The compact NEO 5 A ES from WORK Pro.
Spain - NEO 5 A ES and NEO 5 IP are two new installation products joining the NEO Series. Designed and developed by WORK Pro, these new products "are innovative and smart solutions developed to complement NEO Series in order to provide AV professionals with powerful solutions that fit the requirements of every type of installations besides to offer additional advantages such as the optimization in energy consumption", the company says.

The NEO 5 A ES is the updated version of NEO 5 A, developed by WORK Pro with the objective of maximizing savings in energy consumption and improving efficiency. Under this 'green' company philosophy, the company has come up with a smart solution whereby the loudspeaker is capable of shutting down when not receiving audio signal. This auto-off feature means a reduction in its consumption below 1W under these circumstances. Thanks to this product, it is possible to exponentially enhance the performance and efficiency of audio installations, the company says.

The NEO 5 IP is the waterproof version of NEO 5. Due to its high IP rating (IP 65), this two-way passive loudspeaker is suitable for outdoor installations in complete safety. Its features and functionality make it well suited for install audio systems in medium- to large-size installations, such as terraces, restaurants, hotel and urban complexes. Both the new loudspeakers are available in black and white versions.

In addition to these new models, the NEO Series comprises five different passive loudspeakers, two two-way active loudspeakers and an active subwoofer. Their sound quality and compact design allow them to blend them with the architectural requirements of different types of projects. They are suitable for low impedance installation as well as 100V line installations. The bracket, specifically designed for this series, allows easy installation of the loudspeakers in horizontal or vertical orientation for maximum sound coverage flexibility.

(Lee Baldock)

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