Stockholm Concert Hall is where the awarding ceremonies for the Nobel Prize and the Polar Music Prize are held (photo: Per Sundin)
Sweden - W-DMX by Wireless Solution Sweden AB is currently controlling a beautiful display of holiday lighting at Stockholm Concert Hall in downtown Stockholm. The installation includes 32 SGM P5s equipped with W-DMX OEM boards. The lighting is controlled from a grandMA PC Wing located inside the hall.

The W-DMX gear consists of one WhiteBox F-1 and four WhiteBox F-2 units working as repeaters. Jonas Nilsson was on site for the installation and explains: "The WhiteBox F-2s are placed around the Concert Hall on the same poles as the fixtures, and are working as repeaters. This was the only way to solve this installation since we were not allowed to cause any damage to the building. Both omnidirectional and directional antennas were used." All gear was supplied by Lagom & Gott AB.

Stockholm Concert hall, inaugurated in 1926 and designed by Ivar Tengbom is home to the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. It is also where the awarding ceremonies for the Nobel Prize and the Polar Music Prize are held annually.

Lighting designer Per Sundin describes his design: "The interesting aspect with the facade of Stockholm Concert hall is the blue colour which is in big contrast to the classical Stockholm colours from the 18th century - golden ochre, English red and gray. I have, for a long time, worked and developed ideas around a lighting concept for facade lighting, where I work with the existing colours and pigments. Stockholm's old city districts with colour scale is the perfect environment to be able to tune in the colour mix and find the ultimate colour wavelength that mirrors the pigment colour of the facades I have chosen to work with controllable lighting fixtures. In this case SGM P5 with W-DMX. I control each fixture around the building."

Sundin continues: "A part of the concept is also something I call 'lighting during commercial hours' which means the lighting level follows the city pulse, higher during store open hours and the decrease during evening when the pulse and traffic goes down. I'm sure this type intelligent control system of public lighting will be a part of the infrastructure in near future and my work with this type of temporary installation is part of idea development to create showcases for decision makers."

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution explains, "It is not so uncommon for W-DMX to be specified when it comes to the delicate nature of older buildings. It avoids damage to external structures and really just allows an easier installation in general. Stockholm Concert Hall is a beautiful building and Per did a wonderful job highlighting its unique features and colour."

(Jim Evans)

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