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USA - A new whitepaper, titled The Three Pillars of Audio Networking sheds light on the critically important, but often overlooked elements that make up a complete audio networking solution. This whitepaper examines the roles played by solution execution, support, and product availability in delivering real-world interoperability. The report, written by Audinate, references parallels in the recent history of digital technology to shed light upon the factors that drive usage and compatibility.

The whitepaper provides new insights regarding: The tools OEMs, installation contractors and end users need to easily implement and deploy networked audio solutions; The importance of product development and support in the success of audio networking; Key factors that drive a broad ecosystem of compatible products, and The role played by underlying standards such as TCP/IP and AES67.

"As the market for digital audio networking rapidly expands, interoperability between products from different manufacturers is increasingly important for consultants, integrators and end-users," explains Joshua Rush, vice president of marketing for Audinate. "This whitepaper explores the critical pieces of a complete audio networking solution, beyond just standards, that enable that to happen."

(Jim Evans)

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