.

Members of PLASA, or any of the supporting associations, can attend the sessions at a discounted rate. Booking before the show also saves you money. For full details of the education programmes log onto the website below or call Marisa Beckman on +44 (0)20 7351 7147. Buy your show ticket (valid for the whole show) and education sessions in advance, save money and get the most from your visit to the show. UK ticket price is £6 (instead of £12 on the door entry price) and International visitors gain free entry.

(Ruth Rossington)

CT Screenco at the Edinburgh FestivalCT Screenco at the Edinburgh Festival
Thursday, 14 August 2003

UK - CT Screenco returned to the Ross Theatre bandstand at Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens to fulfil a vast array of technical requirements at this year's Edinburgh Festival - billed as 'The UK's biggest free arts event of the year'. Their contract with Sean Rourke's Arts For Life is one of Screenco's most unusual, since a lot of their work is done 'on the fly' as they come into contact with a vast array of cultural content. Screenco also integrates broadcast students and volunteers into the team, who are sent out with ENG equipment to gather news, which is then edited in real time and relayed live to the 4 x 415mm LED daylight display.

The three weeks of he Festival Fringe are enough to keep Screenco's representative Jon Baverstock on his toes around the clock. The highlight of this year was undoubtedly the scheduled appearance of Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris, Chrissie Hynde, Billy Bragg and Steve Earle in the Ninth Landmines Charity Concert. But for many of the support shows Jon Baverstock was made to think on his feet. "We have also been wandering round with a team doing bits for the Film Festival and the Book Festival," he said. "We have set up a non-linear edit suite which we are running with a four-camera PPU - so we can take footage for screen commercials or VTs and play them in, enabling them to be edited while they're being transmitted. We are also streaming footage onto the Arts for Life website and sending edited packages down to Sky TV."

Working with so many casual crew Baverstock quickly got into a routine of garnering the newsree

Steve Warren takes control for Hadley vs Cox
Wednesday, 13 August 2003

UK - Steve Warren - the well-known sales director of Avolites Ltd - made a rare live appearance as RADlite digital media server operator for last week's Hadley vs Cox gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire. He was hired for the show by lighting designer Dave Gibbon.

Warren is more usually seen at trade shows and on sales missions around the world, flying the flag for the Avolites sales team. He comments: "It's great to get hands-on with actual show operation. I have to admit I was nervous before the show, as this is the first time I've been hired professionally as a RADlite operator, but once it got going, I got into my stride."

Hadley vs Cox was an epic - and unique - show devised by 1980s superstars Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet and Pete Cox of Go West, featuring all the hits and more from the era of New Romantic and Electronica. The two artists have worked together on many occasions recently, including last year's 'Here and Now' tour and the 'Re-Born in the USA' tour. Tony Hadley has also just finished a four-month UK theatre tour, for which Gibbon was the LD.

Warren used an Avolites Azure to operate the RADlite system. Gibbon originally decided on the RADlite (and projector) to run the show's specially devised 90-second video opening sequence, which emulated the start of the cult TV series 'The Persuaders'. Gibbon then thought that as he had the hardware and the RADlite there, he would take full advantage, and use it for the rest of the show. He approached Steve Warren in his Luminosity sales capacity to supply the RADlite system, and then asked him if he

Adding spectacle to the Festival of Speed
Monday, 11 August 2003

UK - This year's Festival of Speed, the 10th anniversary event at the Earl of March's idyllic Goodwood estate, was dominated by a stunning structure built for Ford by Edwin Shirley Staging (ESS). Designed by Gerry Judah of Judah Design and turned into reality by ESS's Steve Colley and Graham Turner, the spectacularly sloping structure presented replicas of the three Ford GT40s which won the historic 1st, 2nd and 3rd place victory at the 1966 Le Mans 24-hour race.

"The project was all about 100 years of Ford," said ESS project manager Rob Smalldon, "and was one of the most challenging projects I've been involved with for some time."

From the ground, the structure rose 34m with a width of 25m. Edwin Shirley Trucking (EST) shipped in 217m of regular roof truss, 126m of LT Tower Truss, 604m of cabling and 102 bespoke purlins in a total of 16 trucks. The ESS team had less than three weeks on-site to build the complex structure and mount the cars on the steeply sloping display. Smalldon said: "We built the main structure in three parts using 100-tonne and 50-tonne cranes in a tandem lift. In total, the crane work took 14 crane-days and the entire project a total of 76 man-days to install. Our guys really pulled out all the stops!"

Under the base of the structure, Water Sculptures installed a 52,000-litre water tank which, via a series of high pressure pumps and pipes, fed water to be sprayed from underneath the cars during the performance - giving the impression of the cars racing on a very wet track - as in 1966. With the pumps running

Harry Potter
Monday, 11 August 2003

UK - We're seated in a large sitting room with an impressive mantled fireplace at its centre. Built of massive stone blocks, the room contains small, familiar details. Framed paintings on the walls appear to be in motion; the gargoyles are both terrifying and friendly. Yes, it's the spooky, cosy world of Hogwarts and the 5,000 lucky children surrounding it are in a state of high excitement for the latest Harry Potter story, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, including an appearance by author JK Rowling.

Lighting & Video

Sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishing, and taking place at London's Royal Albert Hall, the event is driven by Clear Channel, as LD Mark Cunniffe explained. "Graham Pullen as executive producer and Katherine Allen from Initial were pivotal to making it work, while Phil Christianson in the production manager's seat did a fantastic job. There were a lot of challenges with what they wanted to do - using smoke for projection screens, for example. We had to do a great deal of groundwork to make it a visual spectacular, and also ensure that it worked simultaneously for TV. Because of the element of cameras - for a live webcast - the lighting had to be integrated into the effects. I just ordered the brightest Barco projectors available from Creative Technology and had them put into Box 19,"- this being the optimum position for the intended projection onto the globe. "However, until we got into the Royal Albert Hall no-one really knew how well it would work. We've got cameras wide open at F2.8, but we've still got to make it look

Jamiroquai go free at Le Mans
Monday, 11 August 2003

France - With the 'Midnight Sun' summer festival tour dates now confirmed, Jamiroquai got into the swing early by playing an unpublicized free concert to race-goers at the legendary Le Mans 24-hour race, on the evening of Saturday 14 June. An audience of 40,000 revelled as Jay Kay and the band gave an unbroken 135 minutes of seriously good entertainment.

The performance was the highlight of an Audi UK-sponsored mini-festival (which lasted considerably longer than their racing car!) with further performances being provided by French and Italian bands throughout the weekend. The event was managed by Indeprod, a live event, video and new media solutions provider, commissioned by Audi UK. The company was assisted by Le Mans-based companies Bebop and Acropolis.

Indeprod's Nigel Dean became France-based, taking on the onerous task of converting a tree-strewn, rubble-covered field into a safe and secure environment for the production. Walls and trees were removed, water supplies and sewerage installed and over 2km of Heras fencing erected.

Paul Gavin of Purple Sheep Lighting filled the role of technical production manager and lighting designer for the supporting rig. With Jamiroquai having a pretty full complement of 94 High End x.Spots and PC Beams, the rig ended up being quite densely packed with the extra equipment used for the various support bands. Jamiroquai resident LD Darragh McAuliffe programmed and operated the Wholehog II for the headline act, while Steve Burton and Paul Gavin operated the support line-up from an Avolites Diamond 3 and a Pearl. Neg Earth p

HSH-Nordbank Launch with Park Avenue
Monday, 11 August 2003

Germany - London-based Park Avenue Productions collaborated with German sister company Citigate SEA to produce a spectacular live show for the launch of the newly-formed HSH-Nordbank in Hamburg. The event, staged at the city's Colour Line Arena, celebrated the merger of two of North Germany's main financial institutions - Hamburgische Landesbank and LB Kiel.

Whilst the event's logistics were handled by Citigate, it fell to Park Avenue to co-ordinate all the technical and creative aspects of the show, one of the highlights of which, was a dramatic 20-minute aerial display of colour and movement artistically directed by lighting designer Simon Tapping and choreographed by Micha Bergese- well known for his work on the Millennium Dome's Central show.

Park Avenue realized an ambitious immersive environment, which included the tasteful branding of all Colour Line's foyer, public and exterior spaces with the HSH-Nordbank clouds (their corporate ID), and the transformation of the arena into a 4,500-seat space. The guests - HSH-Nordbank's employees and top clients - arrived for dinner and a champagne reception in the foyer areas - completely unaware of what lay in store in the arena! The aerial show was followed by a short press conference and the finale - a full-on Bon Jovi gig!

Lighting & Projection

The team transformed the arena into an intimate space by creating a low-slung 360° projection screen at the top of the bleacher seating. The screen, 10m high and nearly 300m around, was fabricated by Acre Jean. Ross Ashton of projection specialist E/T/C UK came

XL Video UK's big week-end
Friday, 8 August 2003

UK - XL Video just experienced one of its busiest weekends yet, supplying over 500sq.m of LED screens to five very diverse events.

For Robbie Williams at Knebworth, XL Video UK supplied four extra delay screens - a mix of Barco and Saco - allowing over 125,000 people per night to at least get to see some of Williams' impressive show. This was in addition to supplying the Williams' 'Escapology' European tour with the spectacular 448-tile Barco D10 LED moving screen. This measures 13.4m x 7.7m, when configured as a 16:9 ratio solid block, and splits into eight columns and tracks downstage to upstage. Each column also rotates 360° and rises and falls in the vertical plane. Side screens for the event were two 45sq.m Saco 15mm flown in portrait. The live video director for the event was Ruary MacPhie, who utilized six of XL's new Sony E10 broadcast cameras, mixing from XL's OB truck.

The company was also involved in the Red Bull Flugtag, which took place in London's Hyde Park, and featured man-powered flying machines launching themselves above the Serpentine to see who could fly the furthest! Attended by over 70,000 enthusiasts in the baking sun, XL Video supplied four screens - two 40sq.m mobiles, one 24sq.m mobile and a single 40sq.m modular screen which was flown above the runway.

To mark the end of another successful Rockingham Motor Speedway event, over 40,000 people enjoyed a post-event concert by the Sugababes at the Northamptonshire track, accompanied by 40sq.m of Barco D7 screens supplied by XL. Meanwhile, Newham Council's 'Under The Stars' music and dance

Video first for Massive AttackVideo first for Massive Attack
Tuesday, 5 August 2003

UK - CT Screenco collaborated closely with Chris Bird of United Visual Artists (UVA) to produce a huge and original interactive data display for Massive Attack on their latest international tour. During the course of the show, current newspaper articles and e-mails to the band's website were progressively relayed to the 15mm LED screen.

This required a unique use of technology: under normal circumstances graphic output would be sent to the screen as a video signal and then be converted to data. But the use of scan conversion on a standard 640 x 480 VGA resolution display would have failed to align the pixels correctly. "When the signal gets converted to video and back to data the processor simply doesn't recognize how to line this up," explained CT Screenco's Mike Walker.

The answer lay in the SACO processor. "At the time, this was the only processor that would allow pure data input to the screen," says Walker. "It enabled us to do this by pixel mapping - literally creating a pixel map. The 15mm LED screen provided exactly the right medium for the way in which Chris Bird wanted to present the graphics." The signal was delivered to a large portion of a giant 7.68m (w) x 4.32m (h) display, which weighed three-and-a-half tons.

Aside from statistical information and press headlines, e-mails to the website were brought in on computer. "Because of the clever nature of the graphics, they were able to be updated at each show by UVA's bespoke graphics processor," continues Walker, who also commended the sensitive way in which Vin

CRT Forever brings Owl and Barco together
Monday, 4 August 2003

UK - Building on their new slogan of CRT Forever, Barco has appointed Owl Video Systems as its exclusive distributor of CRT projectors for the leisure industry. The leading unit will be the Barco Cine 5, which offers high performance brightness, reliability and the long life expectancy that CRT projectors produce. The unit offers a highly efficient cooling system with no fans, which means that it is ideal for use in environments prone to smoke and dust. The Cine 5 incorporates 7" high performance CRTs to optimize picture geometry and sharpness, to give greater detail and extended durability. Optically coupled lenses give contrast and automatically correct colour deviations. Auto-diagnose LEDs indicate when maintenance is required and 'Mean time between failure' is greater than 20,000 hours.

Commenting on the partnership, Peter Dangerfield, managing director of Owl said: "As a business we were worried that the supply route for CRT projectors looked bleak, but thanks to Barco we now have a continued supply for the foreseeable future. We have numerous valued customers that still see CRT projection as the only true solution for harsh commercial environments, so our new partnership with Barco means that we can continue to fulfil their needs with a projector that gives high performance and reliability. As one of the largest suppliers of projection systems to the leisure industry we need to be sure that any new product is capable of carrying out the job it is intended for. The Cine 5 certainly does this, offering additional features and benefits not seen before

Buckland Abbey brought to life with AV technology
Friday, 1 August 2003

UK - The National Trust has invested £500,000 to refurbish Buckland Abbey, the Cistercian Monastery and home of Sir Francis Drake, using the latest audio-visual technology from Integrated Circles.

Tucked away in its own secluded valley above the River Tavy, Buckland was originally a small but influential Cistercian Monastery. The house, which incorporates the remains of the 13th century abbey church, has rich associations with Sir Francis Drake and his seafaring rival, Sir Richard Grenville, containing much interesting memorabilia from their time.

The three main exhibition spaces have been overhauled to feature several new displays, including an auditorium built in the shape of the castle of a Tudor sailing ship, with the story of Sir Francis Drake's life projected onto the ship's sail. Integrated Circles installed a Sanyo video projector, plus the company's own show-control equipment and VideoStore (a dedicated MPEG2 video player for constant looping or on demand video).

(Ruth Rossington)

Big Brother 4 with CT Screenco
Friday, 1 August 2003

UK - Having supplied Lighthouse Technologies' latest LPV1650 16mm LED display to Endemol UK for the 10-week run of Big Brother at Elstree Film Studios, CT Screenco were then asked to provide a second Lighthouse display for the grand finale, which saw 32-year-old Orkney fish trader, Cameron Stout, emerge victorious. The announcement was made by presenter Davina McCall in an explosion of pyrotechnics, as crowds assembled outside the purpose-built house on the Elstree lot at Borehamwood, to witness the action on a 28sq.m (6x6) 16mm LED display.

The screen was used as the main backdrop to the outdoor stage for the finale, beaming live pictures of the housemates out to the awaiting audience. The structure was supplied by Elstree Light & Power. The show's production staff - and director Tony Gregory - commented that the screen delivered the best transmission they had experienced on any of the finales to date. Earlier, Screenco had provided a 3.06m wide x 2.28m high display, designed in a 3x3 concave configuration for the duration of the show in George Lucas Stage 1. The display marked a breakthrough in that it was the first time a big LED screen has been incorporated into the show.

The LED screen had been requested specifically by Tony Gregory for the fourth series of the reality TV programme. He explained that he wanted to move the style of presentation forward. "In the past we had used old-fashioned video cube technology but I felt there needed to be a more imposing presence in the sound stage area - particularly for the eviction day on Friday. The LED display h

Brown Box signs deal for German fitness market
Monday, 28 July 2003

UK / Germany - Brown Box AV, one of the key wholesalers of quality AV and lighting solutions, has signed a dealership agreement for Germany with Soundcheck GmbH, one of Germany's leading AV providers to the health and fitness industry. Soundcheck has installed AV solutions into top name clubs across Germany, including Reebok, 24 Hour Fitness and Fitness First to name but a few.

Dave Goody, European business development manager, commented: "Soundcheck first saw Audeon [Brown Box's wireless entertainment system for health clubs and gyms] at FIBO and were impressed with the product. Their managing director, Denis Nessler, immediately identified that it was exactly what the German market has been waiting for. I am delighted that we have joined forces with Soundcheck GmbH and am sure that they are an ideal professional partner for our first foray into Germany. Soundcheck GmbH has an excellent reputation and this combined with Brown Box's innovative AV and lighting solutions is sure to create a winning formula."

Within days of appointing Soundcheck as a dealer for its products, Brown Box received its first order from Germany for an Audeon installation for the prestigious Station One club in Bochum. Soundcheck installed 32 Audeon units at this top name fitness facility. The club's management was particularly excited by Audeon because it was the first time that they had been able to offer a personal entertainment system to their members, and also because there was virtually no disruption to the club's normal operations due to Audeon's wireless design.


Amptown Cases launch SiP Plasma cases at PLASA
Monday, 21 July 2003

UK - The Amptown Cases SiP-Plasma Screen insert will make its UK debut at the PLASA Show this September. The insert represents the latest concept in professional flightcase technology for plasma screens. The name SiP represents an innovative development, produced in-house and only available from Amptown Cases.

Each plasma screen is held securely in an innovative moulded rubber insert. The combination of a durable rubber surface and a softer shock-absorbing foam kernel protects the delicate plasma screens during transportation, especially in the event of an unpredictable or extreme impact. Provision within the flightcase can be made for associated accessories such as stands, wall brackets and even speakers where practicable, making it a convenient way of moving these often awkward pieces of equipment around.

Amptown can be found on stand L52 at PLASA.

(Ruth Rossington)

Avesco to relocate businesses to Gatwick
Monday, 21 July 2003

UK - Avesco has announced that it will be relocating its Creative Technology, MCL London and Screenco businesses, together with Avesco plc head office, to a new building in the London Gatwick area.

David Nicholson, chief executive of Avesco plc, told PLASA Media: "Since we merged the sales, project management and operations teams of CT, MCL London and Screenco, we have been looking for one building so that the businesses could be fully integrated with the people and equipment under one roof. This will allow us to provide our customers with a more complete service where necessary, whilst retaining the specialist skills within these companies.

"It has taken us a while to find the right premises and to negotiate an acceptable deal. This building is larger than we require immediately, but provides for future growth as market conditions start to improve."

(Ruth Rossington)

Scottish Opera takes Christie Roadrunner Lx65 on tourScottish Opera takes Christie Roadrunner Lx65 on tour
Friday, 18 July 2003

UK - When Scottish Opera was seeking to incorporate projection into a set for the first time, they knew that triggering different images from DVD onto black surfaces would be inherently difficult. Seeking professional advice, they contacted Cameron Presentations. Trying to balance high light output against cost, the Glasgow-based specialists recommended purchasing Christie's RoadRunner LX65 projector - an extension to Christie's RoadRunner range of high brightness LCD multimedia projectors, building on the success of the RoadRunner L6.

The LX65 provides 6500 ANSI lumens brightness from a dual-lamp light engine for bright, realistic images. New 3D digital video processing produces sharp video images from analogue and digital sources, 90% brightness uniformity and an 1100:1 contrast ratio. The Fast Lens Change (FLC) mount is a robust lens mount system designed for no-fuss lens changes and easy set-up, while its ease of use and roadworthy build also made it ideal for Scottish Opera.

Offering the choice of projecting the full 6500 ANSI lumens, or 3250 ANSI lumens to extend the lamp life, Scottish Opera is running it at full brightness. The LX65 was rigged and assembled straight out of the box, with Scottish Opera's technical crew building a hanging cradle and shutter. The projector is used with a combination of short-throw zoom and fixed short-throw lens to front-project material specially shot and edited for Scottish Opera, and stored on two DVDs during two touring productions, Wagner's Götterdämmerung and Mozart's The Magic Flute.

Both productions

Five lasers in one from American DJFive lasers in one from American DJ
Friday, 18 July 2003

USA - American DJ's new DMX Penta Beam features five lasers, each of which produces a different geometric pattern. An intelligent 4.9mW red laser effect, the Penta Beam will send stars, ellipses, circles and other geometric shapes across a club's walls, floor and surfaces. Its five laser beams project out over a wide area, making it a great effect for even large-size venues.

"The Penta Beam is a unique effect, because it incorporates five separate lasers into one compact unit," says Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of companies. "Plus, it's an intelligent laser, so you can do a lot of creative things with it. With its DMX programmability, five separate lasers and wide beam spread, it's a really great effect for clubs that want the excitement of a multi-pattern laser light show, yet also want the ease and economy of a single affordable fixture."

A 6-channel DMX fixture, the Penta Beam includes one channel for each of its five lasers, plus one channel for special functions. In addition to being operated with a DMX controller, the Penta Beam can be set in Sound Activation Mode to chase to the music via built-in internal programs. When in the Sound Activation Mode, users can control the intensity of the effect's response to music with a Volume Sensitivity knob located on the rear of the unit. The Penta Beam can also be configured Master/Slave and linked in multiples for a larger, even more dazzling, coordinated laser light show. When operated as a stand-alone unit or Master/Slave, American DJ's optional MINI/C Controller (sol

Iridas releases SequencePublisherIridas releases SequencePublisher
Friday, 18 July 2003

Germany - Iridas, a leading innovator of high-performance digital playback solutions for the film, broadcast and digital content creation industries, today announced the release of SequencePublisher, a powerful application which converts frame sequences to any industry standard format, including video formats. It supplies a crucial missing link in the postproduction workflow by automating file conversions and other frame sequence functions while maintaining a high degree of user control.

The command line interface allows for scripted batch processing, which simplifies key tasks such as automating the collection of frame sequences from render farms and generating low-resolution proxy files for distribution. SequencePublisher reads and writes all standard industry formats.

"We wanted to make life easier for our customers," said Iridas CEO Lin Kayser. "It was just a matter of building a scriptable front-end onto our file conversion technology, but the result really makes a big difference for their work."

"SequencePublisher saves us many steps," said Warren Grubb, animation director for Fathom Studios, which is currently in production on the upcoming feature film Delgo. "With one click our animators working in Maya, output their frames directly to SequencePublisher which converts the images to the proper size, scale, aspect and frame rate and then outputs a Quicktime movie to the appropriate place on the network drive. This allows our director to see the latest shots updated in one step - and because it is automated, it occurs on

DHA's Gobo Rotators in Australia and New Zealand
Thursday, 17 July 2003

Australia - When museums in Australia and New Zealand needed lighting animation effects it was to the other side of the world and DHA that they turned. For the new Puke Ariki Museum in New Zealand, a combined library and museum, DHA has supplied 15 Indexing Gobo Rotators, along with 15 power supplies, allowing the museum to create dynamic lighting effects. MJF Lighting in New Zealand supplied the Indexing Rotators.

Another of DHA's products, the Digital Light Curtain (DLC), has been used in Australia regularly, most recently on productions of Mamma Mia and Oliver. The DLC will soon make another appearance in Australia, as part of the new Melbourne production of the hit musical We Will Rock You.

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

Harry Potter launch at Royal Albert HallHarry Potter launch at Royal Albert Hall
Tuesday, 15 July 2003

UK - While millions queued for their copies of J.K. Rowling's latest addition to the Hogwarts adventure, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 5,000 lucky children already knew they were in for the treat of their lives. Bloomsbury Publishing (plc) called upon Clear Channel Entertainments to stage a special event at London's Royal Albert Hall, an event which gifted these avid fans an opportunity to quiz Rowling herself.

No simple question and answer session, the confines of the Albert Hall were converted into a magical rendition of Hogwarts school, replete with flying ghosts, for a spectacular simultaneous webcast on the MSN network. Naturally, this called for the specialist talents of the UK's presentation industry; amidst a burgeoning production team can be found the names of Britannia Row Productions, Light&Sound Design, Creative Technology, Hand Held Audio, Unusual Rigging and Star Rigging, fielding the very latest in sound, light and DLP projection technology.

A full report on the event will appear in the August issue of Lighting&Sound International.

(Steve Moles)

Major AV upgrade for Thomson SpiritMajor AV upgrade for Thomson Spirit
Tuesday, 15 July 2003

Greece - A massive AV installation on board the Thomson Spirit cruise liner, owned by Lewis Cruise Lines of Greece, has just been completed. With 1,400 passengers, and a crew of 520, it is one of the largest ships operating out of Palma offering cruises around the Mediterranean.

Now 18 years old, the ship has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment, which has seen major changes across the entire ship, from cabins to kitchens through to entertainment systems. Thomson's consultants provided the specifications and a list of equipment to Live Business International (LBI) who were brought in to provide system design and schematics, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. The LBI team, with Gerry Logue as technical project manager, thus either fitted from scratch, or refitted, 12 entertainment areas.

The Broadway (main show lounge) features a full theatre sound, lighting and video projection installation. The audio system for this 500-capacity room, is based around a variety of loudspeaker types, reflecting the diversity of shows staged there. Meyer UPM-1P and UMS-1P sub bass were specified, along with JBL SRX SR4735X and Apogee AE2s2 loudspeakers, a pair of Renkus-Heinz TSC mid/top cabinets with matching sub-bass and four Martin LE350A monitors. Power for the system is provided by Crest and Apogee amplifiers, controlled by BSS Soundwebs and an FCS960 dual graphic. The mixer, retained from the existing system, is a Soundcraft 8000, whilst the rack includes a Yamaha SPX990, Lexicon MPX500, Tascam DA88 track and a Sony minidisc and CD player. For micro

TESA links up with Le Mark
Monday, 14 July 2003

UK - TESA UK, a leading manufacturer of high quality self-adhesive tapes, has appointed the Le Mark Group as its 'entertainment technology specialist'. The appointment represents the long-term commitment of the giant German-owned company to develop products specifically for the entertainment industry.

The announcement concludes nearly 12 months of negotiations between the two companies and sees Le Mark become a 'focused distributor' for TESA. Le Mark's managing director, Stuart Gibbons, told PLASA Media: "This is very much a two-way partnership. It will enable Le Mark's design ability and award-winning flair to be developed further. It also ensures that Le Mark's clients have a direct channel to a multi-national manufacturer who recognizes that the entertainment industry is a growing sector which should be given special attention."

One of the first areas of collaboration has been in the development of an affordable quality heat-resisting 'filter-splicing' tape for the scroller market. A new clear splicing tape with a working temperature of 200°C will also be available shortly.

(Ruth Rossington)


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