From top: House of Cards; Intrepid; and LightBridge (photos copyright Janus van den Eijnden)
The Netherlands - Visual Productions is technology partner of the 2014 Amsterdam Light Festival. For the third year in a row the Visual Productions' Solid State lighting controllers helped visualise the lighting designs of worldwide artists during this 10 week-long festival. The CueCore, IoCore and DIN Rail DMX Splitter were used to control the lighting for 12 exhibits of the festival. Light-works in both the Water Colors route and the Illuminade utilised the Visual Productions control solutions. These consisted of exhibits from around the world including, 'Water Fun' from New Zealand designer Angus Muir; Russian architect Vasili Popov's 'Rebicycledome'; 'House of Cards' designed by Israeli designer Gaston Zahr; and - back to the home territory - Dutch-based Frank Tjepkema's 'Light Bridge'.

For installations 'Intrepid' and 'Campfire' product and programming support was via the Visual Productions dealers Lichtpunt and TDE respectively. Additional advice with the control concept and technical capabilities was given by Visual Productions.

The paper boat installation, 'Intrepid' was designed by Russian-born artist Katja Galyuk, programmed by Lichtpunt with the festival's Artistic Leader, Rogier van der Heide aiding Galyuk with the lighting design.

Rogier first contacted Visual Productions with a list of requirements including the need for sensors. With the use of the on-board contact closures (GPI) and scheduler the CueCore filled the brief well. In the final installation a light sensor was used. The sensor was connected with the CueCore's GPI sending a trigger to the 'blue lights' memory. When the sensor cut out the lights returned to the white setting.

The CueCore in the 'House of Cards' is traveling on to Italy this spring for Milan design week. Later in the year the 'Light Bridge[ is due to travel to the light festival in Sweden. Technical consultant and

programmer for this installation, Tom Aarts, has indicated that he would like to use the Visual Productions controllers again. The LightBridge uses six CueCores for the playback of video content, playing them back from random triggers.

Lighting designer Floriaan Ganzvoort designed the concept and worked on the technical how-to for light installation, 'NOW'. The word 'NOW' was projected on four buildings around the Waterloo Plein area of the city. The size of the word could be changed by the visitors, reflecting the importance of that specific building for each visitor. The cues were recorded via the CueCore's web interface. Each cue was triggered by the on-board GPI which was connected to the user interface of a big red button. Each time the button was hit the word 'NOW' would increase or decrease in size. This proved to be a very popular exhibit as many visitors to the festival were seen playing and experimenting with 'NOW'.

After such a successful festival, working with the beautiful and diverse light installations, Visual Productions has now confirmed its continued involvement in partnering the lighting control elements for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015. This involvement begins with meeting the new group of artists and designers in May when workshops will be held during which the design briefs can be coupled with lighting control solutions from Visual Productions.

For the 2014 installs the following control equipment was sponsored by Visual Productions:

24 CueCore, 2 IoCore and 5 DIN Rail DMX Splitters.

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