The tour is spread over three legs and will finish in June 2015 (photo: Dries de Roey)
Europe - Belgium-based engineering and automation specialists WIcreations is supplying several custom moving elements for the current European tour by French rock singer and multi-instrumentalist Calogero.

The tour is produced by TS3, also responsible for the acclaimed Mylène Farmer Timeless tour, for which WI designed and supplied bespoke automation. Based on this success, they returned to WI to deliver more imaginative, reliable and tourable engineering solutions.

Calogero's avant-garde lighting scheme designed by Dimitri Vassiliu is based less around traditional lighting instruments and is more about using the direct and ambient light - and darkness - created by LED screens with content flowing through them. For this ambitious idea to work, they required a series of six LED panels to move around the performance space, so they can act as light sources.

The six screens needed to track up and downstage and fly in and out as well as to rotate - so full 3D motion. The screens needed to be able to morph from landscape to portrait and move from fully horizontal to fully vertical ... and anything in between.

WI's Koen Peeters project managed, collaborating closely with the tour's production manager Vincent Pitras and technical production manager, Claude Muller.

WI's system makes the use of their Stacking Truss product complete with beam trolleys which initiate the upstage / downstage motion. Below this is a standard WI TP3 rotator and attached to that is a custom motion hoist box which contains four 250Kg motors plus control.

Each hoist connects to one corner of the screen, and this combined with the rotator above and the tracking screen ... enables all axes of movement to be activated.

The system is controlled by a Kinesys Vector motion control system and WIcreations is also supplying an operator and two technicians for the tour.

The WI trusses are designed to maximize headroom in any venue, whilst taking up just a third of the volume of standard full-strength truss. Due to its stacking design, it is also extremely expedient on truck space.

(Jim Evans)

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