VUE Audiotechnik CEO Ken Berger with Global Market Management's Alex Schloesser
Singapore - VUE Audiotechnik has announced the appointment of Global Market Management as its APAC sales representative. The company's CEO Bardy Hayes will oversee new sales opportunities from Global Market's California office, while Singapore-based Alex Schloesser will lead the technical support for current and future customers in the region.

"We have been following VUE Audiotechnik's progress with great enthusiasm since its launch," says Hayes. "We are very pleased to become the sales representative for this exciting brand of loudspeakers. We have never before encountered such swift worldwide acceptance for a new professional audio brand, particularly loudspeakers. I have personally known the co-founders for many years and their combined experience and reputation, along with the wide portfolio of products they have developed, has quickly catapulted them to the upper echelon of brands."

For the past decade, Hayes and his team have served the Latin American and Asia Pacific region with top-rated export sales management. "Having Bardy, Alex and the entire Global Market Management team, all of whom have extensive industry knowledge, available to represent VUE Audiotechnik in Asia and Australia will be a huge benefit to our partners and customers," says Ken Berger, CEO of VUE Audiotechnik. "We're confident that they will build on our current accomplishments in this region, giving our partners and customers the expertise, technical support and attention that they require to succeed."

In addition to providing support, Schloesser will conduct educational seminars throughout the region that will further inform the APAC pro audio community on the uses and benefits of VUE systems. "I am very excited about this new project both on a personal and professional level," he says. "The technology that VUE brings to the table is really groundbreaking; and the fidelity of every system is extraordinary."

Jim Sides, executive vice president of VUE Audiotechnik is equally enthusiastic about the new alliance. "Bardy and Alex are serious professionals who will bring about a whole new level of experience and access to the APAC market to VUE," he expresses. "I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with both of them in various capacities over the past 25 years and I am confident they will exceed our expectations by finding new opportunities and facilitating our growth in the APAC region."

(Jim Evans)

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