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playlistwebupdate-1Avolites releases Prism Player
Thursday, 15 October 2020

UK - Avolites has released Prism Player, a new software application for media previewing and encoding. This is the first release under the Prism product range and can work as an auxiliary tool to the Avolites Ai video software platform.
Earlier this year, Avolites launched the Q Series Media Servers, a range of four media servers designed to power every performance. The company is now looking to expand its user base and introduce the discipline to new users with Prism.
The Prism platform is designed with an intuitive and clear user interface to give newer video designers and operators a stepping stone into the discipline. “With Prism, we wanted to create a set of complementary tools that would help designers start to integrate video into their projects as well as improve the user experience for our current Ai users,” says Paul Wong, managing director at Avolites. “Now that we have synergy, we really want to get as many users as we can to start looking at video and seeing how they can incorporate it into their designs.”
Prism Player is a powerful tool for previewing and encoding media clips without connecting to a server or Ai application. Video clips in most common video formats can be easily encoded into the AiM codec, ready to be loaded into the server. AiM is Avolites’ video codec that is designed for high performance projects and shows. Prism also supports the HAP codec, so clips from other servers can be previewed and transcoded to be used in Ai. Clips can be encoded in batches to save time.
Content rendered in AiM can also be

omarprashadSolotech appoints sales director, Ontario
Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Canada - Solotech has announced the appointment of Omar Prashad as sales director, Ontario.
Prashad will be responsible of the leadership of the sales teams (Toronto and Ottawa offices), with the objective of establishing Solotech’s business position and growing revenue and market share in the province. He will oversee the development of key existing accounts in the live performance and entertainment sectors, while ensuring a strong diversification strategy to penetrate high-promising market segments such as corporate and education.
With over 15 years of experience in the systems integration business, namely at Westbury National, Advanced Presentation Solutions and DuoCom Canada, Omar Prashad has a strong background in managing and motivating sales teams, financial management and strategic planning initiatives.
“Omar’s proven vision and sales development curriculum make him an exceptional asset for our company. We are all looking forward to benefiting from his in-depth knowledge of the business and his vast expertise in systems integration. We are confident that he will help bring a new dynamic to our business and generate growth across Ontario”, said Philip Giffard, president, sales and systems integration division

bromptoniMAG Displays invests in Brompton’s Hydra
Wednesday, 14 October 2020

UK - iMAG Displays has added a Brompton Technology Hydra to its inventory.
The Hydra is an advanced measurement system custom-designed for LED panels fitted with a Tessera R2 receiver card. Panels must be measured with Hydra to benefit from Dynamic Calibration, the technology that enables Brompton HDR.
iMAG has invested in a Hydra not just to recalibrate its own stock of LED panels, but also to make it available for hire to other UK rental houses so they can update their own panel inventory.
The decision to purchase Hydra was made before the pandemic but was put on hold whilst the company – previously focused on servicing live events – realigned its focus and looked at new business opportunities. Such an investment may seem like a bold move in the current climate, but the decision was based on seeing first-hand the benefits of Dynamic Calibration and Brompton HDR, close consultation with the Brompton team, general market intelligence, and finally galvanised by a significant client win.
“We know this may look like an odd time to be making a major investment,” says iMAG founder and technical director, Alex Strachan. “However, it now gives us the opportunity to open up new avenues of business and to allow fellow companies in the LED rental sector to hire our Hydra and update their screens. This gives their existing stock a new lease of life and allows them the same opportunities as us without having to make any major investment.”
“We are delighted that iMAG has been able to fulfil its desire to be the first UK-owned company t

reggaePowersoft overhaul for Bristol’s Star & Garter
Wednesday, 14 October 2020

UK - Following the sudden death of its legendary landlord Louis Hayle – more commonly known as Dutty Ken – the future of reggae venue, the Star & Garter in Montpelier, Bristol, was cast into uncertainty.
The pub had already been saved from the hands of the tax man a few short years ago thanks to a vociferous crowdfunding campaign, and in the months after Dutty Ken’s death, fears surfaced that it would be sold and converted into flats.
This threat, which could be seen as indicative of a wider phenomenon that has swallowed a number of the UK’s most well-loved venues in recent years, was enough to call the local community to action once more.
With this new campaign succeeding in saving the Star & Garter for a second time, another stalwart of the Bristol music and events scene, Malcolm Haynes, stepped in to take ownership of the situation.
With the pub due to reopen, its new sound system needed to be compact, flexible, and powerful.
The venue hired local company Qualitex Sound System (QSS) to carry out an audio overhaul, which was overseen by self-confessed Powersoft evangelist Linford Bailey, better known within the industry as Kutty Qualitex.
“I only ever recommend Powersoft to QSS customers,” he said. “Obviously the size of the job determines which models I’ll specify. I linked up with CUK Audio about seven or eight years ago and, since then, I’ve been able to get access whatever is required, whether that’s T Series or X4L for live gigs or Quattrocanali and Ottocanali for fixed installs.”
The Star

green-hippoGreen Hippo parties with Veronica Maggio
Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Sweden - Visual design studio PXLFLD recently deployed Hippotizer Media Servers from Green Hippo to provide the visual backdrop for a secret party and live performance by singer-songwriter Veronica Maggio.
Conceived by Red Bull, the exclusive event, staged at the Nobis Hotel in central Stockholm, was available only to fans who completed a treasure-hunt-like series of tasks.
Nikolaj Brink, Maggio’s lighting designer and a recent addition to the PXLFLD team, was responsible for the event’s show design, and called in his colleagues to deliver the show’s visual playback elements. But with the limitations imposed by Covid-19, this was a show with a difference.
PXLFLD’s Anders Granström explains, “The stage was built in the hotel’s grand lobby. To maintain social distancing, the audience enjoyed the concert from their hotel rooms, looking down at the performance, while a multi-camera production was broadcast to their hotel room TV sets.”
With this audience viewpoint in mind, the team opted for an LED floor beneath a plexiglass stage deck, while clusters of Barco projectors maximized the visual impact around the lobby. “The biggest challenge was to create an immersive concert experience with a block party feel, despite the physical distance between the artist and her audience,” said Brink. “The LED and projections played a huge part in achieving this.”
Granström’s playback solution used two Hippotizer Boreal Media Servers to handle the 8K projections, while a single Amba+ Media Server delivered the content for the LED

northhousegfcaNorthHouse has designs on Green Carpet Awards
Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Italy - The Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA), organised by Italian fashion body, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and sustainability consultancy, Eco Age, traditionally presents a star-studded celebration of sustainability in the fashion industry during Milan’s Fashion Week.
This year, the Awards’ ethos of togetherness was upheld with a revolutionary show designed by NorthHouse incorporating cinematic footage with augmented reality, visual FX and hologram technology provided by AHRT Media. The show was directed by Giorgio Testi and produced by Livia firth and Pulse Films.
NorthHouse, a creative studio focused on design and direction for live shows, put forward the concept to overcome the restrictions in place due to the global pandemic. The studio’s ideas saw Milan’s La Scala transformed into a vibrant magical garden.
Founder and creative director of NorthHouse, Tom Bairstow, says: “This was a truly prototype show, borne out of the restrictions and uncertainty placed on the world during this pandemic. It gave us the opportunity to push boundaries, experiment with big ideas and use technology in new and unconventional ways. And with a virtual space, your imagination is the limit.
“We’re really proud of this show and I think between my team, Eco Age, Pulse films and all the amazing creatives who helped to build this show, we have created something truly ground-breaking together. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this wave of new technology and excited for what the future will hold for live and broadcast shows even wi

rokundaRokunda rides COVID-19 wave with DirectRo
Friday, 9 October 2020

South Africa - Rokunda Netshiluvhi of DirectorRo has managed to ride the COVID-19 wave and come out tops, using this time to learn, establish himself as a lighting designer and set up a virtual platform at Vision View Productions based in Cosmo Business Park, Johannesburg.
Rokunda resigned from full-time employment at rental company Murangi Productions and started his own company as a freelancer in November 2019. “I decided to register myself as a business so that I could be accountable in everything I do,” he explains. “If freelancers pay attention, they can do what I’m doing. It starts off by thinking of yourself as a business instead of living hand-to-mouth.
“Many freelancers rely on receiving a phone call and being booked for an event. They think that to get work, someone has to call, instead of thinking let me try and make something myself, let me pitch an idea to people, let me do something for myself. If work can’t come to you, find work. For people to trust and take you seriously, present yourself as a business, ensure you have a business profile and have a voice outside your personal self that will enable you to work for a company or event.”
With gratitude to his former employer, Murangi Productions, where Rokunda worked since 2016 as an audio engineer and a self-taught lighting designer with an interest in technical directing, Rokunda established DirectorRo.
Working as hard as possible to make an income, Rokunda pushed hard. More work trickled through in January, and then, just as his calendar started filling up with bo

over-seasTFG upgrades AV at Royal Over-Seas League
Thursday, 8 October 2020

UK - Torpedo Factory Group has upgraded the audio-visual system at the central London home of the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL), a non-profit private members organisation originally formed in 1910 with the collective aim of bringing people together from around the world to meet, socialise and foster an interest in the Commonwealth.
A long-standing and fervent supporter of the arts, ROSL has over the last 65 years developed a diverse portfolio of activities in music, visual arts, and literature. ROSL Arts regularly supports talented young professional artists and musicians through an annual music competition as well as a programme of music and visual arts scholarships.
In providing performance opportunities for its prizewinning musicians, concerts and other events such as wedding receptions, banquets and conferences take place at the ROSL’s historic Princess Alexandra Hall, an impressive room with renowned natural acoustics.
However, the hall’s patchwork of audio-visual facilities had fallen behind and were in need of an upgrade, and consequently the ROSL approached the Torpedo Factory Group to submit a design for a modern and fully integrated solution.
“The existing AV system at the ROSL hadn’t kept pace with the variety of events they wanted to host, and frequently looked to the rental side of our business to hire in additional equipment for special functions,” explained TFG project manager Phillip Palmer. “Thanks to this relationship and the need to augment their systems so often a permanent installation solution became viable, w

munichARRI opens new HQ in Munich
Thursday, 8 October 2020

Germany - Since its establishment in 1917, ARRI’s historical location in Munich's Tuerkenstrasse has been the main hub of activity for the business. Now, the globally active film technology company is relocating its headquarters and the entire Camera Systems division to Munich’s Parkstadt Schwabing.
On 6 October, 2020, Judith Gerlach, Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs and also responsible for the state’s film industry, commemorated the opening with a visit to the new building. She was welcomed by ARRI executive board members Dr. Michael Neuhaeuser and Markus Zeiler, the two managing directors of ARRI Cine Technik Stephan Schenk and Walter Trauninger, as well as by the members of the supervisory board and representatives of the owner family Dr. Carolin Stahl and Christoph Stahl.
ARRIAL is the new production and office building, offering over 600 workspaces, that has been tailored to meet ARRI’s future needs. Located at Herbert Bayer Strasse 10, in the direct vicinity of many other global players, the name ARRIAL was born out of an internal employee competition. Inspired by the architecture of American film studios, the building consists of two spacious, interconnected building blocks.
“Some visitors recognise analogue film strips from earlier times or the carbon housings of our digital ARRI cameras in the dynamic-looking, almost perforated, black brick facade,” comments managing director Walter Trauninger who is responsible, along with Stephan Schenk, for the Camera Systems business unit.
The State Minister for Digital Aff

roeROE Visual US invests in Brompton’s Hydra
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

USA - Brompton Technology reports that ROE Visual US has received its anticipated purchase of Brompton Technology’s Hydra system for their West Coast office in Chatsworth, Los Angeles.
Hydra can perform recalibrations on all LED panels equipped with Brompton’s R2 controller cards. This means that the panels, once measured, will benefit from Version 3 of Brompton’s Tessera Processor software and be fully compatible with Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, to allow greater brightness, improved colour gamut and, crucially, the ability to display HDR imagery.
“When we saw the Brompton Dynamic Calibration system in prototype form at LDI last year, we knew it was going to be a game changer, so we immediately placed orders to ensure that we would benefit from this technology as soon as it became available to the market,” says Frank Montero, general manager of ROE Visual US.
“We were delighted to learn that this system would not only work on new panels but on existing stock as well, meaning our current customers would gain a new lease of life on their original investments, making their decision to invest in ROE Visual LED panels even more attractive. We immediately added an additional system for our local office here in California.”
ROE Visual is passionate about using the latest technologies and making these available for its clients, and the long-term partnerships it has formed have been based on this principle. With this in mind, it was essential to bring the Hydra system to its client base in North America at the earliest op

r-howardWhite Light returns to Russell Howard Hour
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

UK - Having worked on the show’s previous series, White Light recently supplied the technical system to run all the visual content on the latest socially distanced series of The Russell Howard Hour. The company also helped create the technical set-up of the show’s newly built lockdown studio, Your Questions Room.
WL has worked on The Russell Howard Hour for the past two years, having initially being approached by the show’s production company Avalon. The company’s role is to provide a system to run all of the content being sent to the screens throughout the studio. This includes those positioned behind Russell Howard which act as his backdrop and a point of reference for most segments.
WL’s key account manager for broadcast Ian Charlampowicz explains: "The content used is based on a main run of the show but changes every week depending on what topics were being discussed. As we live in a world where so much is changing day in, day out, we had to utilise a system that would respond quickly to any last-minute changes. As such, on the day of recording, our team, led by Lee Woodger and Alex Loftie, has to program in new bits of content for that day’s show which often includes different guest introductions, updating the topic images and, from time to time, adding an entirely new section."
One of the most important aspects of WL’s role is to create a relaxed, helpful environment for Russell Howard which allows him to feel at ease and completely confident that no disruptions will occur; hence he can focus solely on presenting t

brad-nelmsBrad Nelms joins Solotech Las Vegas office
Tuesday, 6 October 2020

USA - Rod Sintow, vice-president, Solotech sales and systems integration division, has announced the appointment of Brad Nelms as sales director of Solotech's Las Vegas office.
Nelms will be responsible for the leadership of the Las Vegas sales team, with the objective of establishing Solotech’s business position and growing revenue and market share in the region. He will oversee the development of key existing accounts in the live performance and entertainment sectors, while ensuring a strong diversification strategy to penetrate other high-promising market segments.
With over 15 years’ experience in sales management and operations, namely at ACT Lighting, VER and 4Wall Entertainment, Brad Nelms has considerable customer service skills and a strong background in personnel management, training and organisational development.
“Brad’s certifications and qualifications make him an excellent asset for our company. We are all looking forward to benefiting from his knowledge of the business and strong background in the entertainment technology industry”, said Sintow.

hpu-frontHES releases HPU hardware and Hog software
Tuesday, 6 October 2020

USA - High End Systems has released the new HPU hardware for Hog 4, along with an update to Hog 4 OS with v3.14 software. HPU replaces both the DMX Processor 8000 (DP8K) unit and the Rack Hog 4 in a modern, 2U rack mounted unit. This processor unit can be run in either console mode or in processor mode with a 64 universe capacity.
The new Hog 4 OS v3.14 software includes several advancements in functionality in addition to bug fixes. A new patching structure allows users to patch to internal universes, which then get mapped to outputs on consoles, DP8Ks, Widgets and Gadget II units, sACN and/or ArtNet. Individual patch universes may be mapped to multiple outputs as needed and can be moved from one output to another without universe cloning.
Adjusted keyboard shortcuts include additional mappings to make programmable USB keyboards function more smoothly. Finally, OSC/MIDI control of faders and encoders is now available for all users who have a console or Hog 4 PC system equipped with Hog-Net – the requirement that matching hardware be connected has been lifted.
High End Systems has also rolled out two Hog hardware changes. The Road Hog 4-21 console replaces the Road Hog 4 with a new motherboard and 21.5” HD display. The Road Hog 4-21 update expands the console’s capabilities to include dual display port connections for external monitors or touchscreens. Also, the HedgeHog 4X becomes the sole member of the HedgeHog product range, with the complete networking capabilities of Hog 4, dual display port connections for external monitors or touchscree

summer-2020-ct-imageCT switches to virtual event technology
Tuesday, 6 October 2020

UK - As the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe saw the entire UK go into lockdown late March 2020, the last six months has forced both a sudden hiatus and transformation of the live events industry.
In response, Creative Technology (CT) has moved virtual event technology to the centre of its offering.
CT has expanded its in-house facilities which includes a XR studio powered by the Unreal engine, a fully fitted remote production gallery, two additional remote production suites and two COVID-secure socially distanced performance spaces - all based at its offices in London, Gatwick.
Says the company, “The ability to record, edit, and live stream content all in one location has allowed us to create some extraordinary events, reaching thousands across the globe. From demanding and complex streaming events such as a virtual event for international blue chip company, which saw CT delivering three simultaneous 90 minute live virtual shows twice over one day in six different languages for client, BK Events, to the Human Rights Watch fundraiser which gained over 11,000 viewers across the day raising nearly $8,000,000 for the cause.”
Another event that made use of CT’s newest facilities was Katherine Jenkins’ live sing-along, powered by Vodafone. The opera singer’s home performance was streamed to thousands of people via Facebook Live and into over 100 care homes across the UK and was a huge success.
In August, CT hosted the AIM Independent Music Awards, presented by Tiffany Calvert who was joined by a selection of award-winning artis

disguiserenderstreamdisguise unlocks immersive environments
Friday, 2 October 2020

UK - disguise’s latest software release, 17.4 combined with its new RenderStream software, rx and vx hardware bundle creates the complete solution for hosting real-time content from render engines, Unreal Engine and Notch.
disguise has recognised the demand for immersive real-time production and their latest release, 17.4, showcases features that were identified through the Netflix's virtual production initiative NLAB, with partners Lux Machina and Fuse Technical Group. The knowledge gained from experimentation and feature testing has optimised their already market-leading workflow for virtual production on set.
RenderStream is a proprietary video-over-IP protocol that synchronises and transfers content between render engines and final composition machines. It provides low latency, uncompressed video transfer and sends control metadata to sync camera tracking between disguise and the render engine in addition to providing parameter control from disguise to the render engine. This new approach to the technology stack allows disguise to move towards a scale-out rendering approach.
With r17.4, RenderStream users can access advanced DX12 features in Unreal such as Ray Tracing to create best-in-class photorealistic content capturing accurate reflections, refractions and shadows.
In collaboration with Adrián Pueyo, virtual production supervisor Orca VFX, disguise optimised the workflow further. “The disguise approach to virtual production has been a game-changer for us, in terms of pipeline, scalability, colour management and performance. While

powersoftciliipadPowersoft gears up to fixed install needs
Friday, 2 October 2020

Italy - The latest update to Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software will give system integrators the tools to easily manage even the most intricate of fixed install projects through its dedicated Install Skin. This new version redefines what Powersoft amplifiers are capable of, delivering a plethora of new features and streamlining existing ones, says the company.
Although Live Sound projects in ArmoníaPlus will maintain the same intuitive structure from the original version, Install System projects now reflect the needs of system integrators for sources and zones management, allowing the creation of fully customisable user interfaces and controls in the new Views Designer.
As well making FI projects easier and simpler, ArmoníaPlus 2.0 can now serve as the gateway into the Powersoft world itself. By registering a copy, users will be able to gain access to the new MyPowersoft online platform through a single sign-in procedure.
Marc Kocks, business development manager and application engineering manager, says: "We are very proud to be launching a system that allows the user to control a complete audio system from our DSP- and Dante-enabled amplifiers. We have based this new development on the feedback from many system integrators that have already successfully applied our products in various installations around the world. We believe the new features will allow them to be even more successful and competitive.”
The new ArmoníaPlus 2.0 will be available for download o

lecturer-victor-kortekaasROE Academy introduces online crash courses
Friday, 2 October 2020

China - ROE Visual has announced a series of short online ROE Academy training sessions to offer its clients and AV technicians easy and quick ways to update their LED knowledge.
The so called crash courses will be held in both EU and US time zones and feature training on processing technology as well as interactive Q&A sessions. These online sessions will allow you to ask anything you need to know about LED technology, processing technology and types, bug fixing or your specific project requirements, says the company.
Lecturers Victor Kortekaas (pictured), Tim Hamberg, Mike Smith and Neil Abel are all seasoned AV technicians who will explain and clarify all the critical aspects and pitfalls of LED and processing technology.
Continuing its ROE Academy events online, ROE Visual has looked into ways to transform the ROE Academy training and other knowledge sessions into a different online training offering.
“As ROE Visual we have a wealth of knowledge to share, but our challenge was to capture this and turn it into ready-made seminars. Having done several longer training events over the past months we felt a need to change this offering and turn it into short, more captivating sessions,” comments Luc Neyt, deputy director sales and service centre.
“Over the last months we have used online conferencing more than we ever thought we would. We notice it’s hard to keep up your concentration, while this is so different to the normal routine in an immersive live training. Keeping it simple, we now offer short interactive sessions, i

pizzastock2Chauvet topping for Pizza Stock fundraiser
Friday, 2 October 2020

USA - The organisers of the aptly name Pizza Stock fundraiser, which took place at the Events United Studio Lab in Derry, NH, were given the opportunity to create their own graphics for the 52.5’ wide by 13’ tall video wall that served as the backdrop for their livestreamed fundraiser broadcast.
Inspired, the charity organizers came up with an engaging graffiti-like display that wove myriad images together on the massive 7.2m-pixel curved wall made of Chauvet Professional F2 LED panels.
“The folks from Pizza Stock were impressed by how clean their graphics looked on the wall, both in person and to the livestream audience,” said Tim Messina, owner of Events United. “This annual event raises funds for mental health and suicide prevention. The video wall allowed them to acknowledge all of their sponsors without taking anything away from the crisp appearance of the programme.”
For the Studio Lab team, having a backdrop with such a wide variety of images offered the added benefit of allowing them to expand their lighting palette. “The wide range of colors on the video wall actually freed us up to use more creative colours in the lighting, because we were not limited to the two or three colours that often define the entire pallet in corporate shows,” said Ryan Lane, lighting designer for the show.
The livestream’s lighting rig featured 27 Rogue R1 Wash fixtures, which were used for general stage washing, and 24 Maverick Mk2 Spot fixtures that provided front light and effects. Also included were 14 Colorado Solo Battens for floor l

mediasprologoSymetrix appoints MediasPro distributor for Germany
Friday, 2 October 2020

Germany - Symetrix has appointed Eckersdorf-based MediasPro as its exclusive distributor for Germany.
“We are pleased to partner with one of the top audio DSP manufacturers. Symetrix´s renowned DSP technology complements our current products and will certainly increase our power of impact in the commercial integration market. Symetrix products are known for excellent audio and reliability which suits our current product portfolio and mode of operation,” comments MediasPro CEO Joachim Schwarz.
For over 20 years, MediasPro has been a leading supplier of modern, intelligent audio systems. Led by CEOs Joachim Schwarz and Michael Voessing, the company specialises in paging and evacuation systems, room acoustics, conference solutions, processing and networking of control signals, to rack assembly, training courses and technical seminars, and research and development. MediasPro provides sound system installation products for airports, stadiums, concert halls, manufacturing plants, schools, hotels, banks, and more.
"I'm really pleased that Symetrix and MediasPro could partner together to deliver our award-winning products to Germany,” says Mark Graham, Symetrix CEO and owner. “The sophisticated German market and Symetrix's technically intense solutions require a partner that is competent in both the technical and business operations arenas. I am confident that the well-managed MediasPro team is solidly positioned to help their customers succeed with Symetrix's deep portfolio of AV and control system solutions."

juancuevaslite-768x973Arista Corporation names first Euro rep
Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Spain - Arista Corporation, manufacturer of AV extenders, matrix switchers, AV MultiViewers, and related products for the AV installation and professional audio markets, has announced the appointment of Zero DBS of Cabra, Spain as the company’s first European sales representative. Zero DBS commenced representation of Arista products in September 2020.
Zero DBS is well entrenched in the concert sound / event productions market segment, as well as both the mobile and fixed recording markets, and the Pro AV installation business. Sales, consultation, and training are important areas for the company to ensure customers get the best possible value for their investments. Juan Antonio Cuevas is the company principal.
Reflecting on the new arrangement, Cuevas says: “We are delighted to be representing Arista in our country. Arista’s E-Vocal Dante products offer a comprehensive set of solutions to the challenges of integrating audio into networked environments while other products, such as the Stealth Silent Audio Workstation, are poised to make a sizeable impact on the recording market. ARISTA products are innovative in design and offer streamlined solutions to the challenges of integrating audio into today’s sophisticated environments. All of us look forward to helping make ARISTA a much more recognized brand.”
Paul Shu, president of Arista Corporation, adds: “Zero DBS are well-known in professional audio circles throughout Spain and we are delighted to have them representing us. I believe that, working together, we can help the Pro Audio and A

chinaAdam Hall Group partners with Speaker Electronic in China
Wednesday, 30 September 2020

China - Adam Hall Group has welcomed Speaker Electronic (Jiashan) Co as an exclusive distribution partner in China.
Effective immediately, Speaker Electronic (SE) will take over exclusive distribution for all brands of the Adam Hall Group in the country, including LD Systems, Cameo, Gravity, Defender, Palmer, and Adam Hall.
The announcement was made at a press conference with more than 200 invited guests from audio associations, large event companies, and the ME sector. Connected online for this occasion were Michael von Keitz, chairman of SE, and Markus Jahnel, COO and managing director of the Adam Hall Group, as well as members of the German team.
Speaker Electronic and the Adam Hall Group’s relationship began in 2006. The Chinese subsidiary Speaker Factory is German owned and has been an important supplier for the Neu-Anspach event technology company since that time.
In his video message, Chairman von Keitz spoke of the many years of confidence, fairness, and reliability in the now 14-year cooperation. “Our most important shared goal was and always will be to supply our customers with well-designed quality products,” says von Keitz, who is also the German owner of Speaker Factory.
In his opening speech, COO Jahnel mentioned the most important flagship projects of the Adam Hall Group, such as the iconic MAUI P900, developed in cooperation with Porsche Design Studio, and also looked back on the success story of LD Systems as a global player in the pro audio industry. Jahnel emphasised Speaker Factory as a loyal supplier and contr

andrew-rodd3881The P.A. People chooses Broaman solution
Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Australia - Based in the Sydney suburb of Rhodes, The P.A. People are leading suppliers of event communications systems, having worked on many of the largest celebrations and events across the globe, including five Olympic Games. Their inventory includes wired matrix and digital matrix intercom systems, trunked and traditional two-way radios, CCTV systems, time code displays, event networking and WiFi, mass cast monitoring and full duplex comms systems.
Recently, the company was looking to augment its equipment arsenal with a broadcast quality video transport solution. “We looked at quite a few solutions from a number of vendors from around the world,” comments Chris Dodds. “Our initial focus was on equipment based on the emerging SMPTE 2022 standard, but it quickly became apparent that the level of networking equipment required was simply not tenable for live short-term events.”
Instead, the team turned their focus back to alternative technologies and eventually rediscovered the BroaMan range of fibre-based solutions. BroaMan, the sister brand of Optocore, has developed a number of solutions based on single-channel and CWDM technology to transport SDI video and audio signals over a fibre backbone.
Senior account manager for The P.A. People, Andrew Rodd notes, “We were looking for a solution to transport multiple channels of SDI video across venues and between breakout rooms. When we found the Repeat48 product we found just what we needed, and we knew that with the Optocore heritage it would just work.”
Repeat48 is a series of a

tigTIG expands Experience Spaces programme
Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Europe - Technological Innovations Group (TIG) has opened two of its new series of Experience Spaces - in Frankfurt and London. These spaces will welcome integrators, consultants, specifiers and end-users and showcase TIG's ecosystem of AV, UC, IT and control solutions in a safe and socially-distanced way.
The Experience Spaces will serve to demonstrate how TIG's brands work together to form bespoke bundles that ‘match the client's exact brief, and help integrators deploy fully integrated, tailor-made and future-proof smart spaces in a wide range of environments including corporate, retail, residential, hospitality, education and healthcare’.
The locations of the new Experience Spaces were carefully chosen for their ease of accessibility and central positions in both Frankfurt and London.
Guests can book their personalised visit with one of TIG's experts by going to TIG is committed to adhering to COVID-safety and strict social distancing regulations, and all meetings will be held in private with the most relevant TIG specialist on hand.
With ISE 2021 postponed and many other industry events being cancelled, TIG is planning to host bespoke and small-scale events in its Experience Spaces over the coming months, which will offer an intimate and safe platform to see first-hand how the technologies that TIG represents integrate. These events will see safety measures in place and virtual elements to reach those unable

7thsense-drives-audio-visual-experience-of-subterranean-cave-systems-in-dublin-37thSense drives Dublin subterranean event
Friday, 25 September 2020

UK - Media serving and pixel management experts, 7thSense Design supported a celebration of subterranean karst cave systems in the Museum Building at the heart of Dublin’s Trinity College earlier this year.
The event, Inception Horizon, took the audience on a sensory journey deep underground, following the flow of water through song, sculpture, visual projections and spoken word, also featuring the world premiere of the choral piece Inception Horizon by composer Norah Constance Walsh, performed by the Mellow Tonics choir.
Laurence Gill, Professor in Environmental Engineering in the School of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin, was the driving force of the event.
Behind the on-stage choir, visuals designed by Dara Ní Bheacháin, were projected onto the internal wall using two 7thSense Pico media servers and four Panasonic PT-RZ660BEJ projectors. The installation was configured as two banks of two projectors spaced 30m apart across the hall. Each Pico media server was integrated locally to the projectors, with a network cable connecting each of the server banks for synchronisation.
Speaking about the special event, Dr Fergus Mc Auliffe, communications and engagement manager at iCRAG (Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences) said, “Producing Inception Horizon has allowed us to explore our science in a highly sensory way. The acoustics of the building were perfect for imitating a cavernous underground landscape, and the richness of the choral song was emphasised by the stunning visualisations projected on the


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