The boat docked back in Kuwait on 1 December 2014 (photo: High Pro Event Management)
Kuwait - Wireless Solution Sweden AB recently played a pivotal role in High PRO Event Management in Kuwait using W-DMX for the Journey of Hope sailing expedition. The journey took a ship to 39 ports in 19 countries over 210 days of sailing around the world, with the purpose of spreading a global humanitarian message for the benefit of the mentally challenged. The boat docked back in Kuwait on 1 December 2014.

The ship departed in May 2014 from Marina Crescent Ground near the seaside, Salmiya in Kuwait. W-DMX sent signal over a 1000m distance to a variety of fixtures including 30 Clay Paky Sharpys on top of the Marina Hotel. Signal was sent from 2 W-DMX F-1 transmitters with booster, parabolic antenna and 12 W-DMX receivers.

W-DMX also sent signal to 12 Griven Kolorado 2500 fixtures to illuminate the boat, eight VMB Dimmers for the key light of the stage with 18 ETC Profiles, 30 Highpro FL4803 LED bars, 20 Strand 2K Fresnels for welcoming the crew, and 12 Robe Robin MMX Spot and 12 Robin 600 LED Wash for added effects. Control came from a grandMA2 Full Size console. HighPro Events and Managements supplied all of the lights and W-DMX.

Ronald Zamora, senior technical director for High Pro Kuwait and Saudi Arabia explains, "The usual challenges are that every time we have some events like this across the Marina Crescent to the Marina Hotel it is difficult to send such DMX signal to this location if you don't use the W-DMX. I routinely teach our lighting operator how to use this kind of Wireless System. All comments from the client were about the awesome DMX wireless equipment and no interference at all."

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution said, "This is one of those examples where a client is needing to run DMX a great distance and there is water involved. We thought High PRO did a phenomenal job on this event and used the W-DMX successfully and creatively."

(Jim Evans)

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