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kummitjoulumielellaHippotizer drives graphics for Finnish fundraiser
Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Finland – The Cultural House Martinus in the Finnish city of Vantaa hosted a concert to raise money for sick children in December 2022. Some of Finland’s biggest stars performed in front of eight LED screens, displaying graphics driven by two Hippotizer Montane+ Media Servers. The event, known in Finnish as Kummit JouluMielelle, was broadcast live on MTV3 and recorded for streaming on-demand.
It was organised by The Association of Friends of the University Children’s hospitals charitable organisation, founded in 1993, which is a longstanding client of the event projection, graphics and immersive media experts at Visual45.
“Christmas was a key theme that guided our design work, so that’s what we aimed for,” says Varpu Sipilä, operations manager at Visual45’s parent company, Creative Technology. “We worked with the setlist and curated the visuals accordingly, noting that the range of songs and performers was quite wide. The cheerful songs clearly required more colourful and joyous screen visuals than the more ballad-like numbers.”
On stage, the team set up eight LED screens consisting of 179 Roe Black Pearl 3.9mm panels. They powered up two Hippotizer Montane+ Media Servers, using one for live and one for backup, alongside a high-spec laptop running Zookeeper at the FOH position. To control the Montane+ servers, Visual45’s Tero Kärpijoki used a grandMA2 console.
“Hippotizer is always my first choice for shows, big or small, because it’s really reliable, powerful and fast to work with,” says Kärpijoki. “Hippotizer m

greg-jeffreysGreg Jeffreys sets up consulting practice
Tuesday, 24 January 2023

UK - A player within the global AV industry over a number of years, Greg Jeffreys has announced the decision to separate his consulting practice from the core manufacturing and distribution business, Visual Displays Ltd (VDL).
Greg Jeffreys Consulting Ltd (GJC) will therefore now function as a stand-alone business. And while VDL will continue to specialise in high specification displays, Jeffreys will build on a career that has seen him fulfil a number of volunteer leadership roles within the world of AV, rising to become the first non-American president of AVIXA (known then as InfoComm). Having either led or co-written various AVIXA displays-related standards, he is coming to the end of three years’ leadership of the Association’s standards body.
GJC will separate these consulting specialisms away from his other interests and at the same time meet the increasing post-pandemic demand for consultancy in the design and configuration of hybrid meeting and teaching spaces. He will lead a team of associates - specialists in a comprehensive spread of technology-enhanced workspace disciplines - now known generically as the Teams Room market.
“I’m excited to be continuing my consultancy assignments in this new way,” states Jeffreys. Commenting on current trends, he says, “There has been an ‘all roads lead to Rome’ feeling about the direction of travel with the issues that users and clients currently want to discuss. COVID accelerated the move to hybrid working and teaching with eye-popping velocity, forcing rushed specification decisions a

artnovionArtnovion treatment delivers for Universal AV
Monday, 23 January 2023

UK - Based in West Yorkshire, Universal AV has been designing and supplying innovative audio-visual solutions for more than 30 years, winning an AV Award for Reseller/Integrator of the Year along the way.
A recent move to new company offices presented an opportunity to design the ideal meeting room space, for both face-to-face and hybrid meetings with staff working from home. Once the integrated screen and camera technology was installed in the room, it became apparent that there was a need to address the effects of an acoustically challenging space, as marketing manager Shelley Townend explains.
“The first Teams meeting took place in the office with employees also working from home,” she says, “and those at home complained that they just could not hear us clearly, and that every time somebody moved the noise was unbearable. It was so bad that we ended up avoiding external calls in this manner until we had it resolved.
“The Audio-Technica team came to the office, where they carried out an acoustic test and made some recommendations for solutions that have really transformed the space and its usability.”
The solution involved the installation of several Artnovion sound absorption panels (distributed in the UK by Audio-Technica), as the company’s Tom Macklin, commercial Audio Business Development Manager UK North describes.
“We were faced with a very reverberant room,” he explains, “and it was obvious that some acoustic treatment was going to be necessary to allow meeting participants to hear each other clearly. In additi

bromptonDark Matters turns to Brompton Technology
Friday, 20 January 2023

France - Dark Matters is one of Europe’s most advanced and innovative virtual production complexes. From Simulcam and LED in-camera VFX technology to motion capture, it offers filmmakers and visual creatives a complete end-to-end service and unparalleled control to the very last shot.
Having heard only positive things from industry colleagues about Brompton Technology LED processing, the Dark Matters team chose 10 4K Tessera SX40 4K LED processors for their studio complex.
Dark Matters was founded last year by industry veterans Romain Cheminade, Jean-Louis Eude and Yaniss Boulanouar. Located 27 kilometres outside Paris, the complex features six customisable virtual production stages spread across 15,000m², and a 700-strong fleet of high-quality custom built LED panels powered by industry-leading Brompton Technology LED processing.
“At the forefront of every story is a human story,” says Cheminade, who is also Dark Matters’ CEO. “We spoke with people that we know and trust who have been working with Brompton for many years. They all spoke highly of their Tessera LED processors and 24/7 service support, so we decided to invest in them and have never regretted our decision.”
The company’s LED panels were designed and specified by co-founder and CTO, Boulanouar, who has over 20 years of experience working with Chinese LED manufacturers to design and import LED panels for live and broadcast events. With one of the key requirements for the Dark Matters’ LED stock being rich colour gamut, Boulanouar chose panels with 16-bit depth, 76

rq25kLang invests in Panasonic RQ25K projectors
Friday, 20 January 2023

Europe - Lang AG, one of Europe’s leading visual presentation technology dry-hire businesses has announced a major investment in Panasonic’s new RQ25K Series, for 100 units of the 3-Chip DLP projectors with up to 20,000lm brightness and 4K resolution.
“This significant investment, and extension of our more than 30-year relationship with Panasonic, will help our customers meet today’s industry challenges,” said Tobias Lang, CEO at Lang AG. “The Panasonic RQ25K Projector Series delivers next generation visual technology that wows the crowds with the latest and greatest image quality, streamlines workflows to enable fast and effective set-up and control and delivers unrivalled reliability.”
Lang AG chose the new Series, available in December, because it offers a number of important advantages to its rental users. The RQ25K is 40% smaller and 35% lighter than its RQ22K predecessor, making it easier to transport and stack for Rental and Staging companies and more convenient to position for fixed installations. The Series simplifies everything from installation to operation with time-saving workflow streamlining features. Integration into wider systems is also fast and simple with the first Panasonic projector to be Intel Smart Display Module (Intel SDM)-ready.
“From the moment Panasonic introduced its first 20,000lm projectors back in 2012 it has defined the sector,” added Tobias Lang. “We immediately saw the benefits of the new RQ25K Series for our customers. With the SDM slot it sets new benchmarks in terms of configurability and co

adamhallgroupISE 2023: Adam Hall creates AVL division
Friday, 20 January 2023

Spain - Adam Hall has announced the creation of Adam Hall Integrated Systems – a new business vertical dedicated to serving the installed AVL market sector.
With its own product team headed up by Gabriel Alonso Calvillo, Adam Hall Integrated Systems will act as a resource for AVL professionals – be they consultants, integrators and even end users – to find and specify the products they need for their projects. All Adam Hall installation-friendly products are brought under one roof and application experts are on hand to offers expert advice and support at every stage of the project, from tendering to system design through to training and commissioning.
“We have been working on the development of our integrated systems portfolio for a few years now; and with the new solutions we are presenting at ISE, I am proud to claim that we can offer a comprehensive product range to cover most commercial audio applications,” says Calvillo. “It therefore makes complete sense to create a proper home for our installation range with its own distinct identity that will be both more visible and accessible for our customers and the world at large.”
According to Adam Hall CEO Alexander Pietschmann, the timing is perfect for such a move. “From humble beginnings in 1975, we have grown to be one of the top three audio and lighting manufacturers in Europe as well as a highly successful international distributor,” he says. “We have an extremely strong heritage in live event technology which was where it all started for us. However, we have in fact been dev

i3-engineeringISE 2023: i3 Engineering offers automation
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - Ukrainian manufacturer i3 Engineering will present its latest systems (#CS640) in the show’s Discovery Zone.
i3 Engineering is a specialist hardware company in the fields of smart home and building automation solutions manufacturing. The company develops and manufactures controllers which configure without programming from their own mobile app.
"Our devices can be combined to a multi-master bus, which allows any of them to know what is happening to others,” says CEO Pavlo Tsiupka. “A user or integrator creates an automation rule in a mobile app, which transmitted to the device. The device processes the rule and sends the command to execute. For example, if switch is turn on, then light two lamps, if double-press - raise the air temperature, if a long press - close the curtains. We want everyone electrician to be able to set up an automation system of any complexity using our devices.”
i3 Engineering systems can manage various types of electrical equipment, such as lighting, sockets, heating and air conditioning systems, blinds and curtains, irrigation, etc. The system can be installed in private houses, apartments, restaurants, ships, business centres, malls and hotels.
Having received the CE certificate in 2021, the company focused on growth in Ukraine and distribution in markets where the frequency range of 50Hz 230V and 60Hz 127V is used. The company has partners in Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Egypt and Portugal. Now they are looking for interested distributors companies in Spain, Italy, and the UK.

hypervsnISE 2023: Hypervsn shows holographic solutions
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - Hypervsn is bringing the latest in interactive holographic solutions to showcase at ISE 2023. Featuring the all-new Hypervsn SmartV Digital Avatar and Full Body Live-Streaming, these products are designed to ‘completely revolutionise customer experiences in retail, education, events, and many other verticals’.
Recently, Michael Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Europe, was able join Talent Congress in Barcelona in 3D Hologram form while being 4000 miles away in Oman, thanks to Hypervsn Full Body Live-Streaming. Hypervsn is bringing a demo of this innovative solution to ISE 2023 to showcase how it is adding the much-needed ‘human touch’ and visual form to the traditional flat screen calls and live streams. This live streaming solution is based on Hypervsn SmartV products, with specially created image layers and visual effects to maximise the realism and impact on the audience, perfect for education and events.
Another solution to be showcased at the show is SmartV Digital Avatar, a new solution which allows two-way interaction with a digitally rendered human avatar, bringing the Metaverse to the physical world. Based on Hypervsn Holographic Human solution, which runs on pre-recorded content, Digital Avatar takes it a step further by allowing real-time conversations with users, thanks to its interactive AI capabilities and the scalable ‘human touch’. This is a new solution for banking, retail, and other human-dependent sectors where holographic assistants can take over the routine everyday questions, leaving time for its

hiveplayerISE 2023: HIVE to launch media players
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - Media control specialist HIVE, has announced it will launch two new products, hold live demonstrations on Panasonic booth #3J500 and run video playback on Leyard Europe’s stand, #3D800, at ISE 2023 in Barcelona.
Visitors to the show will be the first to see two new 1U rack mount pieces of hardware, Player_3-Pro and Player_4-Pro. Both units will run the feature-rich HIVE software and will be available to order at ISE.
Developed utilising the team’s combined 60 years’ experience in entertainment technology, the new hardware features include a 10G Ethernet connection, SMPTE LTC Timecode In/Out and balanced L/R XLR audio outputs, alongside the 4k and 8k output options.
Additionally, HIVE will showcase the SDM Module prototype, a fresh approach to media control that incorporates high performance HIVE Media Player software directly into the display hardware.
HIVE units can already integrate with wide-ranging display technology. Now, the SDM Module is able to connect directly into the Intel SDM slot, inside the Panasonic DLP Projectors. This delivers valuable, wide-reaching environmental benefits by freeing both integrators and customers from complex and expensive signal distribution networks, and increasingly unmanageable control room footprints.
HIVE’s Mark Calvert comments: “We are very excited by this move and are grateful to Panasonic and Intel for their ongoing support of HIVE with this ground-breaking product advancement.”
At ISE, HIVE will also provide a high-performance based LED playback system featuring a l

bridging-the-silosISE 2023: Jetbuilt offers AV roadmap
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Spain - Jetbuilt has announced a strategy ‘to bridge the silos existing within the AV industry’. While industry professionals recognise their software as the go-to tool for fast and efficient proposal generation and 360-degree project management, Jetbuilt’s platform possesses more comprehensive capabilities. Ushering in a new era, Jetbuilt is focused on bridging the silos within the industry to foster better communication and collaboration, all within one easy-to-use and purpose-built platform. Jetbuilt will emphasise its new focus during ISE 2023 with a larger appearance, including personalised product demos.
Along with providing the tools to build, sell, and manage projects with speed and efficiency, Jetbuilt’s platform is designed to enable real-time communication across various roles.
“Our software is not just for integrators and designers. End-users, manufacturers and distributors greatly benefit from Jetbuilt as well,” explains Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “Our company roadmap for 2023, and the demos we have planned for ISE, are focused on bringing project stakeholders together for the good of the project and the benefit of every party involved.”
Jetbuilt’s team has identified a need for greater cross-profession communication. Interaction and collaboration happen between these groups on projects every day, yet they are forced to work in isolation. AV professionals share a common goal: to provide fully-functioning, high-quality systems to the end user. The Jetbuilt platform reduces the inevitable friction

savansSAW brings demos to life with SA Van Conversions
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

South Africa - Durban-based SA Van Conversions is an established panel van conversion company that produces modifications across South Africa and the SADC countries. Previous projects have garnered them respect from peers within the industry, as well as from the government. While they specialise in panel vans, the team is adept at fitting a range of vehicles including ambulances, taxis, camper vans, trailers and more.
As part of a recent project, SA Vans Conversions teamed up with Stage Audio Works to deliver a fully AV-equipped touring bus for KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence (KZN Sharks Board) to utilise during their live demonstrations, which include the dissection of a shark in front of their audience.
Stage Audio Works were brought in to design and install a complete AV system for the touring truck which opens up to create a full stage complete with integrated PA and large video screen. Stage Audio Works specified a Plus Audio and Pixel Plus solution to handle audio and video respectively. These tools help to immerse and engage audiences – especially younger generations. The company also supplied a full DJ Setup, comprising a professional grade Denon DJ system, along with a pair of Plus Audio M13 stage monitors.
“After talking with SA Van Conversions and the end-client, we decided on a Plus Audio sound system based on the compact Li-series which offers an excellent quality-to-price ratio and is ideally sized for the project,” explains Victor Vermaak, sales representative for SAW. “Four L208 loudspeakers and two

bartosz-jankowskiAram adds senior production manager
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

UAE - Aram, a specialist in entertainment design and complex technical production, has announced the appointment of Bartosz Jankowski as its new senior production manager in Dubai. Bartosz was previously associated with Visualsupport.
“From now on, Bartosz will be our permanent senior project manager responsible for the events and productions in the MENA region including Saudi Arabia. We believe that our knowledge and expertise in execution events like TV productions, trade fairs, esports, or festivals will be beneficial for clients in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia,” said Rafal Mrzyglocki, CEO of Aram.
Aram provides design and production services, together with the latest audio-visual solutions for live events, TV shows, festivals, esports, and conferences.

power-wolfHippotizer feeds Powerwolf’s big screen creatures
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Germany – Metal band Powerwolf unleashed their no-holds-barred Wolfsnächte Tour 2022 across Europe in the autumn, with a characteristically energetic show designed to thrill their hoards of die-hard fans. Dominating the staging was a huge 5mm pixel pitch LED wall displaying album cover artwork, creatures of the night, and eerie scenes, driven by Hippotizer Boreal media servers supplied to the tour by Cast.
The tour visited 12 countries, playing 19 dates and the band’s performance in the German city of Oberhausen was broadcast on German TV, and a live stream and recording is available online. Lighting and video designer Dennis Feichtner was approached by Powerwolf’s long-time LD Mark Schöffel to take care of the visuals, focusing on pre-programming the show in collaboration with Schöffel, and operating during the shows using a grandMA3 desk and Hippotizer Zookeeper running from FOH.
“Having two Boreal servers in Main/Backup mode felt very safe on the tour,” says Feichtner. “They were highly powered for the task of playing out one feed of FullHD content on four layers and I find them extremely stable. Hippotizer servers always give me the feeling that they find tackling demanding jobs easy, both hardware and software-wise. They just do it, even when it’s hot, loud and there are a lot of massive vibrations - we have pyro, flames, snow and bass all the way. They just play the content and never complain.”
The LED wall was bordered on the right and left with printed fabrics and designed to appear as a complete unit, ensuring the entire

cesar-cacaresBrompton Technology appoints product lead
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

UK - Brompton Technology has announced the appointment of Cesar Caceres, who will be joining the company’s cross-functional product development team as their product lead.
Having worked at Brompton between 2017 and 2019 as product specialist, followed by senior technical roles at disguise and Votion Studios [Hong Kong], Caceres is an expert when it comes to knowing how to use technology to create and deliver spectacular visual, virtual, and live experiences. In his new role as product lead, Caceres returns to Brompton to help lead the way with new and existing products, liaising with Brompton’s key customers across the globe and building deeper connections with them.
“For me, I have the best job in the company,” says Caceres. “I have always been passionate about delivering the best service and experience. The way Brompton designs and manufactures its products and supports the industry is very much attuned to my own vision of being able to offer quality solutions that directly correspond to customers’ needs.”

vp-xr-theatreISE 2023: Alfalite to showcase LED solutions
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Spain - Alfalite will be present at ISE 2023 (booth 6H310) with its Alfalite VP XR solution, a complete virtual production environment using Alfalite LED screens with a specific development and full integration into the production ecosystem of UK manufacturer Mo-Sys.
The solution includes Startracker camera tracking system, Broadcast Mixed Reality technology (bMR) and remote camera heads from Mo-Sys that together with Alfalite’s screens create a complete ecosystem of virtual XR production for cinema, series, broadcast and advertising.
For the fixed installation market, the Spanish company will also present the new versions of its series of Alfalite Modularpix Pro LED panels with new pixel pitches and the new generation of Alfalite ORIM technology, used in such iconic projects as Gaudí Cube at Casa Batlló, RTVE News in Torrespaña, Plaza Media Gmbh or the pentagon in Ifema HELIXA.
LED panels with ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module) technology have superior antistatic electricity protection (ESD > 10kV), improved thermal dissipation parameters, and excellent resistance to impacts, liquids, chemicals and fire (with UL94 compliance). They are also easier to clean, suffer less deterioration and have the shortest repair time on the market.
For the rental market, the company will show a new 1.5mm version of Alfalite Litepix P1 ORIM, the reference panel for rental companies, after the success of its use among the most demanding and representative companies of the Spanish events market with its 2.6 and 1.9 mm models, and that allows, with the

ht-mercuryISE 2023: Hall debuts Mercury video bar
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Spain - Hall Technologies, a global AV company specialising in unified communication solutions, has announced the international debut of Mercury, its all-in-one conferencing and collaboration tool, at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, having successfully been introduced into the US market in November. The video bar offers wireless screen presentation capabilities, camera auto tracking, speaker tracking, and presenter tracking.
“Think of Mercury as your smart video conferencing companion,” says Hall Technologies vice president of technology Ken Eagle. “This plug-and-play product has built-in features that enable tracking for not only the audio, but for visuals too. It’s compatible with both OS and UC applications. Mercury is a dynamic bundled solution for creating better meeting equity in small to mid-sized meeting rooms and huddle spaces. It’s unique in that it can track and capture meeting attendees when they are presenting, while utilizing AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), ANS (Automatic Noise Suppression) and full duplex mode communication to make all participants feel like they are in the same room.”
The HT-Mercury is a video bar with an ultra-wide angle 4K AI camera, microphone and speaker featuring wireless screen presentation capabilities. It includes a built-in Wi-Fi module and offers multiple connection options, including AirPlay, Miracast, Smart View, HT-Voyager and physical HDMI and USB-C ports. Connecting to the HT-Mercury using any of these methods can project the video from the connected device to the connecte

veloct-bikefestCountdown to BikeFest 2023
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Spain - In just two weeks’ time, Creative Technology EME’s CEO, Dave Crump, will once again be donning his Lycra, with other fellow industry personnel and setting off on BikeFest.
Covering almost 400km along the Mediterranean coastline, Dave and around 20 industry peers, will take on this impressive ride raising vital funds for industry charities, Backup Tech, Music Support, and Stagehand.
Starting in Valencia on 27 January, the team will cycle 140km on day one to Peñiscola, followed by 130km on day two to Tarragona, and a final 95km on day three to Barcelona, finishing at Barcelona Fira on 29 January to mark the start of ISE 2023.
“As those who know me know, I’m an occasional cyclist, and a huge supporter or Backup and the work done by ‘We Make Events’ during and since the pandemic. This will be a tough but amazing journey,” he says, “but I am someone who needs a challenge to encourage me to work off the Christmas pounds and doing it for such a worthy cause is a massive bonus.”
ISE is always a big event for Creative Technology and in 2023 the company’s rapidly growing Systems Integration division will be exhibiting for the first time. You can meet the global CT Systems Integration team at Stand 5G225.
“Creative Technology is well-known for its spectacular productions in the world of live events, but even though our work in the systems integration market has been happening for some time now, and is equally impressive, so far it has been much less visible to the market,” Dave concludes. “If you are coming to ISE

creativeCT builds Nordisk Film Shortcut LED stage
Monday, 16 January 2023

Denmark - Creative Technology has worked alongside the Nordisk Film-owned VFX and post-production company Nordisk Film Shortcut to create the Shortcut LED Stage – a full 360° LED stage, 16m in diameter and six metres high, with walls and ceiling completely covered with LED panels.
The new stage allows film makers, production companies and other visual storytellers to shoot and tell stories in a flexible, creative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.
The project started last year, when Creative Technology was asked to build a 360-degree LED stage in Copenhagen for Nordisk Film, one of the oldest film studios in the world, and its post-production company Shortcut. After visiting the ARRI X CT stage in London, Nordisk Film Shortcut decided that they wanted to create a similar facility to enable film production in a virtual environment. In collaboration with agency Kreaktivitet AS, Creative Technology started planning the construction in March 2022.
Work began with the preparation of the building and the floor for the installation, which weighs in at over 33 tonnes. First, a steel structure was set up as a framework in which the rest of the construction could be assembled. Cabling was pulled out and rack rooms were built. The first delivery of LED panels arrived in July, with a 14-strong team from CT working on building the giant LED volume.
“We started with the curved LED section first, then built the ceiling which was raised to allow us to continue working on the curved section. The last stage included putting up the doors,”

trackingISE 2023: Naostage debuts 3D trackingSystem
Monday, 16 January 2023

Spain - Naostage’s K System beaconless 3D tracking solution will make its debut before an international audience at Integrated Systems Europe 2023.
The K System makes it easy for fixed-install professionals to create immersive, interactive live experiences by seamlessly identifying and following visitors and performers wherever they are in a defined tracking area – allowing for the automation of an endless array of lighting, audio, video and media effects in real time, in sync with the installation or show. The official launch of K System will take place at 16.30 on Tuesday 31 January on the 196sqm Naostage booth (5D700), where hands-on demonstrations will give ISE visitors the opportunity to see the product up close for the first time.
In addition to concerts, tours and festivals, the technology could be used, for example, to automate tracking in a venue, museum or visitor attraction, triggering audio, video and lighting effects as a visitor enters the room, or to allow a cruise ship to embark on a multi-week journey with a fully automated show, simplifying pre-production and reducing costs across the board.
Once rigged, the plug-and-play sensor scans the space in 3D, feeding data to the K System processing unit, which automatically identifies each target in real time.
Paul Cales, founder and CEO of Naostage, says ISE provides an opportunity to demonstrate the power of K System to an international audience, as well as build on its existing network of partners and distributors in the EMEA region. “Along with live staging, the AV systems

sonySony and Studios de France create virtual studio
Monday, 16 January 2023

France - Sony has joined forces with Plateau Virtuel (virtual production studio, subsidiary of the Novelty-Magnum-Dushow Group) and Studios de France (the leading set provider for broadcasting in France) to create the first virtual studio with a 90m² Sony Crystal LED B-series screen (18m wide x 5m high) in Seine Saint Denis, north of Paris, France.
This project will deliver ‘unrivalled image quality for producers and cinematographers alike, as Sony Crystal LED display technology is combined with the VENICE camera capture technology’.
"Our virtual production offering offers a unique image quality. We are delighted to open, with Plateau Virtuel and Studios de France, the first studio in Europe that will host creators and productions using Crystal LED technology on a wall of exceptional dimensions,” commented Fabien Pisano, sales director, media solutions, Sony Europe.
The facility is set in a 700m2 set in the Studios de Lendit near Paris. Its curved screen, measuring 18m wide and 5m high, is composed of 450 "assortments" each including a combination of eight LED modules.
Sony's Crystal LED technology allows for a very high contrast ratio, a very thin pitch (1.5mm vs. 2.6mm the current market standard) even with a curved screen, and the best reproduction of details and movements.
"It's a screen that took 15 days to assemble, working with the Sony teams. Most studio screens are placed on the ground, for us it was important to have a suspended structure in order to be able to slide floors underneath, be they LED or other kind of f

bromptonFilm school VP LED wall powered by Brompton
Thursday, 12 January 2023

Australia - AIE Film School has chosen Brompton Technology’s LED processing to power its Virtual Production volume on its Canberra campus soundstage, with plans for an expanded volume later this year.
AIE’s temporarily constructed 18.5 x 3.5m stage creates a single, large volume, made up of Liantronics LED panels and powered by Brompton Technology Tessera SX40 LED processing and Tessera XD 10G data distribution units.
In 2023, AIE plans to build a new permanent film studio, AIE Film Studios, featuring a larger 30m x 30m x 15m soundstage, with an expanded 24m x 6m volume (770sqm of LED panels) powered by Brompton LED processing. It will initially be used for feature film development, and later TV production, with students undertaking Work Integrated Learning (WIL) with AIE’s industry partners on the programmes.
"We have been exploring features of different LED processing options to make the right decision for our commercial and training project right here in Australia and in other countries in the future,” explains Lei Guo, president – strategic partnerships & investments at AIE. “Brompton was chosen because its Tessera interface was a lot easier to use than the previous system.
“It also provided extensive features for managing how colour is represented on our LED displays as well as offering a wealth of in-camera focused features like ShuttterSync that allow for finer control of how the LED displays look in camera. We were also impressed with Brompton’s ongoing R&D work and incredible support throughout our journey.”<

frida-khalo-wendell-teodoroTDC celebrates summer at Sydney Festival
Thursday, 12 January 2023

Australia - Sydney is back and evidence of its uniquely Australian celebration of Summer will be an unprecedented line up of artists’ work at Sydney Festival. TDC - Technical Direction Company, award-winning provider of event and entertainment technology solutions and sponsor of Sydney Festival, has announced its biggest involvement yet in the city-wide celebration of culture, creativity and live performance.
Its team of technicians have been busy preparing creative design technology and projection mapping expertise showcased at multiple events across Sydney from 5 – 29 January 2023 including Festival highlights featuring feminist Frida Kahlo, and mythic new opera epic Antarctica.
Chris Fitzgerald, TDC technical project manager, said: “We are very excited to be a Sydney Festival partner once again in 2023. Organising and coordinating our sponsorship of Sydney Festival required extensive site surveys, scheduling, dealing with weather changes and attention to detail. It also gave us an opportunity for us to work in collaboration with some leading artists from all over the world using the latest projection mapping techniques and LED technology. We are proud to be involved and can’t wait to see audiences react to the wonderful experience.”
To provide visitors with an immersive experience and continuing TDC’s commitment to sustainability, TDC has deployed the latest addition to its inventory the Barco G62-W11 laser projector which operate on a fraction of the energy used in lamp-based counterparts.
Michael Hasset, founder and ma

dtend7xdualISE 2023: DTEN to debut multi-platform range
Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Spain - DTEN, manufacturer of all-in-one video conferencing solutions, has announced that it will showcase several new multi-platform products at Integrated Systems Europe 2023 (ISE) later this month, including the new D7X Dual, DTEN Vue side cameras and the D7X Android Edition.
ISE attendees will experience first-hand how DTEN is advancing the hybrid workplace and hybrid classroom with innovative new multi-platform touch collaboration devices, room controllers, and workspace schedulers.
The newly released D7X series, which will be the core of the exhibit, will be displayed in not only 55” Windows and Android operating systems, but also in the larger 75” screen size. Also featured will be the new Dual 55” configuration with a uniquely mounted vertical camera.
The D7X series from DTEN is purpose built to provide a future-proof solution for video-first collaborative hybrid meeting sessions, ready to handle the latest whiteboarding and video collaboration enhancements to Zoom Rooms with easy BYOD functionality for extra flexibility.
Doug Remington, general manager of EMEA commented, “The D7X series of products are a real game changer for DTEN and we’ve received a great response from the market so far since launch of the D7X Windows and Android Editions. We are ecstatic to show our new multi-platform products in live demonstrations in Barcelona. What better place to debut across EMEA than at ISE.”
Other products on display at the DTEN stand, Hall 2 - booth number #2R350, will be the DTEN ME Pro with InclusiView and Virtual Recept

absen-virtual-production-forumISE 2023: Absen highlights LED innovation
Monday, 9 January 2023

Spain - Absen will be showcasing solutions from its wide range of innovative LED solutions at ISE 2023, Hall 3, booth N300. This comprehensive booth will be supplemented by an additional feature in the new Content Production & Distribution Zone in Hall 6, booth 6E150.
Highlights of Absen’s Hall 3 booth include the new flagship Virtual Production solution, the PR 2.5. This offers a wide colour gamut, fast heat dissipation and delivers a 16% reduction in power consumption compared with older products. With the customized lock system, users can quickly complete installations including hanging, stacking and other rental and staging layouts. The booth will feature a typical VP set up, showcasing partner technologies from ARRI and Brompton.
The AW1.9 is a new addition to Absen’s DOOH portfolio and will be exhibited for the first time at ISE. Absen is partnering with DOOH Click complete management platform to support both the AW1.9 and AW2.5 versions of this range of outdoor LED solutions.
As part of the Data Visualisation Clear Cobalt Series, the CL1.2 Mirco LED solution, with black coating technology and Absen's black calibration technology, not only has a non-reflective surface, but also produces vivid colours for true to nature images. With high reliability, wide colour gamut and full flip chip technology this product redefines reality.
Absen’s Esports & Gaming Showcase in Hall 6 will feature a 6m x 3m, 2.5pp LED wall as the backdrop, with a two-person gaming desk, fully kitted out and running a series of interactive games, thanks


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