The Wharfedale Pro UK team at PLASA Show last year

UK - British pro audio manufacturer Wharfedale Pro will be returning to the Royal Armouries this May for PLASA Focus Leeds. The Wharfedale Pro team will be on hand to introduce visitors to all the latest products in the brand's ever-growing portfolio, as well as supporting business partners with upcoming projects.

“PLASA focus Leeds is always a great opportunity to connect with our UK market outside of London,” says Peter Peck, marketing manager at Wharfedale Pro. “We’ll be sharing a cross-section of our product portfolio on the booth with a focus on our updated DP series amplifiers with FIR filters, a range of installation loudspeakers and our flagship WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature array system.”

The continued development of Wharfedale Pro’s DP series amplifiers, including the DP-F, DP-i and DP-N models is aimed at addressing key market feature requests. DP-F, N and i series amplifiers feature a wide working range AC voltage of 90V - 260V and are stable down to 2 Ω. Variable speed fans keep the amplifier rack quiet when not in use, and cool, even when running at high volume.

“At PLASA Focus Leeds, we’ll be highlighting our vast range of downloadable loudspeaker FIR presets from the comprehensive Wharfedale Pro preset library,” continues Peck. “We are always keen to listen to feedback from product users in the field and welcome any suggestions for the evolutions of the DP software platform.”

Those familiar with Wharfedale Pro will recall that the brand has pioneered EVO-Fold technology in its most recent solutions for live events. “The full-range WLA-112 and WLA-115 elements in the WLA-1 system use a coaxial design in combination with our exclusive EVO-Fold high-frequency waveguide to provide consistent dispersion coverage on both the horizontal and vertical planes,” explains Peck. “This technology has proved incredibly popular and we’re looking forward to introducing more people to our active WLA-1A system at this year’s show.”

PLASA Focus Leeds provides an innovative and welcoming environment for industry professionals and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements and engage with key players in the audio and lighting solutions market. The Wharfedale Pro team encourages visitors to visit booth N-B17 to find out ‘what’s new’ and explore the range of products on the booth.

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