GSDS 2022, Lagan Valley (photo: Brian Morrison)
Europe Creators of outdoor arts events Walk the Plank has partnered with Bluman Associates to offer tailored experiences for brands and events using new tech Geolights, GPS-enabled, lightweight, sustainable and handheld lights.
Geolights can be used to create mass participation public events and connect audiences to brands. They were innovated and developed for large-scale outdoor events Green Space Dark Skies by Walk the Plank working with experts at Siemens, Core Lighting and Bluman Associates.
The aims of this new partnership combine the forces of British creativity and tech innovation to offer ‘never-before-seen spectacles that combine performance, choreography and participation’.
Handheld Geolights include GPS-enabled technology, allowing real-time location tracking and real-time content delivery. The Geolights content can be pre-programmed to a specific geographical location and the Wi-Fi show canvas can be an area similar in size to a football pitch.
Audiences can feel connected to a brand with Geolights technology enabling an experiential, collective and highly participatory event. By remotely changing the colour of the Geolights, each participant becomes a pixel within a predesigned, dynamic and ever-changing image of live shapes and forms. Filmed by drone, the forms and shapes created by individuals on the ground are recorded. This new participatory technological innovation, combined with creativity allows people to become part of the event and also the legacy of an event, through film or photography.
Walk the Plank co-founder John Wassell says, “Creating these Geolights has been a multi-person collaboration. Partnering with Bluman means the scale and usage for the interactive, joining in events and brand promotions is a wonderful opportunity. We get to create massive and memorable moments with very little impact on the environment. Working with Pod’s team at Bluman is a joining force of visionary AV, arts and creative participation that hasn’t been done before and lays the groundwork for us to generate exciting UK-based and international projects.”
Artist and designer Pod Bluman, founder of Bluman Associates, comments: “We specialise in exceptional light events and it seemed natural to partner with Walk the Plank to create Geolights for Green Space Dark Skies. We are now looking forward to making epic, bold people-powered events and brand promos together. I am truly excited to bring people and communities together in this new way towards collective effervescence. Creative, business and tech all coming together in this brilliant partnership show us leading the way into the future.”
There are 500 Geolocation enabled lights for creating a new style of large scale and people powered events with plans in development to increase this number to 1000. The Geolights were developed by Siemens graduate engineers.

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