‘Black and gold interior design contrasts with a distinct lack of pillars’
Japan - Zouk Tokyo is within Granbell Hotel Ginza’s new commercial complex, the latest luxury hospitality launch from Granbell Hotel Group.
A Void Acoustics sound system has been installed across Zouk Tokyo’s two basement floors, one of which has a lounge space, premium bar and VIP seating, while the floor beneath contains an impressive dance hall and stage. Altogether, the space offers a 600m2 capacity, capable of holding 1,000 people.
Black and gold interior design contrasts with a distinct lack of pillars, the sprawling atrium, and a giant 5m wide lighting system called the Mothership, custom-built by a specialist lighting team in Barcelona, Spain.
The audio installation is by eastaudio, a Tokyo Sound System Laboratory member, a sound system production team responsible for many of Japan’s famous nightclubs.
Satoru Tocci Tochibori explained: “Years of planning have gone into Zouk Tokyo, and we were asked to accommodate a variety of function types from the hotel group such as nightlife, corporate events and live shows. This meant carefully blending sound across multiple environments, tight spaces, unusual angles and a desire for the Void system to subtly match the overall look and feel of Zouk Tokyo. We paid particular attention to balancing the sound pressure and power within the main floor and the rest of the corridors. We’re really proud of the outcome.”
Inside Zouk Tokyo is a custom-coloured Void Incubus System as the main speaker on the lower floor and Tri Motion as the rear speakers. Numerous Airten V3, Venu 10/8 V2 and Air 8 were used as fill speakers and for the punchy bass Airten V3 and Venu 215 V2 subwoofers were installed.
There is also a Cirrus 6.1 in the restrooms and 32 Bias amps drive all the speakers.
Jun-ichi Arai, Technical chief at Zouk Tokyo, concluded: “This was the first time we’d dealt with a full Void system, and it has provided us with a system worthy of Zouk Tokyo. The main objective of this installation was to ensure audiences could still have conversations even with high-pressure sound and Void has helped us achieve this, making our venue the ideal space.
“Void is highly regarded by our DJs. The sound is almost too good to be true - the highs and mids are crisp and clean and the Tokyo Sound System is perfectly planned and tuned.”

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